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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Jeff I’m just a solo operation. I practice an active and present strategy. I’m active on Facebook and Twitter but only present everywhere else. I post enough content there to keep my audience engaged. I know I should use more automation.

  • http://geeksjourney.com/ Frank Swift

    The frequency of tweets makes sense, but what about the frequency of posting the very same content? I remember some time back how Guy Kawasaki mentioned that he would tweet the exact same thing 3 or so times a day with good results. I don’t know if that still holds true today though, but it does seem like good practice given how quickly tweets can get lost in the noise.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      3-4 same day. After that I don’t repeat a tweet for about 6 days. This is because I have a lot of evergreen content.

  • http://crokes.com/ Shaun

    Hey jeff, so which social media platform are best for marketing? Which will you recommend?

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      The answer to that question depends on quite a few factors such as what industry, is it B2B or B2C and also what are your goals? Is it brand awareness, sales website traffic? The list goes on :)

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    It’s automated most of the time with Socialoomph.com professional edition :)

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks for your comments Solveig and yes, producing a an extensive evergreen bank of content is vital. :)

  • Glauber Couto

    I ‘ve been using Hootsuite Pro to share contents on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn via desktop and use Buffer when i want to share via mobile device. Just for Google + or Pinterest i haven’t been using any software to share. Since i started sharing good content following the best practices my network have grown significantly.