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Why Do You Blog?

Blogging and social media is transforming the web with well over 100 million blogs and some of the highest trafficked websites being blogs.

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It is challenging mainstream journalism, media and PR as we have known it for decades.

Bloggers who are fans and who have far reaching influence are highly sought for advertising and marketing campaigns such as the launch of “Wizarding World Of Harry Potter”  theme park as mentioned by David Meerman Scott on his blog Webinknow.com.

A very small group of fans.. seven raving fans to be exact… were invited to participate in a top-secret Webcast held at midnight on May 31, 2007. Estimates by Cindy Gordon Vice President of new media and marketing partnerships at Universal Orlando Resort put the total number of people that heard the news after that midnight secret Webcast at 350,000 million. David goes on to say in his ebook “The New Rules Of Viral Marketing”.

“Because Gordon’s team launched The Wizarding World of Harry Potter through socialmedia—putting fans first—they were able to run the entire promotion in-house, with a very small marketing budget (covering the Webcast infrastructure and the micro-site production) and a tiny development team. They did not hire an agency, and they did no widespread outbound media relations, no marketing stunts, no CEO conference call, and no expensive advertising.”

Research by All Academic Research revealed what people blogged about such as:

Internal topics, which deliver blogger’s revelations on

  • Experience and work
  • Relationship with friends and family
  • Intimate feelings

are the most popular among adult bloggers in the personal blogging sector.

External topics such as

  • Reflections
  • Comments on politics
  • Technology
  • Public events

Are not as popular among adult bloggers as the impression constructed by mass media.

Gender differences were located in blogging motivations and topic preferences.

  • Men claim higher approval of information motivation
  • Women endorse self-documentation, self-expression, and passing time more than men

Accordingly, men are more likely to blog about external topics while women prefer topics closely related to their life. Other than gender, age also plays a role in motivating people to blog. Motivations as self-documentation, self-expression, and passing time have a negative relationship with age. Educational level was found no connection with specific blogging motivations.

So people write blogs for all sorts of reasons and motives such as:

  • Business motives
  • Write about their area of passion and interest
  • To share
  • To make money
  • To put forward new ideas
  • Self documentation
  • Improving writing
  • Self expression
  • Medium appeal – they just like blogging
  • Passing time
  • Socialization

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