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  • Kevin Solomon

    The creation of quality content that adds natural value to the search engines… Brilliant!

  • Jason Raser

    It’s a well documented fact that the monitoring aspect of ORM is one of the most vital aspects whether you are an individual or a business (small or large).

  • http://eyeoferror.blogspot.com/ LuckyNo.5

    Almost everyone needs some form of online brand management at this point. Brand.com just makes it a One-Stop-Shop kinda deal.

  • Michael Petrucci

    Asking who needs online reputation management is like asking who needs air to breath?

  • Pete Campbell

    Who needs this in a digital economy? <<< The answer is EVERYONE! In today's digital age, information comes soooo fast. It is imperative to have a presence online and to have control over the information that everyone sees.

  • Katie Kunkle

    I think that this is a great way of showcasing how to be extremely proactive about your brand reputation. Definitely a great read for all marketing professionals!

  • DJPC52988

    The Command Center shown sounds like the premier tool to monitor one’s reputation online. Talk about covering all your bases.

  • Jpileggi

    Individuals and businesses need to protect their brand by making sure they look their best online.

  • Darius Coit

    Gathering the right information is the most important factor, when starting any type of ORM campaign. If you miss the marketing theme or the targeted keyword, it will waste your client’s time and a great deal of $$$$$!

  • Justin DeLisi

    Brand.com seems like it can be useful for any size company or individual. They have a proven process and a track record of results.

  • Matt B.

    Controlling you online reputation is critical for success in today’s world, it is great to see this advice to help get the process started.

  • Dave F

    Very thorough analysis. Branding has been around for a long time…it’s just constantly evolved into new formats. In today’s world, it’s all about your online brand. You must control it or else…

  • Paul

    With attacks potentially coming from multiple sources; social media, review sites, etc, having a Command Center to monitor that activity and control the conversation online is invaluable

  • Jane’t Jones

    In this day and age where information is literally at our fingertips it is increasingly important to be aware of one’s online presence. I tell my mother all the time that just because she doesn’t engage actively on the internet, it doesn’t mean she isn’t “out there” and that she isn’t being discussed. We are who Google says we are and if you’re not aware of what you look like online AND actively working towards controlling your reputation, you’re at the hands just about anyone and that’s a truly scary thought!

  • A. Barker

    Great article Jeff! Online reputation is so important now. If brands are not focusing on it, they will be climbing an uphill battle when they do.

  • Dob Bobson

    Everything is recorded online and so online reputation is everything. Who isn’t googling anything these days?

  • Michael Dectis

    What a great service to get your online reputation under control. There is nothing worse than letting the internet ruin your business.

  • Ross Hutchison

    Great article Jeff! Basically sums up the power of Brand.com in a nut shell!

  • Samantha

    You need to be on top of your reputation by consistently monitoring it before a negative has the chance to bring it down. Jeff spells it out for you

  • Genevieve Moser

    It is so important to protect your brand online. You never know when an outside attack can happen and try to ruin your companies good name.

  • MiaWallace

    Being proactive about controlling your online image is essential for business

  • Dave P

    Online Reputation Management affects any and everybody in the world. There is no keyword out there that can hide from online search results appearing for it. That is why it’s so critical to have protection against people beating you to the punch and putting content on search results for the keywords you are associated with.

  • Jay G

    Fantastically put! You are what Google says you are these days and just like a negative reputation can have a devastating impact in regards to community standing and business, a positive one is equally essential. That’s why Brand.com stands above the rest: It’s not merely sweeping the bad stuff under the carpet. It’s rebranding you in a long-term, residual way.

  • Ian Sharkey

    This day and age, with everyone walking around with smart phones, this is more important than ever! Protecting and controlling search is paramount to boosting business and protecting your good name!

  • Jessica Veazey

    Everyone needs to monitor how the appear online. Google makes you the way you are online and even if it isn’t true people will believe it. Google is God online, so you must have Google show the world what you want them to see! Brand.com is a great tool and company to help with this!

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  • Mare

    It’s nothing new that the internet borderline controls our lives whether we are avid “tweeters” or Facebook posters or doing research for a paper or some other thing; internet is important in our lives, regardless of what we do. This is why it’s so imperative to monitor how you appear online. As Jay G said, you are what Google says you are. So you should be mindful of what you post and how you act and present yourself.

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  • Angel Santiago

    Having the opportunity to contact Brand.com for ANY issue regarding online reputation management, makes it the go-to company for any industry.

  • Juliet

    Conventional PR is obsolete and ORM is the new frontier. As more people bring their reading, news, and interactions online, brands and companies need to ensure that they are ahead of the curve with a strong ORM provider and brand.com is the best.

  • LMB1219

    If it’s online, then it must be true. Wait, what? Brand.com helps make this statement a much easier pill to swallow. Let what the world reads be positive.

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  • sreputation

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    The good people are still out there, you just got to find them

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  • Steven W. Giovinco

    Online reputation management is expanding to be crucial to professionals such as lawyers who can be especially impacted by an ex-partner writing something negative online or for financial deal makers who can be ruined by competitors planing a rumor.

  • Actual Person

    Hey wait a minute – these comments all sound the same. You don’t think someone has some system for posting bogus supportive comments do you? Nah, who could think such a thing? Now I wonder if this lone skeptical comment will stick…

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/sophietran Sophie Tran


  • SavaX

    Total scam. After dropping $11,000 because the company promised they could remove a negative review, all I got was a “sorry, can’t do it, and we’re not refunding your money”. In return they offered to write 2 articles on me to help boost presence in Google – those articles didn’t even make the first or second page. They promise the world but deliver less than peanuts. Stay as far away as possible from this company and go with a legitimate PR firm. You’ll get better results and service.