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Facts and Figures on Twitters Amazing Growth of over 1300%

 I decided to have a  look at the “Twitter Phenomenon” by looking at some interesting facts and figures  and it was quite a revelation. I looked at

  • Growth Rates in comparison to other social media
  • Subscribers by Country
  • Country interest in Twitter as measured by Google searches

The USA has the largest Twitter user base due to its population size and early adoption of the the technology the other nations are  quickly taking a high level of interest.

Current estimates have Twitter with over 8 Million users after 3 years at the end of March, 2009 .

Growth rates compared to other social media

Nielsen (Figures as published February, 2009) also looked at Twitter and compared it with other social networking sites in terms of growth  over the last 12 months and Twitter easily took top spot with a phenomenonal 1382% growth compared to Zimbio with 240% annual growth and Facebook with 228%

Twitter\’s blog shows the subscriber share from different countries 

  The USA is top in overall market share at  40%  This equates to approximately 3.2 Million Tweeters in the US with the international community sharing the other 6o%

  1. Japan has 39% of the International share with approx 1.87 Million
  2. Spain at 11% (approx 528,000)
  3. UK  is 10%  (approx 480,000)
  4. Brazil has 7%  ( approx 336,000)
  5. Canada\’s share is 7% ( approx 336,000)
  6. France 6% (288,000)
  7. Germany 6% (288,000)
  8. Italy at 5% (240,000)
  9. Netherlands rounds out the Internationals at 4% with approximately 192,000
  10. The other countries add up to 244,000 

Interest measured by search inquiries by country

I utilised the new Google feature \”Google insights for Search\”  to check to see what the level of google search interest from different countries was, in searching for twitter (as adjusted for population) and there were a few surprises.

So what are the rankings?

1. The United Kingdom ranked number 1 with a rating of 100

2. The United States ranked second with 82

3. Ireland with 72

4. Canada with  70

5. Australia is fifth with 65

6. New Zealand comes in with a 50

7. The Netherlands is number 7 with with 41

8. Singapore is ranked 8th with 37

9. Portugal scores 36

10. Norway rounds out the top 10 with 29

Is Twitter a fad or is it the real deal, and will it make a major impact on the Internet world that Google and Facebook have. Going on these numbers its well on its way.

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  • Kaye Flack

    Thanks Jeff for sharing these fact & figures,re “Twitter Phenomenon” WOW what results and there is a world out there of people that dont even know, what “Twitter” is !!!

  • Thanks for the stats. I still find it shocking that we have to convince some business owners that Twitter is not just relevant but essential now. Stats like this make that story easy. tks again.

  • Those are interesting – though not all that surprising – stats. Thanks for putting in the work and sharing the results!

    Re: the question in the last paragraph: it seems to me it already is impacting not only the internet world and pop culture (the “Twiticisms” alone, haha), but the business world in general – the way media, advertising, marketing, retail, customer service, PR… and the list goes on… has already been affected. And it’s just the beginning.

  • karan

    Hey Jeff. nice post. why dont you put a widget/option of share over here, so we can retweet stuff straight from your blog.

  • Amazing..these facts ..thanks heeeeeps Jeff ..Twitter sure is the best social media I have attempted ‘to get out there’.

  • You have become one of my most reliable sources. And, while I find the information here interesting it is at times misleading, and doesn’t ad up. However my overall instinct is that other countries are using Twiiter more efficiently than the US. Some of your data would back that up. Keep up the wonderful work. sT

  • Great post – I retweeted it!

  • Great post, thank you for sharing this as it’s always really interesting to see how Twitter is growing and the reach it potentially brings it’s users.

    For me it’s the snowball factor and the accessibility of it that makes it so attractive.

  • ashutosh nigam

    Twitter is growing fast and fast………….thanks for sharing

  • Wayne Mansfield

    Jeff… about time to update the figures… a week is a long time in Internet time… 2009 is an Ice Age away… I was pointed here by a triberr member tweet.

  • Bonnie David

    I am curious. I noticed that ‘Twitters’ is missing an apostrophe. Is it a typo or was it intentional on your part? With Dick Costolo leaving the scene as Twitter’s CEO, I am keen to know the stats as of today.