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20 Creative Ways To Use An Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has been a hit and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with the iPad apps climbing past 10,000 in the last few days.20 Ways To Use An Apple iPad

Morgan Stanley figures show that the Apple iPad is the 3rd fastest hardware platform to pass 1 million purchases, passing that number in just 28 days which  even surpasses the Apple iPhone at 74 days.

As with any device that captures people’s imagination, the way that the iPad is used has been shown to be both practical and fun and that is the way it should be.

I came across the CNet News NanoTech blog which had asked users their favourite uses for the iPad and here are some of the responses and I have added a few of my own along with a  fun video on 10 creative ways to use an iPad.

1. Audio system

“I decided to flush mount the iPad into my mom’s kitchen wall…the iPad became the ultimate song storage and categorized jukebox. We could search for any song, show album art, show full lyrics, and buy a new song whenever we wanted through Wi-Fi.

2. Cookbook

We use apps like epicurious for recipes plus I scanned all of her old recipes in as pictures…Perfect for the kitchen. That is where the iPad belongs.”

3. Productivity

  • File management–get Goodreader (misnamed horribly), which allows you to maintain a folder/file structure, import documents from the cloud, and open documents in appropriate applications, such as pages.
  • PrintCentral–print to a wifi printer or a USB printer
  • TaskPro or Todo Queue for task management
  • iThoughtsHD–a terrific mind mapping application

4. Students

“I’m a student, and the iPad is great for me. I find it much more comfortable to study on the iPad rather than on a laptop screen. I take notes on my laptop, but then study them on my iPad. Before I got it, I printed out hundreds of pages of notes and PowerPoint slides and had to carry around large binders. I know the iPad isn’t for everyone, but I love it.”

5. Kids

“My kid enjoys the iPad so much. Actually enjoy reading Tintin (search for it) and Spiderman on it…I also noticed my kid having completed almost 3/4 of Treasure Island too in the last 2 weeks.”

6. On the can or ‘Toilet PC’

“Don’t discount (it as a) toilet pc–how’s the complete works of Shakespeare, the NY Times, movies you can actually see, and a healthy chunk of your music collection strike you?”

7. On the plane

“The iPad is also light and its battery life is longer than an average laptop, at least long enough to survive most flights. I don’t have to look for an electric outlet for extended use. Its browsing experience is much better than a smartphone at least. So far I find the iPad an adequate replacement (for) a laptop when traveling for pleasure.”

8. Laptop replacement

“The iPad has replaced my laptop on the road. Does everything I want or need it to do…and I have read more books and magazines, played more games and watched more movies in the last month than I have in the last year!”

9. Artistic application

“Everyone who loudly proclaims that the iPad is not a workhorse is merely looking at their personal work situation and not seeing the wider world out there…I am an artist and the iPad is a brilliant sketch book. In fact I find it ideal whenever I have early ideas to get down whether that is music, poetry, mind mapping a new Web site design, and jotting down notes for my book. Would I try to make a finished painting on it or write a book?–no, but the best computer one has (always) is the one that is with you at the time.”

10. Restaurant menu

“Seriously though–a good idea for iPad is to use it as a menu in a posh restaurant. Customers select what they want and the Wi-Fi beams it to the kitchen for the chef. It won’t be long before someone attempts this.

11. Coffee Table Device During TV Commercials and Boring Bits

“I own a MacBook Pro and both my wife and I own the iPhone 3gs. The iPad sits on our coffee table in front of the television. It gets used constantly…I love it as an e-reader…My wife loves to check her e-mail and casually browse shopping websites while on the couch…My 15-year-old son loves using it to check his Facebook page and play a few games.

12. Expensive Childrens Back Seat Entertainment Device

Just make sure they have clean hands and you have the electric windows on ‘lock’.

13. Real Estate Agents Listing Presentation Platform

As the iPad is immediate to boot up it would be great for agents to use for presenting their pitch for listing a property.

14. Combine the Two Best Inventions in History – The Apple iPad and Velcro- See Video

15. As An Impressive Name Tag at Exhibitions and Events – See Video

Just put it on a good strong cord, put in your name and company on the the display and ‘voila’ the biggest, the most technologically advanced and most  impressive name tag you have ever seen will gain you some much needed attention if you are feeling a little unloved.

16. To Stop Your Table Rocking At Your Favourite Coffee Shop

The iPad is really convenient if a leg on your table is short and you need to prop it up.

17. To Amuse Your Baby– See  Video


18. To Entertain Your Dog

I have seen an online video on this but couldn’t provide it here due to publishing deadline commitments

18. To Hand Out To Passengers For a Fee To Entertain On Long Flights

This is already being done by Virgin Blue an airline owned by Sir Richard Branson

19. As A Remote Portable Hotel Concierge

Where your hotel doesn’t have the budget for a concierge  to provide that important local information

20. To Stop You Getting Bored

How are you using your Apple iPad?

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  • I don’t have an ipad but after this, I just may get one. There are some really great functions with this phone. I am really impressed. The pet use was a cute touch! Regardless, my cat is not going to get one. She is spoiled enough.

    Thanks for taking the time to do the research on it!

  • I have been wanting an I-Pad and plan to get one soon. I probably won’t use all the functions available on the I-Pad, but I will explore them to see what it can do.

  • I brought the iPad to a conference. it is easy to carry around, great for note taking and quick email check and Twitter/Foursquare.

  • Brought on a business trip and used to hook up to projector. Did entire PPoint presentation! Worked great!

  • Similar to your #10 above using it as a restaurant menu, I can see a restaurant soon issuing these to the wait staff. We already see them writing down an order and then walking off someplace to use a touch screen to send the order to the kitchen. How much faster and more accurate would it be to use the iPad as the touchscreen right at the table?

    Would love to hear from somebody that writes apps to see if this is feasible or in the works anywhere. Have many restaurant and bar clients.

  • I have mine hooked into speakers, and listen to Pandora, which plays while I’m on other apps like Evernote.

  • Fun tips, been using my ipad extensively since April 2010 for photo and video presentations. As a freelance photographer, haven’t found a better way to showcase great quality and in a portable device . Lots of people ask how to synch photos in separate albums, so I wrote step by step tips on my blog – http://andreajohnsonphotography.com/photography-tips/ipad-tips-importing-photos-videos

  • One of my collegue is trying to build an ipad-based ordination/paying system for restaurant… 🙂

  • jacymose

    Wow I need these reasons to buy a necessary tool to make it excellent IPAD a cash register not only a nice toy I’ve posted some of these applications on FB and I started to download ..

  • Meltem Bicioglu

    İ loveee my iPad. İ don’t understand why some people refuses to use it. İt’s easy to carry and use. İ definetely agree with you. My husband and are addicted to Apple products.

  • Nicktaimitarha

    Until you have one you really can’t understand how addictive the iPad is, it just doesn’t feel like work, so quick to get online, great for recipes in the kitchen, makes Internet browsing so quick and easy and it’s just made for social media.

  • Tcouncell

    I’m a “storm chaser”. Much easier to have the iPad out to watch radar feeds, as long as I have an internet connection. I have the original iPad but my droid acts as a Wi-Fi hot spot. Works great.

  • Its an innovative gadget that has particularly helped shape the face of news reporting. All these above mentioned uses prove to us how much people enjoy playing around and making their daily life more injoyable and in a sense add another sense to our senses.

    • IPad Tester


  • Ipad tester

    I use my ipad as a test dummy. If it breaks I buy a new one. I am on my 12th IPad so far!!!!

  • John

    You might want to sit on the john sniffing the wonderful smell of your own crap but I sure as heck don’t!

  • Rob

    21. As a light
    I use it in a dark room to get around

  • Jinxed

    To level out a crooked table leg.

  • luvman79

    Kids watch movies so I can watch football.  Between Netflix streaming (somewhat limited) and I rip the DVD cartoon movies I own in the football off season.

  • I sit and flip through uploads in the #art stream on Streamzoo http://streamzoo.com/stream/art/all/ (founder)

  • As a softskills trainer I use it in classrooms to take a picture of my flipcharts I make. This enables me to monitor what I did, to better them afterwards….

  • Frances

    What a great, fun post. I have in iPad 2 and I can’t imagine life without it!

  • The new ipad has come out with some great features. and you have done a great thing by posting this, and make it easier to understand the use of the new iPhone.

  • Restaurant menu? Done http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/story/2011-09-20/ipad-restaurant-menu-ordering/50482900/1 and http://mediagallery.usatoday.com/Restaurants-turn-to-iPads-/G2042?loc=interstitialskip and http://www.aptito.com/ipad-restaurant-menu/Digital-Menus

    But not in posh restaurants where customers are paying for a personal service experience, rather in bistro style restaurants.

  • Airport chauffeur

    Very useful if your job requires you to pick up passengers at the airport and need to hold up a sign with his/her name on it so that they notice you in a throng. Beats producing new plaques every time, and you could literally animate your ipad display with text and images to attract an arriving passenger when you’re surrounded by a sea of people and signs. The same principle probably applies in sports stadiums?

  • darinlhammond

    I like #6, but it becomes a problem when pulling oneself together, so to speak, and no shelf or table to rest it on. So I’ve heard. Someone should invent a hanger of some sort for such occasions.