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5 Great Examples of Calls to Action for Your Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook keeps changing the rules.5 Great Examples of Calls to Action in Your Facebook Cover Photo

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Some of us will love them, others will tear their hair out and wring their hands. There will be those who complain and scream at the moon.

So what are the new rules, guidelines and policies that Facebook wants you to embrace? In essence you are now allowed to include a “call to action” for promoting that event, book or competition. The old rule of not having anymore than 20% text still applies.

The previous policies that prohibited effective marketing text in the image for brands was always a nonsense. So it’s good to see some commonsense emerge after 12 months!

How are some brands taking advantage of these new rules and breaking what were the old Facebook cover photo guidelines? How can you take advantage and apply them to Facebook’s cover photo and images to increase sales and conversions?

Here are 5 examples that you can use as inspiration to get people to book, buy or subscribe.

1. Mari Smith

Mari hasn’t messed about and has leapt in and is promoting her free webinar. You just gotta love that great smile!

Facebook Call to Action Mari Smith

2. Skype

The new rules from Facebook allow you to promote a contest. Here is one of Skype’s efforts with its “presenters” contest.

Skype Facebook Contest Call to acton

3. Hubspot

Hubspot has aalways been big on offering free ebooks that offer great value. Here is an example of their Facebook cover image which takes advantage of allowing that call to action in three simple steps. 

Hubspot Facebook

4. Inbound Zombie

John Haydon’s “CTA” couldn’t be much simpler for his Inbound Zombie brand. The “Call to Action” is very clear… text and arrow! 

John Hayon Facebook call to action

5. ShortStack

It seems that simplicity is a consistent theme with ShortStack making asking for a “like” ….simple, fun and colorful.

Shortstack Facebook CTA Call to action

What about you?

What are you trying to promote with your brand on Facebook? What design resonates with you? Is their a call to action you think is more compelling than the others?

Look forward to your comments and insights in the comments below.



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