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  • http://www.echimarketing.com Janet or @eurekajanet

    I’ve been using this video as inspirational material since it was first shown to me…it always motivates. My problem is, I wish I could figure out how to show it to clients/potential clients. Yeah, I know, I could just link it in an email…but: I’m dealing with a very peculiar group. For example, some Don’t Even Have E-Mail~! They are small-itty bitty businesses/brands/people who need to create a footprint in the SM sand…but they don’t understand the time and effort required…or how much participating will benefit them.

    Any tips?

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  • http://www.whoselinked.com Linda

    There are some truly amazing results there Jeff. What intrigues me though is how we find more of them. Can we get to a stage where we can go to just one place (like this sort of blog post) where the success (and otherwise) stories of social media are available for all to read and learn from. I seem to spend hours trying to find just this sort of information and can only say THANK YOU for the effort you’ve put in here to compiling this great list.


  • http://www.redcubemarketing.com redcubemarketing

    Some great stats there sir, funny how the pointless ones are just as significant to me as the less pointless :)

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  • http://tlcestatejewelry.com TC Leary

    Extremely convincing article on the benefits of the uses of SociaoMedia in a wide range of businesses. Nice to know that it has been found that people actually like to patronize the artist of the blog. Good thought to make it easy and reasonable.

  • http://artwedeliver.com Maria Parenteau

    Great article, filled with encouraging knowledge. Thank you.

  • Greg

    Does number 23 “University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre saw a 9.5% increase in registrations using social media” indicate that social media causes cancer?

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  • http://twitter.com/kathrynpless Kathryn Pless

    This article shows how really powerful social media can be. I keep telling my clients, you have to have a Facebook and Twitter account. Now I can give them numbers to show them why. Thanks for the great information.

  • http://thefallowband.wordpress.com/ @thefallowband

    fantastic. i can’t imagine booking our upcoming acoustic tour without the use of social media/networking.

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  • http://twitter.com/phillgeorge george phillip

    Awesome. Great facts.

  • http://twitter.com/carpediembabs Barb Smith

    Loved this!  Thanks for the great information Jeff!  

  • http://twitter.com/himachhag hima chhag

     As usual..hold my eyes…very informative.
    came to many unknown things.

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