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29 Statistics Reveal How The Apple’s iPad Is Changing Our Lives

Media consumption whether that be books, magazines and video are all in a state of  rapid change as mobile devices such as the iPad push industries to the edge that have been in existence for over a hundred years (like the publishing industry).

The volume of the mantra “change or die” has never been so loud.29 Statistics Reveal How The Apples iPad Is Changing Our Lives

The “now” generation wants their news, entertainment, information and access to online stores instantly whether that is on the bus, bedroom or even on the beach.

I just bought a Kindle and one of the reasons is that when I hear about a book .. I want it now!

Global warming is threatening the long term existence of polluting courier planes, trains and automobiles, so a book delivered in seconds from the other side of the world to feed my educational and reading passion is rather an attractive ecological proposition.. now the challenge will be to find the time to read it!!

A recent survey by seven.co.uk announces some rather rather revealing stats on how the iPad.. which is the fastest selling technology hardware device in history with 15 million sold in 11 months, is impacting our  media consumption habits both online and offline. The iPad buyers are not exclusively early adopters as is often assumed, as 63% describe themselves as people who normally wait for a gadget to become established before they buy it.

So what are the iPad statistics that you should take notice of ?

iPad’s Time Usage

This has implications on how publishers should be developing content so it is optimized for the appropriate device

  • Use of  desktop computers is down for 35% iPad owners since they bought the device
  • Use of laptops is also down since they bought an iPad at 39%
  • 87% of owners are using it every day of the week
  • 26% for half an hour to an hour per day
  • 32% for 1-2 hours per day
  • 24% for more than 2 hours a day.

Where do they use it?

Its versatility makes it a flexible and ubiquitous device with

  • 69% of respondents using it in the bedroom
  • 42% in the kitchen
  • 20% of men can’t be parted from it in the bathroom

The last statistic certainly show that men’s habits for reading in the small room have not changed just the device!

What do they use the Apple iPad for?

  • Accessing the web – 75%
  • Emailing -63%
  • 53% of iPad owners say they use their device mainly for entertainment
  • Playing games – 48%
  • Social networking – 41%
  • Researching products and services – 29%
  • Reading books – 25%
  • Listening to music – 21%
  • Shopping – 19%
  • Reading magazines – 13%
  • For work – 13%
  • Watching TV – 11%

What is interesting to note is that 51% who have read magazines in print and in interactive format on the iPad say they prefer it on the iPad, vs 23% who prefer a magazine in print.

The Stats on Apps on the iPad

The apps market that started with the Apple iphone has not diminished but has continued to grow into the iPad market place. Content is the key driver in app purchases. The survey shows that this is more important to consumers than the price of the app when making a purchase decision.

  • 16% have bought a branded app from a company
  • 84% of respondents would be very interested in an app from one of their favourite brands, if it was free and non-subscription.
  • Free apps are almost twice as popular among iPad consumers as paid-for (the average iPad has 18 free apps on it and 10 paid-for)
  • Buying an app is most strongly influenced by the app’s perceived usefulness at 64% of owners
  • Content is very important when buying the app at 47%
  • Price comes third at 44% when considering buying
  • Friend recommendations  is important at 27%
  • 15% say that recommendations by industry experts are very important when making an app buying decision.

The tablet market is here to stay all that you need to decide is how you are going to take advantage of it. Do I hear the keys tapping as you start on that new ebook?

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  • Anonymous

    How true about the Now Economy. Watch promotional Youtube videos NOW! Try sachets of apps NOW! Buy digital transmedia NOW! Huge momentum in the ecosystem!

  • Honestly, the iPad *did* change the way I use information. It’s one of those things you buy not totally sure of what you’re gonna do with them, but then, you find uses, it comes natural. I use Instapaper to save articles I can read later from my bed, reading like I would read a book. Especially the new iPad is light and slim enough to really feel not like a burden to hold, but more like a valuable asset. I am indeed more productive with it, I hold meetings without the need to use my laptop (even if it’s a Macbook Pro, it’s still heavier than the iPad) and generally I *really* found a new kind of uses for it, one that I wasn’t even sure of in first place.
    It’s one of those things you definitely have a hard time describing, you gotta try it.

  • Thanks for nice stats

  • Exactly what I was thinking

  • Anonymous

    Apple iPad provide many different types of services and also a lots of applications are available for it. So it is good to buy it. Ipad 2 is latest version of apple iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Apple iPad provide many different types of services and also a lots of applications are available for it. So it is good to buy it. Ipad 2 is latest version of apple iPad.

  • nickwilliams142

    what a good estimation made by you? great job done describing with the average of using ipad in different occasions.


  • Anonymous

    But there is no comparison to before IPAD on how it is to change people’s lives. If I prove that I spend 53% of the working day using the Internet.


  • naq

    What date did you write this article on?

  • Jennica Thomas

    In our current era technology plays an important role in our lives, these gadgets particularly ipad had been a useful tool for some. This statistics are the reflection of what we are when using these gadgets, well personally owning an ipad had change some of my daily routine before I had one I used to buy magazines or read newspaper now all I have to do is get open my ipad to know the latest news and so on. I also had managed to lessen the use of my laptop since I can always read and send email through my ipad.

  • Tablets in general are going to be the leading source for media consumption within the next decade.  There is no doubt that the Apple Ipad has paved the way for this. Mobile devices have become so important within our culture, leading developers would be at a great disadvantage not to entertain the idea of developing their own tablet for their companies sooner rather than later. Especially since many consumers are still weary of buying anything that is not the original Ipad since tablets on the market have been failing. It’s going to be a strong competitive race, and we are still waiting for companies to jump on the bandwagon. Thanks for posting!

  • C’est un bon article, je pense que nous devons tous ce genre de choses. S’il
    vous plaît continuez à poster
    un tel contenu agréable. reparation

  • After the lauch of the new ipad teh price of the iPad 2 has really been decreased…

  • Flaviatotoli

    What is the source of this numbers? Who did the research and when? Tks

  • Sarah

    When was this written and why isn’t the date clearly published?

  • rogerbarrmediablaze