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Digital Marketing Tip: One Page On Your Website You Need to Get Right

This is The One Page On Your Website You Have to Get Right

Try these tools:

  • abtesting.ai is an AI software that optimizes landing pages with automated text suggestions to boost conversion rates and revenue. It requires no manual setup and selects the best A/B tests for the user.
  • Lander uses AI to create unique and efficient landing pages that help differentiate brands and boost online presence.
  • Leadpages transforms your website into a lead-generation powerhouse with stunning landing pages that convert.

Impressing your business visitors often starts with that “wow” reception area.

You know…the ones that the lawyers and bankers have….

Glass, views of the harbour and those $50,000 pieces of art….

Marble floors, big leather sofas and grand spaces….. It’s meant to impress.

At the big end of town the investment in creating that right first impression can run into the high six figures….and more.

It’s the start of the seduction.

But the portal to your business is no longer just the front door to your office or shop. It’s your website, blog or even your profile on LinkedIn. The digital door is now where most customers visit you first.

The one page

Many website has have hundreds or even thousands of pages.

One of the most visited is the “about” page….visitors want to know what you do and whether they have come to the right place to help them solve “that” problem.

The contact page is also vital.

ut at the end of the day you need to “convert” that traffic….and online attention into leads and sales. That one page that you need to “nail”… is your “landing page(s)”…. that captures that important email and allows you to communicate, convert and sell.

The conversion metrics

Traffic is one thing but conversion is where the action is doe that all important landing page. You need to measure its performance and then keep optimizing it.

Here are some vital conversion metrics to consider for your website and landing page.

Conversion Metrics

Image source: digitalmarketingphilippines.com

4 key types of landing pages

Here are some of the landing pages that are vital for digital marketers to master if they want to keep building their “list” and sell products.

Don’t ignore this digital marketing tip…

The examples below are some of the top performing and best converting pages from Leadpages.net according to their data from millions of data points. What’s great about their service is that you don’t have to get a designer to design and build but just login and easily build your own. Almost everything is editable in a matter of seconds. Title, colors, buttons, images, backgrounds, fonts, font sizes and much more…

How do you use them?

I use them for pop-ups for content upgrades, webinar landing pages and sales and much more. They also integrate into a wide range of marketing automation platforms (Eg Infusionsoft… which I use) and also email marketing software like MailChimp.

Leadpages also provides analytics and A/B split testing to keep optimizing the performance of your landing pages.

1. Basic landing page

Giving away something for free is always a good “lead magnet” and a free book, or PDF is a simple and effective tactic. Below is a simple and high converting landing page that squeezes that lead out of that website visitor.

landing page 1

2. Video landing page

Videos are well know for converting well.

Here is a simple example of a video page that offers a free video as well in return for that important email address. Notice the social proof at the bottom of the page that adds credibility to the brand.

video squeeze page

3. Webinar landing page

Webinars are one of the best ways to capture emails fast.

Free learning combined with a deadline creates scarcity that drives lead acquisition fast and at scale. In just 3-4 days of promotion you can capture 100’s or even thousands of emails if you partner with a high traffic site.

Notice the counter showing the days and hours to when the the webinar starts.

Webinar landing page 1

4. Sales landing page

Leads are great but we all want sales at the end of the day..

It might be a book, a training course or maybe a subscription site. Here is a simple example of a high converting book sale landing page. Just go in add your own book image. Outline of the chapters, testimonials and your brand colours.

sales landing page

How are your landing pages?

So do you have a traffic problem or a conversion problem?

Are you focusing on getting that traffic to covert to leads and sales? Look forward to your insights and stories in the comments below.

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