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Job Searching with Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Technology is rewiring our brains, our culture and our habits.Job Searching with Social Media INFOGRAPHIC

Social media networks are disrupting industries including marketing, sales and knowledge industries. The job search market is also being reinvented as social media platforms provide the tools and information that HR managers had only dreamed about 5 years ago.

LinkedIn provides more than 100 million people with a platform that essentially is an on-line CV with additional networking benefits. Recruiters spend hours a day on LinkedIn researching and finding candidates for their clients.

Social Media’s Curse and Blessing

The reality is that social media is both a curse and a blessing for candidates.

The Upside

There are now free tools available  to build a personal brand on-line that makes you stand out from your competitors in the recruitment market and allow you to promote brand “You”.

The Downside

If you post inappropriate messages and photos or are mentioned by others in less than glowing terms then you may find your applications being turned down.

The competition in the USA is fierce for jobs with 6 unemployed people for every job opening. Ensuring that  presenting your personal brand on-line in the best possible light will improve your chances of finding a job.

4 Tips to Improve your Chances of that Dream Job Finding You

It will involve some effort and time but very little expense and if you are currently unemployed, plenty of time is one thing you do have.

  1. Start a blog and fill it with articles and information which displays your knowledge, expertise and passion
  2. Create a Facebook page for your personal brand (same branding as your blog) which that allows you to extend your blog’s reach
  3. Use Twitter to segment important people in your industry and start following them to learn and engage with them. It will give you an insight into trends and also provide another touch point into your industry
  4. Optimise your LinkedIn account by adding and activating inbuilt apps available on LinkedIn for your Blog and Twitter that pull their feeds into your LinkedIn public profile

For further reading on how you can improve your career and job hunting prospects with social media try these articles

The Power of Social Media for Job Search

Statistics show from research and surveys reveals the influence that social media exerts on the job market

  • 1 in 3 employers rejected a candidate based upon something they found online
  • 45% of companies use Twitter to find talent
  • 24% of managers found “fit and personality” from a social media profile

So How are Candidates and Recruiters Using Social Media?


Infographic from Career Enlightenment

How have you found a job with social media? Have you heard of anyone being rejected for a job because of their Facebook profile? Look forward to hearing your stories.

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Image by Mr. Daniel Ted Feliciano

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