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  • Anonymous

    Love these Infographics. 

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  • http://twitter.com/loship Lori Shipulski

    I saw a video about Anne D. Krum which is a tribute to her life.  Apparently she passed away March 17, 2009.

  • Sbrogan56

    Great information!  When my brother died last year I really tried to delete his FB account. It seemed kind of macbre to me having it around.  Turns out, his daughters love looking at it from time to time and so, one year later, it is still there.  Also, the infographic that really caught my attention was teachers, employees, etc posting inappropriate comments.  I don’t know why theese people think no one will see it!  My niece is a high school teacher and she has made it a point to never post anything offensive.   Just common sense…

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  • Gary

    This topic and the information was amazing, thank you. 

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  • Georgina Dritsos

    Great information, very useful, thanks for sharing!

  • http://twitter.com/CraigStewart14 Craig Stewart
  • http://twitter.com/josemoreno8792 Jose Moreno Jr.

    Another good read. Albeit, the Facebook deaths inforgraphic took me by surprise. Great work though.