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You Hate Writing But You Want To Be A Blogger? Here’s A Solution

Writing is hard work and not every one is cut out to put pen to paper or hunt keys on the keyboard for hours each day. Even Tolstoy, a famous Russian writer who may have been one of the worlds greatest novelists and the author of “War and Peace” once said

I don’t like writing but I love having written“.

You may decide then that you will video blog rather than write but standing in front of a video camera scares you and your video personality doesn’t shine.

Then sharing your favorite topics that you are passionate about can be done using a tool called Scoop.It. Now I don’t know about you but the name sounds a little like something you would do when taking your dog for it’s early morning constitutional.

Scoop.it enables you to curate your favourite topic and aggregate and edit it. Inspired digital curation is the art of selecting, collecting and publishing an array of articles online on a certain topic that you would be proud to share under your name.

So how does it work?

1. Select and start a page on your topic

2. Scoop.It starts feeding you interesting links for you to select individually to start populating your page (Media such as photos and videos are instantly added and automatically resized)

3. You can also edit the article if you like

4. You can also add pages you like whenever you are browsing the web


It  appears  newspaper-style, similar to paper.li  which I reviewed in an article “The New Twitter Newspaper You Cannot Ignore” which curates and reformats material tweeted by a selection of users rather than individual articles, Scoop.it lets you can hand-select every single article curated under your heading.

Despite the naming issue, I found it rather inviting and almost addictive when I started looking at the posts that emerged from people’s curated blogs about their topics such as Gdec’s topics on “Gadgets I Lust For“.

ScoopIt Curation Blogging Platform

The platform also provides you with

1. Social media share features which are important such as the essential Twitter and Facebook share buttons

2. RSS Feed

3. Statistics

4. Subscribe

I don’t think I will cancel this blog to start up a Scoop.it curated blog but it might be worth trialling it for some other passions that I have, where I want to read and share the latest and best topics and news with a strong multimedia format.

For me I like the control I have over my my blog being self hosted and under my own domain name but if that isn’t important to you then Scoop.it might be the right platform for you.

What do you think? Go and check it out (you will need to register then await an invite)

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