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  • http://scottgould.me Scott Gould

    I blogged for passion and self expression.

    Now I blog because I love the community and comments on my blog. I get few retweets, but loads of comments.


  • http://www.good-folk.com Dave Folkerson

    Blogging also helps to organize one’s thoughts and arguments on a subject. Maybe that falls under “self-documentation”?

  • http://askaaronlee.com Aaron

    Thanks for the insights mate, for me the main purpose of blogging is passion and branding. I had the passion for the topic for a while and I decided that the only way I can get more out of it was to brand myself via a blog and also to improve my writing :)

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  • http://virtualphotographystudio.com/photographyblog Andrew

    I blog to teach others in my field of photography. Our industry has been over-run with new competition which hurts seasoned professionals bottom line. Followers can interact with subject of interest and learn about issues or new ideas.

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  • http://bdentzy.com/ Bryan Entzminger

    Passion and sharing with others. Definitely. Thank YOU for sharing.

  • http://berapa-harga.com Helenarosette

    Really wonderful post!…ll your reasons are acceptable by every one and I ll be visiting you more frequently, here is very interesting information. Thanks for sharing with us …


  • http://www.toddweisscfa.com ToddWeissCFA


    I blog for business, branding and like to share ideas. It’s a great way to let people understand the type of person you are and how you think. TW

  • http://eazyclass.com/ charnchai lersbantornkul

    I blogged for a business reason with passion in it. Great statistics here/ thank you

  • http://www.healthandwellnessconsultants.com Kathy Garolsky

    Very wonderful post.So interesting and reliable.Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://www.socialwizz.com Praz

    The one and only reason I run my blogs….passion :) ! Sadly, no one has ever been able to answer, what’s the value of passion?


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  • Morten Krarup Kristensen

    Nice small post mate i like the idea.. But ill have to point out that a poll hardly turn out as facts, and often ppl answer what they believe is right and not the “truth” even tho its annomynous.. To be honest i think loads of ppl say “passion” because its what we would like ppl to blog about, where the truth very well could be fame or money..

  • http://blog.austinhutchison.com Austin Hutchison

    One of the main reasons I blog is out of a desire to improve my writing. It’s a critical skill that I don’t practice enough. I also consider it a wise investment to have a strong online “brand”. Not to mention that it’s a cool way to network with people you’d never talk to otherwise.

  • http://marianlibrarian.com Marian Schembari

    LOVE THIS. Passion and business are my big two – though sometimes I feel a little less love for my business than my blog ;-)

  • TriciaRecruiter

    RT @jeffbullas: 12 Reasons Why People Blog http://www.jeffbullas.com/2010/07/23/12-

  • http://twitter.com/DanaAAllen Dana Allen

    I blog photos primarily to stay current in the search results.

  • http://www.FritzieGM.com FritzieGM

    I blog mainly because I want to improve my writing and express myself. It feels good when you were able to express yourself and share your feelings, ideas, stories and the like through blogging.

  • http://daleod.com Dale O’Donnell

    I’m currently blogging with passion, for my favorite football team, Manchester United. I think it’s important you have passion for whatever your blogging about because you’ll obviously put more work and effort into it which is very imporant.

    I also have a personal site which I’ll be using to impress clients in hiring me ;)

  • http://www.tmorita.com Tim Morita

    While I created a blog to write about my passions, I wish to share my thoughts with others as well. The real goal, however, is to combine that passion with business — that’s where the gold is, in my opinion.

  • http://twitter.com/corvedacosta Corve DaCosta

    I blog because of passion. I’ve gotten so much out of it that sometimes its my therapy. I like sharing my experiences on my blog and reaching out to more people.

  • http://www.myshoppinggenie.com/pstd Lisa Ann Landry

    These are excellent suggestions. I love your blog posts, they are consistently relevant, content rich, and easy to apply.

    Lisa Ann Landry
    Vibrating positive energy…what are you vibrating?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cherylhollisallbritton Cheri Allbritton

    to write. it’s cathartic.

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  • hjkramer

    I am trying to understand why people like to blog. I am a web designer and have clients that want blogs but I don’t really get it? I am a very private person by nature and I need to understand the blogging concept so I can give the best service to my clients. I’ve searched this topic and can’t really find anything useful. Can anyone help me understand?


  • http://www.laviera.com/ jinnellys

    Because its a way to speak even if no one is listening. You still get it out your system

  • http://twitter.com/JillBrown20 Jill Brown

    I started blogging because I had recently moved into the online world from book publishing. I thought it would teach me about inbound marketing at my own pace. I didn’t care about how many followers I had to start with. Now I’m pretty obsessed with building my reach. I’ve learned far more than I expected to and I’ve grown more passionate with each post.

  • Anonymous

    I blog so I can share knowledge that I have learned with others.  I am very passionate about what I do, love to teach others about it.  My wife got tired of listening so I started a blog!  

    • Pulin

      @Sminso:disqus I agree with your point and stand with it.We need somebody who read our blog and admire and at the same time we can feed our passion too..

  • pochrelucio

    Share ideas.

  • http://twitter.com/sulekkha sulekha

    I write to empty my mind of thoughts and to lighten my soul, I started a blog after a personal tragedy occurred in my life and writing kept me sane, it still does.

  • Pulin

    I blog because I like to express myself in terms of my knowledge and skills and of course this wouldn’t be possible without my passion. It is a great way to showcase and share what you have.

  • Pulin

    I blog for passion and like to share with people.But some time I have question that How can i feed my family from blogging business since blogging is becoming my passion!I am aware that it takes time to establish trust&rapport in order to be a famous.

  • http://www.outsourcingcontent.com/ Jun Mallorca

    blogging is not only for sharing thoughts and ideas but also important for communicating with your customers/clients.

  • Becky

    i blog to share what i learn and it’s a great release!

  • http://www.facebook.com/perhaes Michael Perhaes

    ‘The other reason for blogging that received more votes than I expected was for “improving writing”’ Yea, I guess I’m with you there.

  • http://blueriverine.com/ Paul Usungu

    For me, passion and sharing with others that drove me to blogging.

  • Sweetdrk1

    folks keep telling me I should. I am considering it and it would be about my passion: knitting. This is great info, thanks!

  • http://www.cheriecorso.com/ cherie Corso

    I like to blog to share good NYC stories & events, beauty products, share all my information about fashion, modeling Entrepreneurship, its fun, its a way for me to create. People do like what I write and post, everyones happy.

  • Ann Bilowz

    This supports your number one reason – wrote this post when @hubspot had their #Blogfor30 – http://blog.bilowzassociates.com/2014/01/thirtysomething.html and whether it falls under improving your writing, it was a New Year’s resolution that started my blogging to just make sure I was writing every day (five hours was my goal.)

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