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The Explosive Growth of Instagram – Infographic

I was recently travelling through Italy and having an iPhone allowed me to share what I was experiencing in real time to my Facebook timeline and to Twitter.The Explosive Growth of Instagram Camogli Italy

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The photo that you see on the right of the sea side town of Camogli is the evidence.

This didn’t require waiting to get back to the hotel room and using my laptop connected to a socket in the wall.

It was as simple as taking a photo using the app, hit the filter feature you want and select which social network to share it on and your photo is visible to the world and the web.

All it needed was a mobile visual app called Instagram.

The explosion of intuitive and easy to use apps is taking usability to new levels and is also a revealing glimpse of what the web may look more like in 5 years.

The Visual, Mobile and Social Web

Five years ago the web  was highly text based and tied to desks and offices. Since the launch of the iPhone the emergence of apps and even more mobile devices such as tablets, the mobile revolution is having a major impact on how we use and interact with technology.

The last 2 years have seen some of the most explosive growth of software, ideas and billion dollar businesses in history with socialized apps and mobile devices leading the way.

The evidence:

  • Today on Facebook 300 million photos will be uploaded
  • Monthly mobile users on Facebook totals 488 million
  • Instagram is heading towards the 100 million users milestone in just 2 years

The social and increasingly mobile web is transforming  how we share our our experiences.

Here is an infographic that shows how we are using Instagram and it also reveals how it has grown since its birth just 2 years ago

How About You

How is the mobile revolution changing how and where you use the web? Is it creating changes in your behavior?

Are you taking more photos? Are you sharing more on Facebook and Twitter?

What has been your best Instagram moment?

Look forward to hearing your stories and experiences.

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Image by Jeff Bullas: Camogli in Italy (March 2012)

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