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5 Facebook Pages with a Touch of Design Genius

Genius is an often misused word and often conjures up images of academic achievement. The reality is that everyone within them has the ability to synergize and combine their innate  natural talents with their passion and become a genius where life flows and has purpose. 5 Facebook Pages with a Touch of Design Genius

Intelligence and creativity is not the preserve of universities or the hallowed halls of learning. It thrives in dance studios, office cubicles, lofts and in nooks and crannies, wherever  passion and aptitude connect.

Facebook Provides a Pulpit

Too many people have gone to their grave with their song unsung and the democratization of publishing is now providing multimedia pulpits and platforms for people to display their talents and genius on a global stage.

Social networks and technology are revealing talent that previously would have remained undiscovered.

Facebook is providing a canvas for designers, programmers and marketers to display their skills and genius with rich multimedia landing pages as design and embedded interactivity drives engagement and participation between creator and viewer.

So what are 5 Facebook pages with a touch of “Genius”?

5 Facebook Pages with a Touch of Genius

1. Engagement Genius

The flood of fan photos and peer-to-peer customer support on Bare Escentuals’ Facebook wall demonstrates that the cosmetics company has cultivated a close-knit family. Although the brand boasts just over 325,000 “likes,” its page is averaging almost 700 fan posts per week, the most of any brand in the Index, and more than seven times the average number of posts per week across Beauty & Skincare pages.

Users share photos, stories, and comments on sales. Bare Escentuals captures these highvalue “likes” because of strong external integration with its site, customized tabs like “Global Family” that connects fans around the world, and co-op Facebook advertising with partner QVC.

The authenticity of the brand page is reinforced with a link to BE founder Leslie Blodgett’s personal Facebook and Twitter pages.

Bare Escentuals Facebook Engagement Genius

2. Fan Crowd Sourcing Genius

BMW’s Facebook page demonstrates bigger can be better. Catering to more than 5.7 million fans, the brand pays attention to the small stuff: adding BMW team member signatures on brand responses and answering queries in multiple languages.

The customized tab “2Originals” encourages users to create an original film based on their Facebook photos and share it with their friends. A broad mix of brand-generated wall content, including polls, videos, photos, and questions, keeps fans tallying up the “likes,” and an average of 0.28 percent of the Facebook community responds to every brand post.

BMW understands the importance of fan-created content, and the page hosts more than 26,000 fan photos and some 400 fan videos.

BMW Facebook Page Genius Crowd Sourcing Genius

3. Custom Design Genius

Jaeger-LeCoultre designed its Facebook page as an opportunity to solicit customization. Following the success of the Reverso Anniversary Facebook Contest, when Jaeger-LeCoultre increased its “likes” by 80 percent, the brand introduced “My Very Own REVERSO” gated tab allowing users to design a piece of virtual art featuring a custom watch.

Users can then hang their masterpiece in Jaeger’s “The Gallery of Creations.” For those more serious about owning a custom Reverso, Jaeger provides multiple links to its site, where fans design the real deal.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Facebook Page Custom Design Genius

4. Customer Service Genius

Montblanc is serious about service. So serious that it has dedicated an entire tab to making sure its customers can access the resources they need to take care of their Montblanc products.

The custom tab features the “Montblanc Service Philosophy” and provides links to various customer service pages on its website, including product care, personalization services, and the offline service center locator.

If questions remain unanswered, there is an embedded “Contact Montblanc” box on the page where users can directly send a message to customer service.

Montblanc Facebook Page Customer Service Genius

5. Aspirational ‘Branding’ Genius

The percentage of Mercedes-Benz’s Facebook fans who own one of the brand’s vehicles is likely quite small. However, Mercedes realizes the power of creating a community of engaged fans who aspire to own a Benz.

One of the primary ways Mercedes creates this aspirational community is through its customized “Infotainment” tab, which contains info on a range of on-brand subjects such as sports, music, fashion, and auto technology.

Infotainment acts as a community hub, with each topic linking to respective Twitter handles, YouTube pages, web sites, and other Mercedes-branded Facebook pages, such as “Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape.”

Mercedes Benz Facebook Page Aspirational Infotainment Genius

These Facebook pages are not the biggest but when it comes to a “touch of genius” they reveal it with design, flair and focus.

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Image by Ton Haex

Source: Facebook IQ Prestige 100 Study

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