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Pinterest Drives more Traffic than LinkedIn and Google Plus

Do you ever feel a strong urge to update or check Facebook?Pinterest Drives more Traffic than LinkedIn and Google Plus

Is the desire to Tweet overwhelming and you have this compulsion to “Tweet” for no particular reason?

Are you starting to wonder if you have a social media addiction?

Well joining the self help group “social media addicts anonymous” may not be far away as a recent study by Chicago University has revealed that social media is in fact more addictive than sex, alcohol and cigarettes!

Pinterest the New Addiction

Pinterest is the new addiction in town that has everyone blogging, tweeting and sharing the news on Facebook and it is the new “hot” social network on the block.

It is a social media network that cannot be ignored.

According to Shareaholic’s recent report that used findings from more than 200,000 publishers and 260 million monthly unique visitors, it is driving more referral traffic than Google plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

Pinterest driving more referral traffic than Google plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined

It is interesting to note the power of Pinterest to refer traffic despite it only having 4.9 million users compared to Google plus with more than 90 million users and LinkedIn with over 130 million members.

I have been using Pinterest for only a couple of months but my traffic stats show that in the last 3 days it is driving more traffic than Google Plus and LinkedIn for the Jeffbullas.com blog.

Forrester claims it is over-hyped but if it is assisting your business to increase engagement, drive traffic and raise your online visibility then I am happy to use an over hyped social network.

What Makes it so Addictive ?

I don’t know if you have noticed or not but Facebook has redesigned its user interface with its new Timeline which allows much larger and engaging images.

Google plus was launched with a design that provides a larger canvas to display high definition images and photos in all their glory.

2011 has seen the rise of the new “Visual” social networks.

Visual engagement addiction has never been more obvious than what has been revealed by Pinterest.

People find photos compelling and will share them much more virally on social networks than a link or text post. Photos are the most shared media on Facebook (250 million a day).

Pinterest has tapped into this and created a visual online pinboard that inspires with images and photos that invite to be shared and repinned.

Some have called it an “Inspiration Network

Use the Power of Addiction

There is something I have learned over the last few years is that even if it is over-hyped but has addictive qualities, then it is a powerful distribution network and should be considered in your business marketing plans, especially if your business has a highly visual component such as fashion, food or photography.

Even if you don’t think your business has strong visual  elements, then take a cue from General Electric which uses Pinterest to post images of “Badass Machines“.

How do I use Pinterest?

You would think that social media marketing wouldn’t be a very visual topic that would use the Pinterest platform very effectively. In fact there is almost a visual element to anything and you may have noticed the “Infographics” trend that has rapidly grown over the last 12 months which has surprised me.

What I am trialling on Pinterest is pinning “Infographics” that are relevant to my target audience and currently with 60 pins and over 550 followers it is highly apparent that it taps into this visual touch point.

So I would encourage you to have some fun with Pinterest and tap into your creative side and find visual elements of your brand that will inspire and drive some sharing.

How are you using Pinterest?

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  • Interesting facts here! I have noticed a drop in my fb and twitter use, since being invited to Pinterest, and wondered if I was the only one. I guess not!
    I’m finding that, as a newbie on Pinterest, I’m using it as a collation spot for images I’ll later use on my blog(s). It seems easier than the ‘Creative Commons search through Flickr’ process that I used to use, as it has embedding functionality already programmed in. Although I’m not sure about the whole “copyrighting” bit…

  • Infographics was my second board. I see them all the time, I want to refer back to them, now I have a place to store them.

    I believe if Pinterest growth continues bloggers will seek to incorporate more text in their blogs’ primary images. On Pinterest, your image is your headline.

  • Thanks Jeff – I’ve never heard of Printerest before today. Thanks for the insight & the homework!

    • Thanks for the comment Andrew. I think you will hear a lot about it in 2012.

  • It is EXTREMELY addictive….  love it! 

  • I think with the introduction of personalized search from Google, the share of traffic from Google + will increase. Printerest lose their positions.   

    • Thanks for the comment. Pinterest is hot at the moment and it could be a fad, so the next 12 months will be revealing. It will also be interesting to see if they evolve the platform to maintain momentum ot they will leave it as it is.

  • I’m really getting into and enjoying pinterest lately. I find it’s a quicker, more efficient version of StumbleUpon. 

    One thing I’m seeing is that unless images are watermarked, it’s very easy to lose the original author of the material… and then they just become a ton of awesome/interesting visuals with no traceable point of origin. 

    What do you think Jeff?

    • Thanks for the comment Jeff. I agree with you on losing the original source which you will only find if you track it back which can be cumbersome. Watermarks are one solution or placing sources in the image like is done with Infographics

  • Thanks Kelly for the comment and the insights into how you are using Pinterest. It sounds like you are having some fun!

  • Thanks for the comment Edoardo. I think that is a great idea I wonder what everyone else thinks?

  • I have done well using Pinterest links on Twitter. The key is to get funny, unusual and well photographed content. In my opinion crafty blogs are going to peak soon. 

    In fact I created my own pin the other day about my feelings on Captcha with a Christopher Walken photo. 

  • Is pinterest’s lack of disclosure regarding affiliates a new trend? I hope not for the sake of the newly addicted….

  • Hi jeff,

    New bull in the field will surely take all the attention.

  • Thanks for the post. Glad to see Pinterest updating TOS, I think they made alot of people nervous in the beginning, especially IMers. I’ve been using it for about a month or so but in the last couple of weeks I have juststarted to get alot of comments and repinning of my pins and a little bit of traffic as well.

  • I just started using Pinterest this week because I noticed that I was getting so much traffic  from people pinning my posts on their boards.  I realized that I should get in on something good.  I believe it is the next big thing and not just a fad.

    Amazing post!

  • SMAK2116

    Thats a brilliant suggestion. I wonder if there are QR Codes already on Pinterest.

  • Google plus has its own application using which customers can use their mobile to get involved with their group associates and publish new position up-dates as you do for other sites.

  • Probably the stats are quite different region by region or Europe versus US if you need geo targeted visits. But the Visual Social network is very true. Why Instagram is that sucesfull they post images instead of Links. Rethinking Facebook WP blogpost should share images instead of a link with a mini thumb.

  • ambarish

    I have never been active on pinterest. Main traffic areas for me is g+ and fb. I would like to go for pinterest also. but if you could suggest how to increase folowers their.

  • Madness

    Can you help me understand how this would be useful for commercial real estate?