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  • http://www.johnakerson.com/blog John Akerson

    Passion is such a necessary ingredient of so many things – and gets overlooked by so many people.
    How do I know that I have passion for things? To me, I can tell what I have passion when something passes my time and money tests. Would I do it if I didn’t get paid for it? Would I do it if I have to pay someone to let me do it? Would I do it if it took alot of my time? Would I do it if I had to make time for it by NOT doing something else that I enjoyed? How I instantly answer these sorts of time and money questions reveals where my passions are.

  • http://www.harrissocialmedia.com Roger Harris

    In “Up the Organization,” the famous business guru Robert Townsend said “If you are not in it for fun or for profit, what are you in it for?” With blogging, you can be in it for fun AND profit. But it takes passion and purpose, as you point out, Jeff.

    I like the Times quote, “It’s like stepping out of the toilet to find yourself standing on the centre spot at Wembley on cup-final day.” But I would add for most bloggers it is like standing there and being about 3 inches high. The fact is you’re visible, yes but not really being noticed. The vast majority of spectators cannot see you.

    So part of your passion and purpose must include, at least initially, a plan to help you reach the audience — to paraphrase the old Heineken ads, “To reach the audience other blogs cannot reach.”

  • http://johannakotipelto.blogspot.com Johanna Kotipelto

    Excellent writing, Jeff! It’s encouraging, funny, uplifting. Love to take this to my organisation. Thank you!

  • http://www.algarveexperiences.com Gwen McCauley

    I’m a Life Transition Coach who knows first-hand just how elusive it can be for many people to discover their passion and purpose. I think you’ve done a fabulous job at pinpointing some simple, basic things that everyone can pay attention to that will make a huge difference for them. These points pretty much map to the coaching process I use.

    The challenge for many will be banishing the fear. One tip that I have for most folks who get stopped at the edge of the chasm of their fear is: the only way across is across. Truly, the first couple of times, until you discover that fear doesn’t equal certain disaster, you simply must get used to engaging while feeling the fear (and sometimes terror!). After you do it a few times, the body seems to begin to recognize that it is just a story you’re making up and you feel less resistance.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Gwen McCauley

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  • http://twitter.com/SocialSanchez Chris Sanchez

    This is a great post, Jeff. I know my passion shows up when I “get to” do something vs. “have to” do it.

    I’m looking forward to follow your blog.



  • Andresimoneau

    Jeff thanks again your guidance is helping me establish my voice in a sea of knowledge. Spectacular

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