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15 Reasons To Use Your Apple iPhone

I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a global war that has broken out and it is not in Afghanisatan or Iraq. It is taking place in courtrooms and boardrooms around the world.15 Reasons To Use Your Apple iPhone

Apple has had court injunctions temporarily blocking Samsung selling its Galaxy Tablet (which uses the Google Android operating system) both in Australia and in Europe in the last week and Google has just paid $12.5 Billion for Motorola. At stake is a market share for mobile hardware, software, apps and web portals that are in the hundreds of billions of dollars that has taken Apple from almost bankrupt to the most bankable company in the world. Apparently Apple has access to nearly $70 billion cash and liquid assets so I sense that there maybe some acquisitions on the horizon.

A Mobile Social World

These are the first of many skirmishes as the web becomes increasingly mobile and social. Three of the five main features of Google’s new network Google+ are mobile centric and Google+ is available on iPhones and Android phones and indicates where Google thinks where mobile is heading. Apple thinks social is so vital for its future plans that Twitter is embedded within the new Apple iOS mobile operating systrem for its iPhones, Ipads and iPods.

The mobile smartphone has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have” essential tool that staves off boredom, stops us from getting lost and obtaining real time information when we need it most according to new research from Pew Internet. In fact it has become so vital in our daily lives that leaving it home or not having it handy creates anxiety and angst.

The research also showed that 13% of cell owners pretended to be using their phone in order to avoid interacting with people around them! There you have it, the perfect tool to not talk to that annoying office colleague!

15 Reasons Why People Use Smartphones

Of course we use phones to make phone calls and speak to people in faraway places so it is not on the list as it taken as a given.

  1. Send or receive a text – 92%
  2. Take a picture – 92%
  3. Access the internet – 84%
  4. Send a photo or video to someone – 80%
  5. Send or receive email – 76%
  6. Download an app – 69%
  7. Play a game – 64%
  8. Play music – 64%
  9. Record a video – 59%
  10. Access a social networking site – 59%
  11. Watch a video – 54%
  12. Post a photo or video online – 45%
  13. Do online banking – 37%
  14. Access Twitter – 15%
  15. Participate in a video call – 13%

What would you miss most about your smartphone if you lost it for 24 hours?

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  • I would probably miss the snazzy colours on the brightly-illuminated screen. Remember the days when mobile phones had faint monochrome backlights? That’s a huge improvement in just a few short years. But wait…you said “24 hours” so I guess I’d miss the convenience of accessing the Internet from my palm.

  • As well as phone calls and text messages, I would miss checking my Twitter and Facebook feeds, emails and RSS news feeds. I think most people would feel lost without their smart phones. :S

  • Anonymous

    I remember the “good old days” when I didn’t even have a cell phone…less than 10 years ago. Now, if I leave the house without my droid I wonder what calamity will befall me. Nice. On the plus side I rarely ever get lost and am only a moment away from my work email at all times. But at the end of the day I love how easy it is to find any piece of information I need at a moments notice where ever I am. Latest news? Check. Trending Tweets? Got it. My wife’s latest Facebook status update? Yep.

  • Call me old fashioned Jeff, but where is make a phone call. A sense of irony?

    • Anonymous

      Love that!!!

  • Thanks for the question. It is referred and hyper-linked to in the post and it is research from Pew Internet http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Cell-Phones/Key-Findings.aspx

  • Anonymous

    Oh…no question about it…texting…I would miss texting…If texting was taken away, I would be lost.  Now, understand…I am “old” relative to most of the readers here…but I rely on texting from my adult children, my husband, my employees and, hold on to your hats, even my 82 year old Mom!!! There…I feel better 😉

  • Lbjudy

    Complete greed it is so sick let competition prevail

  • I think I would most miss having something to check whenever I’ve been to the loo or in a meeting or out buying lunch in case something interesting has happened in my world (ie a text message or missed call). Don’t know how else I’d feel busy & important.