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  • David Hunter

    LOL Nice catch Bradley. Sexist graphic designers suck. Interesting stats – but I dont believe the numbers anyway. It’s all about the phrasing in the questions. First question: “What do you use primarily”? Umm – isn’t ALL social networking pretty much “professional” in one way or another? I mean – as a business owner, if I am looking for, or hiring someone, I am going to check ALL of these platforms for how the person interacts online. 

    The 2nd stat – “35% check LI every day”?! Suuuure you do.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Kulbaba/601286419 Chris Kulbaba

      I had to actually stifle a laugh as I read the comment, David Bradley -brilliant catch indeed!  

      I think if you  look closely, they have a graphic of a man in a chair crossing his legs, then they have a female taking a note standing, and it looks as if they have combined the two graphics in the picture you were talking about.  Lol…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Lockwood-Schott/668246531 Pamela Lockwood Schott

    LinkedIn is definitely where I put on my business suit and pearls. I think it’s a great platform to talk about things that we’ve done for our clients, reach out to others for advise or direction, and in general contribute to conversations. It’s a totally different feeling over there than on FB, but that’s one reason why I like it.

    Thanks for the great article.

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  • http://www.appartementhuren.com Ap Huren

    I probably should use Linkedin more and more…

  • Social Media Marketing


    Thanks to share these steps with us.

    Linkedin provide many services like Q/A participation, Poll etc. I use
    Linkedin  to
    connect with business people all over the world as its also a business
    oriented social networking site.


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  • http://twitter.com/AndieRuivo Andie Ruivo

    So true! 

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  • http://twitter.com/GoodPeopleJapan Jason Ball

    Great information as usual Jeff, & I liked the creative Infographic actually (Good job Lab42!).

     One of my pet peeves/frustrations about blog articles about LinkedIn & LinkedIn ’trainers/consultants/gurus’ is the focus on all the passive ‘do something, then wait’ activities on LinkedIn.
    Profile tweaking, cries of ’100%-100%-100% your Profile’, Keywords & ‘being found’, to answering questions & visibility in groups – all important aspects to Personal Brand building & use of LinkedIn – however the average user, one not relying or able to rely on ‘business coming to them’ like so many branded LinkedIn consultants, needs some ideas on Proactive use of LinkedIn – things in their control, IMHO.Point one above touches on that, a reference to proactively connecting with ‘several current or former business associates’, however whether I’m job searching, seeking prospects for sales/business or wanting to hire someone, what else can I do?This is something I’d love to hear your take on Jeff.I suspect it might have something to do with getting good at Search (& not just on LinkedIn) & Research, then creative approach, rapport building & helping others – all the time leveraging on the three dimensional Personal Brand you’re fostering, building, maintaining – through all the passive tweaks and activity you have on the Social Web!All the best for 2012!(Pffft, Mayans! What did they know!)Jason”Connecting GoodPeople”

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  • http://twitter.com/VelocX VelocX Team

    Great infographic! Here is a two part series on how to perfect your profile and then build out your network on LinkedIn: http://www.velocx.com/2012/12/linkedin-tune-up-supercharge-your-network/

  • Liz Ruff

    Great article with a followup question…do people really pay attention to the pesky endorsements? I find them gratuitous and arbitrary. A multiple choice endorsement? IMHO – ludicrous.

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  • Harry Gardiner

    Thanks for the great info, I don’t update my linkedin nowhere near as often as I should. It’s simply not the first social network on my mind when it comes to socialising, but it’s definitely a great professional resource.

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  • http://smallbusinesstalent.com/ Stephen Lahey

    LinkedIn is the most powerful prospecting tool ever developed. It’s a minor miracle for entrepreneurs selling B2B.

  • http://jasonstudentoflife.wordpress.com/ jason mcquaid

    ” LinkedIn with more than 100 million members and an average income of more than $100,000, is the social networkings equivalent of the cocktail party while Facebook is the backyard barbecue.”
    That say’s it all right there; I was looking for a way to discribe LinkedIn to others and this is perfect. Thank you Jeff Bullas for this article. All the best of success to you and yours. Jason