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7 Success Secrets Of The World's Largest Blog

If you look closely at some of the top blogs in the world that have emerged over the last 5 years it is interesting to see what has made them so successful so I thought I would look at  7 Success Secrets Of The Worlds Largest Blog what has made Huffington Post the success that it is today.

Huffington Post is a blog that was started by Arianna Huffington as a left- leaning blog and  now has 20 vertical areas including religion to technology and it is about to add travel. It is interesting to note that they have just hired a technology industry veteran (not a traditional media publisher) Greg Coleman as their their president and and chief revenue officer who has previously worked for Yahoo and AOL.

Some of  the numbers for Huffington Post to provide some perspective from its entry 5 years ago to its current success.

  • Over 50 million page hits and more than 12 million unique vistors in May according to Compete.com.
  • Moderates 3 million comments a month using 30 moderators
  • 50 Editors
  • 21 Verticals

7 Secrets Behind The Worlds Largest Blogs Success

So what are some of the secrets behind the success of  Huffington Post?

1. Passion

Arianna Huffington revealed at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York that the secret to success is ‘Passion’ and the “obsessive compulsive nature of the web” is what first attracted to her to blogging and the ability for people to make a difference on the Internet by just pure persistentence and passion.

2. Social Media

They use social media and SEO (search engine optimization) tools to spread and share content virally fast and global. Each editor has SEO tools to optimize the content and social media tools right at their desks so they can connect their content to social media channels via Facebook connect or Twitter. The blog also allows readers to easily share the content with their followers and friends

3. Experiment Fast and Often

They can do this online and fast as they try different ways to grow the business from piloting different verticals and  experimenting with different ways to ways to share the content on social media. In other words fail fast, cheap and often.

4. Focus On Powerful  Niche’s

Huffington Post developed a focus on powerful emotive niche’s  that provided a large enough audience to attract traffic. As well as politics Arianna started with entertainment, media, living and style.

5. Create Content Cost Efficiently

It is believed that the Huffington Post provides a platform for for 2,000 bloggers both known and unknown that she doesn’t have to have them on the weekly payroll

6. Source Resources

A venture capital company (Softbank Capital) invested $5 million into the blog site in Agust 2006.

7. Develop Powerful Partnerships and Networks

The Huffington Post has forged powerful partnerships with other big names in content areas such as Rolling Stone, Variety and Yahoo and has had influential politicians and celebrities contribute to the blog such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Madonna

So what else has made Huffington Post one of the largest and most powerful blogs on the planet?

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  • She was also expert at using the mainstream media to propel her profile & success; her involvement in the election, appearances on CNN, etc. Her marriage of Mainstream and Social Media was a powerful combination.

  • True.. True… True.. Thanks for the review.

    I experiment a lot. Now it’s time to seek for partnership…

    Adesoji Adegbulu

  • Jon

    Being Ariana Huffington with her contact list from the get go didn’t hurt.

    While all points are valid in terms of basic strategy for building an audience it would be good to have used a blog without the advantage of Huffington’s pre-start clout to exemplify successful blogging.

    • Thanks for the comment and the insight Jon. Here is a case study about a blog that did not have that advantage https://www.jeffbullas.com/2010/08/09/the-10-secrets-of-a-successful-social-media-blog/ I hope that provides more insights on how to create and grow a successful blog Cheers Jeff

      • Antonio Calero

        I agree with Jon. Both: Ariana Huffington and Michael Stelzner did have (and still do) lots of useful contacts that have leveraged the performance of their blogs. In Michael’s case, he didn’t have the fame or reputation Ariana already did, however he had 4 years of blogging experience, where he had developed numerous connections that he used prior to launch The Social Media Examiner.

        In any case, I agree both are a good example to follow and learn from. Thank you for both posts: very useful.

  • Bijit

    Passion is what really matters, and also showing will power power at the time of crisis matters…great article

  • waao this is the first post i have seen which talks so much about a successful blog called huffington post….

  • Kome Itoje

    What a great post you have here! I particularly like the fact that
    you have “passion” at first place. Without passion, you will begin your
    project, but you will not go very far before exhaustion will certainly
    set in.

    Focus, focus, focus is indeed another great
    asset worth taking into consideration on the road to business and
    financial success – just as you have rightly pointed out.

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

    Kudos to you and all the best! 🙂
    Kome Itoje

  • Thanks Diana 🙂