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5 Google+ Insights, Resources and Tips for Business – Plus Infographic

Social networks are evolving before our eyes. The changes are often subtle and hidden.5 Google+ Insights Resources and Tips for Business - Plus Infographic

Facebook is still the defacto social network with over 900 million users. To make money though, it has no other option but to monetize the stream called the Timeline. This puts a lot of clutter onto the screen.

Facebook has also admitted that it hasn’t got its mobile strategy and platforms positioned to take advantage of the explosion in mobile from iPads to Androids and the recently announced Microsoft mobile tablet “Surface“.

This gap in their plans was seen more clearly when they paid a premium price of $1 billion for the mobile photo app Instagram to secure a mobile online asset as a beach head.

Facebook and Apple have also announced a close integration of Facebook for mobile in Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS6. This promises a more seamless and user friendly mobile interface.

Why Google Doesn’t need to Make Money from Google+

Google doesn’t really care about monetizing Google+ because it makes its money elsewhere. This is why

  • Mobile advertising revenue in the last 12 months was $2.5 billion
  • Search Advertising revenue in total is $38 billion

Facebook’s total revenue stream is from paid advertising and the monetizing of social games on  Facebook.

Last year this totaled $3.7 billion according to Forbes. That keeps the comparison between Facebook and Google in perspective!

Is Google+ a “Pure” Social Network?

The social signals that Google+ adds to its search algorithms maintains its search engine relevancy for users who will receive more personalised search results that improve user experience. This is vital for Google…to continue to be relevant.

Google+ can then be a “pure” social network without “Ads” that provides social signals for its other online assets because of the value it brings to its total ecosystem.  It doesn’t need to make revenue from its Google+ platform that cost it over $500 million.

Facebook has no choice but to include advertising in its network platform.

The Philosophy of the Social Networks

In viewing the philosophy and personas of the the top three social networks they are all taking and staking different positions online.

  • Google sees Google+ as core to its online properties. This can be seen with the Google+ button on almost all its online properties from Gmail to Google”Reader”. Google is about relevancy and user experience.
  • Facebook positions its social network platform as being about people’s identity. The “Timeline” update further reinforces this position as it allows you to update your life history and place it with the appropriate date stamp in your timeline stream.
  • Twitter sees itself as about “Events”. Breaking news and events globally in real time but keeping its charm and interface simple.

The challenge that most Facebook users face with changing to other social networks is that number one, it is a matter of time managing two social platforms and secondly why change when most of their friends already hangout on Facebook.

So what are some tips, resources and insights in to how to use Google+.

#1. 9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

This is a good overview of the advantages of Google+ from the PC World online blog. It looks at

  • Integration with Google’s other online assets and services
  • Its inproved data protection and privacy features over Facebook
  • The power of “Circles”

#2. 6 Essential Google+ Features for Marketing your Business Online 

This resource provides a good introductory overview of how to get started on Google+ By Angela Stringfellow on the Unbounce.com blog.

It covers key features and functions in an easy visual format.

  • Google+ brand pages
  • The Google+ button
  • Google+ hangouts

#3. 27 Google+ Tutorials

This is an extensive list of resources from A Brighter Web blog,  that will have you viewing videos for days. If I don’t see your comments below I know where you have gone.

It includes video tutorials for using Google+ including

  • An overview of Google+
  • How to add text to a video
  • How to share images from Gmail
  • How to format your posts with bold and italic

#4. Guy Kawasaki on Google+

Guy Kawasaki is someone I have followed online for quite a while now and I have adapted and  used his approach and philosophy to social media especially in regards to Twitter. Guess what they worked and that is why you are maybe visiting this blog today.

This is a short video with his insights.

This is how he sees the three major social media networks.

  • Twitter as about news
  • Facebook about friends and Family
  • Google+ is about passion and strangers

He has released a book on Google+ called “What the Plus! Google+ for the rest of Us

#5. Chris Brogan on Google+

Chris has become an evangelist for Google+ and here is an infographic that highlights the use of Google+ for business.

Google+ for Business Infographic

Source:  Infographic from Chris Brogan and Blue Glass

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  • Daniel Junior

    Glad to see you changed your opinion about G+. It´s a really great experience.

  • Love the article. I have to agree that G+ is more applicable for business other than LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter can generate traffic but its in G+ that you can meet qualified business network.

    • Thanks Amber. It is using each platform where appropriate. The other thing to keep in mind is not to have all your eggs in one “social media basket”

  • AhBoon Lah

    Google doesn’t really care about monetizing Google+”
    i wonder what will happen if google puts adsense into google+??

    • I really think it doesn’t want to clutter it with Ads. It is adding to much value elsewhere!

  • Glad to see some Google+ infographics out there. Google+ now has over 170 million users.

    • The headline number for the number of Google+ users in Chris Brogan’s Infographic is now dated but the tips aren’t

  • The resources in this post are A+! I have a Google+ account, but I know I haven’t explored enough for it to reach it’s fullest potential and I’ve been looking for a way to make that happen. This post was it. =)

    • I got a knock on the door last week by some avid Google+ tribe members and it reminded me to spend some more “quality” time there. Glad it helped 🙂

    • Same thing here. I’ve been researching using Google+ pages for my business for ‘weeks’. (and of course, for my clients’ businesses). Its time to stop researching and start doing. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  • Facebook is destined to follow MySpace into the abyss of obscurity thanks to the new Timeline.

    • IMHO, Facebook is here to stay. People gripe and complain every time fb changes something, but it the long run the changes usually result in a better experience. I think the timeline is a big improvement personally. Fb has such a strong family/friends user base, I don’t think the majority of folks will bail anytime soon, maybe never.

  • J.C. Kendall

    My guess, is that somebody did their homework, and found a treasure trove of different thinking, eh Jeff? Good work.

  • Great post and links too. Eye opening especially for business users. Thanks for the post. Any tips for Entrepreneurial Developers on Google+ ? This is what I do ~ Cheers

  • Thank you, Jeff-a very thorough post. Glad we’re connected on the social networks, I found this through your G+ page. Cheers!!

    • I had a fun conversation 10 days ago with a few of the tribe from Google+

  • Katherine McDade

    Where would you recommend starting on Google+ as a business account? Being new to Google+ all around is making it hard to find a starting point as part of the social media department of my company.

  • ozio media

    Google+ is becoming more relevant as a business oriented social network, because of the influence that +1s have on Google’s search results and the positive SEO that will obviously result from being on Google+. The integration efforts of Google in recent years also make Google+ Local pages far more important to businesses and the connection to a Google+ business page gives businesses a big free platform to use for marketing. For these reasons Google+ is worth the time that it will take to develop a business profile.

  • Simon Hamer

    +Jeff Bullas (just practicing) What do you think is needed to make Google+ more … shall we say … less clunky ?

  • Downside of G+: Most of your friends probably aren’t there yet. So the pool of attentive ears to draw from is smaller, and people who like and want to support you are less likely to be there.

    Upsides of G+:
    – Creating a “fan page” is really fast and easy. It looks great, and…importantly, you don’t have to PAY to be seen in the stream of people who have already decided to like you.
    – You can use the simple style tools to highlight important stuff, WHICH MEANS YOU DON’T HAVE TO RESORT TO ALL CAPS AS OFTEN.
    – The audience tends to be a bit more serious-minded. This can be a bad thing if you mainly share cat videos and are hoping for 50 people to click Like on Facebook. But if you’re sharing something of substance, you’re probably more likely to find a level of engagement.

  • Kristine Allcroft

    Thanks again Jeff! You make reading your blog worthwhile because you always provide meaning and helpful tips for navigating the social media landscape!

    I agree with Chris Brogan: if you don’t have a Google+ page for your business, get one! I just created that page for our business this month and the traffic to our webpage has increased by 30%. This is a remarkable change because our blog is not exactly “sexy.” Who wants to read about property damage restoration? No one wants to know about all the bad things that can happen to your home or business – until they have a crisis and need to know.
    The fact that the spiders are now picking this information up with the one change of having a Google+ page is significant. Of course Google has an interest in it’s own social network – but in addition to this, I would recommend that small business owners make sure they also post to 2 additional Google “properties” – reddit and YouTube – to help to strengthen the signal to the spiders to pick up their posts.

  • Good example of Remarketing Jeff:)