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60 Sensational Social Media Facts and Statistics on Twitter in 2013

60 Sensational Social Media Facts and Statistics on Twitter in 2013

Facts about social media are often pieced together from sites that seem credible but sometimes they leave a lingering doubt. Is it smoke, mirrors or is it a fact? Stating it can be easy but verifying it can be almost impossible.

As they say… “there are damned lies and then there are statistics“.

When you are raising $1 billion in a public float, the numbers are under the microscope. The government is glancing over your shoulder and the investors are casting a withering eye and wanting a return. You are moving from private to public and that can be unforgiving. Just ask Facebook’s executives after they went public last year.

Twitter is floating part of its business to raise capital as it seeks to continue growing on a web that doesn’t like downward subscriber and revenue trajectories.

What has Twitter revealed?

Here are some of the numbers that were part of the 800 page filing for the Twitter IPO.

  1. In 2010 Twitter’s revenue was $28 million
  2. Last year (2012) Twitter achieved sales of $317 million
  3. The first half of this year saw revenue of $254 million
  4. If this rate of growth continues it will exceed $656 million for the full year
  5. 87 percent of revenue is from advertising
  6. Twitter currently has 218 million active monthly users
  7. 169 million of these users are from outside the USA
  8. Twitter has never made a profit
  9. It has lost an accumulated $419 million since launch
  10. Private investors have put a total of $759 million into the social networks coffers
  11. Twitter has $375 million cash in the bank
  12. Twitter has generated 64 cents per user in the last 3 months.(Meanwhile in the same period Facebook created $1.58 per user and LinkedIn a $1.53)
  13. Twitter is mobile centric and 65% of its advertising earnings are from ads on tablets and smartphones
  14. There are 2,000 employees
  15.  Market value on floating is predicted to be as high as $20 billion

So they are the numbers for the float. What are some other interesting social media facts and statistics about Twitter?

The facts on tweets, hashtags and other numbing numbers

Twitter thrives on tweets and hashtags. What are some of the latest figures on the 140 character web tweeting? I have pulled some numbers out of the Infographic below for those who have to rush off to a meeting or are having a short sharp coffee while reading this post.

  1. 135,000 Twitter accounts are registered every day
  2. 58 million tweets a day
  3. There are 2.1 billion searches on Twitter every 24 hours
  4. Some of the top and interesting hashtags include the potential reach generated by these hashtags:  #mancrushmonday (5.5 million), #TransformationTuesday(10.17 million) and #ThrowBackThursday (31.4 million)
  5. Justin Bieber has the largest following with over 44 million followers
  6. Katy Perry is second with more than 42 million
  7. Lady Gaga comes in third at 40 million plus

If you want to find out the other 38 facts you cn view them in the infographic below

Twitter statistics infographic

This infographic is courtesy of  Masters in finance and researched by Merrill Cook.

sensational social mediafacts and statistics behind Twitter

What about you?

What surprises you about these numbers? Are you intrigued by the projected valuation for a company that hasn’t made a cent in profit yet?

Look forward to your feedback and insights in the comments below.



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  • chevyd80

    Really surprised that they haven’t made a profit, especially with the number of people using Twitter.

  • Just a awesome post thanks Jeff!

  • Superb Post And your info-graph added an Spice to your article..thank for sharing

  • The facts and stats are sensational. I just love it Jeff! Thanks

  • I was surprised that Twitter has so many employees. What on earth are all those people doing? But I guess that explains why they can’t seem to turn a profit.

  • Luigi Colaiacomo

    wow very sensational, i like infographic.

  • Interesting read. The numbers look great.

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  • Rebecca Price

    Jeff – this was simply amazing.

    There are a few statistics that really jumped out, first of all that the first half of this year Twitter’s revenue hit $254 million – an incredible amount of money but what has shocked me even more is that Twitter has never made a profit.

    Crazy is the word.


  • Jeff I am a bit confused about the 58 million tweets a day – in 2012 Media Bistro was reporting 400 million a day and I have read that this has risen in 2013 – can I get some links please to more intel on this stat – it seems low – many thanks