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The World’s 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Facebook’s strengthening grip and integration with popular culture is very evident as you go through this list of the world’s top 20 most popular Facebook pages and realize between them they have over 315 million fans.

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That culture reflects our movie, TV shows and music tastes including Michael  Jackson, Eminem, Lady Gaga, the Twilight Saga, The Family Guy and even Justin Bieber.The World's 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Two corporate brands made it into the top 20 with the worlds most popular soda drink (Coca Cola) and the ever growing coffee culture that has spread globally over the last 20 years made its presence felt with Starbucks coming in at No. 10.

What you will notice also is that they are all B2C brands which is where the the primary strength of social media marketing truly lies and especially Facebook.

The other surprising revelation is that the company behind some of the world’s popular social media games over the last 12 months Zygna has two Facebook pages in the top 20 with  Texas Hold’em Poker at No. 1 and Mafia Wars at No. 19.

Sports only presence in this Top 20 list is the Football Star, Cristiano Ronaldo who sneeks in at No. 20.

One surprise was YouTube but maybe that should be expected with online video such a large part of the Gen Y culture and one of the most highly shared media types.

This list also reveals that social media marketing success is becoming more integrated with traditional Mass media marketing that allows brands to permeate and leverage on the web using multiple media channels.

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To put some perspective on this list, not one of these pages in the top 20 has any less than 13 million fans.

1. Texas Hold’em Poker: (25,886,703 Fans)

The creator and owner of the worlds most popular knows how to spread its separate brands on social media with it holding down the number one spot. You will notice it has multiple call to actions with “PLAY NOW” with a large strong image at center stage. It also has another call to action on the left banner “CLICK HERE TO PLAY POKER”. Zygna knows that its not just about a strong brand but giving  very clear instructions what this page is about.

Facebook Page One Zygna Texas Holdem Poker

2. Facebook: (24,266,151 Fans)

Well, what do you say! Facebook owns this space so it should know what it is doing. You will notice it does two things at the top of the page. One, it has a very topical subject which is very newsworthy with the latest USA elections at the top and it also promoting (in a very soft way) its eco friendly side by asking to join  an “Alliance To Save Energy”

Facebook Page 2 Facebook

3. Michael Jackson: (22,690,496 Fans)

Again calls to action are very evident with the goal here to sell more product with the invitation to “Check out the New MJ DVD Box set coming in November”.  The use of images and branding here is not as strong as Texas Hold’em Poker but maybe you don’t need to be as it is Michael Jackson.

Facebook Page Three Michael Jackson

4. Lady Gaga: (21,646,439 Fans)

This singer is all about controversy and cutting through the noise on the WEb and mainstream media and her primary image is consistent with her brand. No call to action here!

Facebook Page 4 Lady Gaga

5. Family Guy: (20,174,271 Fans)

Family Guys comedy and irreverence has made it one of the worlds most watched TV series and the call to action here is to continue to promote that with asking Fans to vote for the show at the People’s Choice Music Awards. Videos are also able to be watched here which displays what should be on all Facebook pages a lot of Video and multi media .

Facebook Page 5 Family Guy

6. YouTube: (18,618,509 Fans)

Promoting fans is a good tactic to use on a Facebook page and YouTube does it here with the first update on the page highlighting the “Far East Movement To YouTube Fans”

Facebook Page 6 YouTube

7. Eminem: (18,473,414 Fans)

No missing what this page is about with his latest record front and center but call to action is not very evident. Integration to the other social media channels is is good with links to his website, Twitter and Myspace pages at the top left.

Facebook Page 7 Eminem

8. Vin Diesel: 17,649,964 Fans

Vin’s Facebook consultants and agency are doing something right here obviously with  this being the number one Facebook page for an actor. Good to see him being topical with a reference to Halloween as the top update. Call to action to start engaging is not strong with no videos or trailers of his movies on his main page though. Integration to other social media and web channels is not strong with one link to his website and no Twitter or Myspace links.

Facebook Page 8 Vin Diesel

9. The Twilight Saga: 16,562,819 Fans

This has become a very strong brand that started with a series of book that my teenage daughter loved that became a TV series and finally a movie.  Call to action is good with the latest update asking you to engage in an online competition to promote the latest product. (A DVD series).

Facebook Page 9 Twilight Saga

10. Starbucks: 16,366,438 Fans

Starbucks leads the corporate world in its use of social media to promote its brand. This page reflects strong branding and multiple calls to action as well as integration with its other social media channels. You can read more about  Starbucks use of social media at “Starbucks And The 4 Keys To Social Media Engagement

Facebook Page 10 Starbucks

11. Megan Fox: 16,332,727 Fans

Facebook Page 11 Megan Fox

12. South Park: 16,167,364 Fans

Facebook Page 12 South Park

13. Coca-Cola: 15,863,959 Fans

Facebook Page 13 Coca Cola

14. House: 15,831,213 Fans

Facebook Page 14 House

15. Linkin Park: 15,808,040 Fans

Facebook Page 15 Linkin Park

16. Barack Obama: 15,333,119 Fans

Facebook Page 16 Barack Obama

17. Lil Wayne: 14,578,322 Fans

Facebook Page 17 Lil Wayne

18. Justin Bieber: 14,414,160 Fans

Facebook Page 18 Justin Bieber

19. Mafia Wars: 14,385,963 Fans

Facebook Page 19 Mafia Wars

20. Cristiano Ronaldo: 13,986,898 Fans

Facebook Page 20 Cristiano Ronaldo
The source for this data is from Inside Facebook.com

Image by Svadilfari

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