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  • http://blog.alexguest.me Alex Guest

    Hi Jeff

    This is a really great post….

    …but you need to implement some of your own advice on your blog:

    Where are the share buttons??

    See, I wanted to share this post but it wasn’t easy.

    • http://jeffbullas.com jeffbullas

      Hi Alex

      Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it and I totally agree with you on “practicing what you preach” but due to lack of resources at this current time I haven’t implemented “Retweet” buttons on my own personal blog, but at my company blog this has already been done, see http://www.infinitytechnologies.com.au/blog/.
      My personal blog (this one) is currently being redesigned and will be “best practice” within the next few weeks.


  • http://www.forum.spotlightideas.co.uk Ed

    Hi. Useful post.
    Don’t know that much about Facebook compared to the others. How do you rate Facebook as a social media channel? Any pros or cons in particular. My experience is that from this list, Blog and Twitter are the most useful.

    • Wedding magician

      True, but Facebook is another way, like Twitter, to drive people to your blog! Every time I write a new blog post I put a status update on my facebook page and tweet it, to drive traffic.

      Great post, Jeff, I was more than relieved to read down your top 5 and realise I have a presence in all of them. Nice idea about leaving a 20 character gap in tweets for retweets!

      • http://nashandassociates.com Brian Nash

        Totally agree. I’ve found that a whole lot of people just don’t use Twitter but love FB and conversely, a bunch of people on Twitter don’t “do” FB. Need to cover both bases (and LinkedIn) to get your max exposure.

        Jeff – nice tip on the 120 characters. So true – saves your followers from having to re-construct their RT’s with a nice comment before they RT.

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  • http://Bayswater.ca Peter Roach

    Thank you for this great information. Being fairly new to social media your article has some great ideas. Now I need the secret for finding time to organize it all! Thanks again, and I will continue to look for more great content from you.
    In Health, Peter

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  • http://www.rogermarris.com Roger


    I always enjoy your postings and agree with everything you talk about here. I find that using Posterous (www.posterous.com) really helps me save time and effort and achieve multiple – yet managed- postings simultaneously.


  • http://newraycom.blogspot.com Ray Hiltz

    Thanks, great post. I agree that Facebook and Twitter (and to lesser degree, Linkedin) provide optimal funneling to one’s blog.

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  • http://www.shadowintheflame.com Shadowintheflame

    Hi Jeff,

    I have implemented most of the things you suggest already and you are right, they do work . In this post you have motivated me to start a Facebook page for Shadow in the Flame and I will do that as soon as possible, in fact we are launching a huge project soon to look at why Eastern philosophy is so different to Western philosophy and Facebook could work quite well as a complement to that.

    My only complaint about this blog is those damn Snap pop up windows, they drive me crazy. Am I the only one or do other people find them totally annoying as well?

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  • http://Www.theaccessorybarn.com Nicola Grayling The Accessory Barn

    Oh dear just when I thought I was getting somewhere I need to do more. Great post thanks for the info. I will be busy today following your advice!
    I have a hard time with facbook I have a business page and personal page but can never comment on my networking contacts page as my business account or send messages as the business???

  • Kain tietzel

    Great post and succinctly put. There are too many blog post that say “why” businesses need to be using social media, but rarely do they offer simple ways to make the executions. Thanks for the wise words.

    One question though, if you have a site that is already powered by word press, and it contains a blog, why would it better to have a separate blog and separate URL? We recently moved our blog back into our site to reduce the amount of properties we had to manage. Would be keen to hear your opinion.

  • http://www.inmoblog.com cesar

    Graat compilation,
    thanks Jeff!

  • http://www.dellprecision670.com refurbished dell desktop

    The blog provides helpful information regarding the topic and it also gives a vast knowledge as well which helps us in our studies and in practical life.

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  • http://blogginggenius.net Pete Carr

    Hi Jeff,
    Some great advice there. The problem I have and I am sure many others do is spending time on these social sites. I know there is automated answers, but I still feel that these sites need personal interaction.
    I am going to be building a fan page for my blog in the next week or so, which I think is crucial, gets your content out via another source.
    I have a Linked In account but don’t use it. I will start being more active with that.

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  • http://www.constructionmarketinguk.co.uk Peter L Masters MCIM

    A good list Jeff, I recommend Quora too. It offers people the opportunity to meet their peers and discuss important issues and see other peoples perspectives. I feel Blogging groups like ‘The Blogging Mastermind Comment Tribe’ on Facebook add immense value for networking. I totally agree that Facebook groups are proving to be very valuable and the new Facebook business pages offer great direct marketing options! Keep up the good work! One of your posts I talked about and referred to when I first started Blogging is still one of my most viewed posts ever! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://www.facebook.com/CloudBoomers Julie Larson

    Thank you for putting this all in one place!

    I’m wondering why the brackets around the category for the YouTube title – is that just to make is that just to make it stand out some more or is there some sort of extra SEO juice for bracketed words?

    Thank you!!!

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  • http://www.FatX101.com/ Coach Rollie

    Great tips. I’ve used most of them except for Linked in. Maybe I should get on that. : /

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  • arunvsarma

    Very useful post, Jeff! :)

  • Shawne Duperon

    Fab tips.. you are a social media genius! thank you…

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  • NavNeet Navi

    Amazing article Jeff. You have posted very interesting content about social media marketing.

  • JD

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