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10 Cool Google+ Covers for Brand Pages

The high definition digital camera and the smart phone has transformed photography. 10 Cool Google+ Covers for Brand Pages

It has been reported that 10% of the photos ever taken in history have been shot in the last 12 months.

It is also impacting how we communicate and market.

Google+ was designed from day one to have visual impact and continues to improves its handling of images and photos.

It has just made editing and managing cover photos easier. You can now resize cover photos to fit the cover photo banner area.

So what types of photos and images should you use on your Google+ page?

Here are some inspiring examples that you may want to checkout.

10 Google+ Brand Covers

Here are 10 Google+ brand pages that display the power of images to engage and attract users and followers and start conversations and stories.

1. The Muppets

Everyone just loves the Muppets and here are your favorites, all lined up like a police mug shot..well almost.

The Muppets Google plus cover images and photos

2. Red Bull

It is hard to see what is happening with Red Bull’s page with just a photo as the images to the left are in fact a slow motion video that is transitioning across the cover. You need to visit the page to see the full effect.

 Red Bull Google plus Cover images and photos

3. Pepsi

It always seems to be a competition between Pepsi and Coca Cola as to who can be the coolest. It is amazing the photos you can now take that allows you to see the pixels in every bubble!

Pepsi Google+ cover photos and images


4. Marvel

There is nothing like comic characters brought to the big screen and the Marvel Franchise knows how to do that.

Marvel Google+ cover images and photo


5. Guy Kawasaki

I thought it would be good to showcase Guy Kawasaki to show how a personal brand uses images and photos on Google+.

 Guy Kawasaki on Google+

6. National Geographic

National Geographic have always been know for their gorgeous photography. Guess what… they have some of those on their cover.

National Geographic Google+ cover

7. Ferrari

Nothing like having some color red in your life.  Luxury brands such as Ferrari are well placed on Google+.

Ferrari Google+ page


8. Gucci

Fashion brands do know how to create and produce beautiful imagery. This is how Gucci plays on Google+.

Gucci cover on Google+


9. Dell

Technology brands are popular on Google+ because of the demographic. Dell has learnt to do social media well.

 Dell Google+ page cover

10. Hugo Boss

The ladies have Gucci so I am sure the men would like to see a bit of style. Here is Hugo Boss on Google+.

Hugo Boss Google+ cover

Which One did You Like?

Some of us  love brands, others couldn’t care less. Which cover did you like?

What caught your eye? Was it the Muppets which are fun and colourful or do you prefer some style.

Could you apply some of the design elements displayed here?

Look forward to your feedback and comments.

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