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  • Jason King

    Interesting to see such a lack of emphasis on Google + which is the platform to watch I think :)

  • Anita Giraldo

    Fairly new to Tw and not a marketing person, I needed to build an audience for my upcoming art installation. In addition, I was launching a crowd funding campaign to subsidize it. I built a sizable following (for an installation artist) by tweeting content pertinent to exhibiting a site-specifc work–from production to context–and am now up to 100 hits a day on the blog, increasing daily. My work is at http://bit.ly/10Grr2W and my Kickstarter goes live on September 10th.

  • stooni

    huahh as many numbers …. because it tickles me to implement this graphically.

  • Charlotte Monroe

    Nice, thorough report and where is G+ in all this? Doesn’t seem to be a strong influencer.

  • http://sproutsocial.com/features/social-media-engagement Sarah @ Sprout Social

    “Don’t underestimate Twitter’s brevity” is such a key takeaway here. Yes, updates are limited to 140 characters, but often it’s difficult squeezing in a full thought that won’t get lost in translation either. Also, using effective hashtags and engaging with others effectively are challenges of the platform. Thanks for sharing the top people and brands – these are great for learning best practices as well as seeing what has worked for them.

  • philayres

    Interesting to see the breakdown of the apps that people use presented that way. I’m not sure how it aligns with the research I performed, which looked at the percentage app usage per tweet:
    http://meaningful-social.consected.com/post/51653983326/favorite-apps-different-users-new-results#.Ug-1oJDD-aw – this placed hootsuite at the top.

    The other stats are pretty interesting though. Thanks for sharing.

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  • joe

    We are just beginning to use Twitter for our messages to get people’s attention to our various product brands. Our main goal is to get our message to the world. Spray their Hands to Control Sweaty Issues. People have become accustomed to spraying under arm deodorant. Sweaty Hands can have a negative effect on your performance whether it be for Sports, Work, or any endeavor.

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  • http://goto-pro.com/go/to.pl?l=fiverr-mlm-adress&cu=1&u=9964 joenie

    I use twitter but still can not get the handy to deal with it!

  • Ted Rubin

    Thanks for the mention via the 25 People lists Jeff. And let’s make sure not to forget people being taking a moment to observe the way some digital marketers are engaging via conversations, interactions that go beyond mentions and RT’s and really paying attention and listening.