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29 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging and Not Watching Television

I sat down tonight for a while to watch some TV and as I channel surfed I caught myself thinking, “what  is the use of this?” Yes, there were some funny ads that flitted across the screen in neat 30 second intervals, there was some entertaining comedy and informative content. As my TV viewing has diminished in recent years and my blogging has increased I have begun to realize the personal and business benefit to me and my company by blogging with a purpose. (Surgeon Generals Warning: Blogging without being passionate about your topic can be bad for your health)

So here are some reasons to blog.

  1. You learn a lot more researching and writing than passively vegetating in front of the TV
  2. You get feedback from your customers without asking for it
  3. Positions your company and brand as thought leader and authority in your industry
  4. Acquire more customers through indirect means by adding real value that is noticed
  5. Builds a body of work that lasts
  6. Your Websites SEO is continually improved and optimized
  7. Keeps your brand ahead of your competitors
  8. You engage with your customers
  9. Builds your company’s brand
  10. Grow your personal brand
  11. Activity rather than passivity builds momentum
  12. Creates New Ideas
  13. Builds Networks on all sorts of levels
  14. Facilitates sharing between customers
  15. Creates community
  16. Provides an outlet and feeds your passion
  17. You make more money
  18. Provides content for ebooks, online video podcasts and webinars
  19. Feeds your passion
  20. It clarifies and codifies your thinking by putting pen to paper..I mean in the 21st century “fingers to the keyboard”
  21. Prepares you for a book
  22. Builds your resume
  23. Provides authenticity- before PR sanitizes a news release
  24. Lets you speak in your voice
  25. Builds relationships with industry leaders
  26. Helps you make a difference in the world
  27. To just plain help people
  28. Keep ahead of the trends in your industry
  29. To have fun
So what are some other reasons to blog?
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  • Mary


  • Nearly all your reasons are business related.
    Television is not about building a brand or making money. It is about turning your brain off and being lazy.
    I watch television as my break from work. To give my brain a rest. Constantly thinking about what you can do to promote yourself or interact with others is not natural. We all need some down time. After a break I go back to work refreshed and more eager.
    Blogging is great but it doesn’t mean you can’t do other things. I think people could learn a lot from tv. Most people want light entertainment and not too much work on from them. We as bloggers can give them that as an alternative to tv. But we need some form of relaxation and light entertainment too

    • Absolutely agree Mary. I work more than 12 hours most days, sometimes 14 or more. My brain is fried and I need to do something to bring it down to a mild simmer. TV acts as a sedative that way, sometimes. Whenever I hear, “There is noting worth watching on TV…” I have to think, for who? There are lots of shows that entertain me.
      It has become cliché to bash television. It’s not about either or; it’s about what you choose to do at a given time, and it’s highly subjective.

  • Wow! After reading this, I had better get blogging. My blog is mostly about Marketing Ideas…most of the content was for my benefit when I first started the blog. I want to put more time in also on building my brand and that does begin with providing more information that helps to build a relationship with my clients.

  • Thank You!! Although the people who really need to read this are too busy watching TV!
    I’ve gotten so I feel weird when I sit down to watch TV. I find that I’m very restless. And so the only time I can really watch TV is when I’m folding laundry. I can’t help it, I’m a multitasker at heart.
    Thanks for this great post.

  • Absolutely on-spot post! Many nights I’ve spent literally vegetating on the couch wasting my evening when I should have been either updating my blog or researching topics relating to my interests which I could of course write about and share with my readers. Thanks for clicking the re-set button in my brain!

  • Mohsin

    Hey, i am kinda new to this blogging,,, heard a lot about it, but never found out how do one make money out of it????

  • I’ve always tried to explain to people why I have this desire to continue writing my blog, but you’ve summed it up pretty well here.

    Although, I do tend to have the TV on in the background just in case 🙂

  • Jeff:

    Agreed, but I think it’s sometimes good to relax and veg out for awhile. Being a super-networker is great, but relaxation leads to a more healthy existence.

    Whether one relaxes by watching TV, reading a book, cooking or something else is their prerogative. But I don’t think people have to be blogging or networking ALL the time. Balance is key.

  • Great post, Jeff, and I agree with your points. I’m dramatically reduced my TV watching and ramped up my blog Fearless Competitor http://www.fearlesscompetitor.com. But as some pointed out, it’s important to substitute one for the other directly — TV for blog — as time with family, cooking, reading a book, or playing sports refreshes the mind.

    Besides, if I see one more car ad on tv, I’m going to vomit.

    Jeff Ogden, President
    Find New Customers

  • Great post. Sure you’ve written it to provoke a reaction and I guess the point is as much, ‘do something useful with you life other than watching TV’. Personally, I haven’t got a TV licence (which you need in the UK to watch content) and people at work don’t understand why. I’d rather do something interactive – even if it’s playing computer games, which at least uses your brain and puts you in touch with other people.

    As for blogging though, do you think it’ll survive the next five years? With networks like Twitter and Facebook, people are much more inclined to do things in bite sized chunks. If it doesn’t it’ll be a shame – I think blogging’s a great outlet and ultimately people like to express themselves.

  • You are so right. I have not owned or watched a TV for three years. If I did have one in my apartment I would never have time for watching. I would rather interact online with people around the world.

  • You can find an Spanish version of this post at: http://contenidosweb.com.mx/blog/20-razones-para-tener-un-blog/

  • Hi Jeff – great post (glad I caught your Tweet). I “unplugged” from the TV a few years back and haven’t missed it. I definitely found better uses for my time and added more desirable projects to my list because of more room in my day. Sure I like to unwind as much as the next person, but since reading and writing both add to my pleasurable past time, I’m in luck.


  • Right on target Jeff! I rarely watch TV, and find that the people who complain they have “no time” to blog or learn (living in mediocrity ) are those who are glued to reality shows and other mindless junk. Having said that I do agree with Dave’s comments that we need time to veg and turn our brains off. I am a former radio news reporter and news director and rarely watch the news anymore. To veg and turn off the business brain I tend to watch funny shows like Seinfeld, Sex and the City, I Love Lucy, Friends, etc. I want to laugh more.

    The key point you mention Jeff are critical thinking skills and creativity that come from blogging and writing. You won’t find that on a reality show.

    Thank you for sharing your insights.
    Best regards,

  • Thanks for the inspiration! It’s not always easy for me to write….

  • Jeff,

    These are some fabulous points and I should force my husband to read this, as he doesn’t understand my devotion to my laptop (perhaps because I seem to prefer it over him!). I am a SAHM, and blogging for me is quite different than it is for you, but it’s still a wonderful way to network, make friends, learn, write, etc…it’s my primary outlet. My husband fails to understand.

    I do watch maybe an hour of television at night while I’m winding down before bed. Otherwise, I’d much prefer to be flitting around the internet.

  • micvadam

    Jeef, as usual a great post! Blogging helps me focus my thoughts and the reactions I get inspire me – Mic

  • A much better idea is to put something back into the community and find new friends and build relationships. A great way to do this is to join Rotary International http://www.ribi.org . Service above Self.

  • Yes but you don’t get to feel the relief of Glee, the fear of UFC fighting, the cravings from MasterChef nor the admiration for the Giro d’Italia riders.
    Walter http://xeesm.com/walter

  • Barbara Vogel

    I agree that with some exceptions, TV watching can be a colossal waste of time. I watch maybe one hour of TV a week. I plan to start a blog but for me the tradeoff will be doing less reading. I am a voracious reader and while I am excited about starting blog, I know that if I’m going to do it right, it will take time away from reading which to me is like breathing. Any tips on how to manage this?

    • Hi Barbara,

      I’m a bit in your boat – I love to read too and have little interest in TV. For me, I use it as a reward (although sometimes you just need to make time to recharge) and once I check off my to-do tasks (which can include writing a draft post, research, posting it, etc.), I sink into a novel.

      Good luck!

  • Wow!, this is a pretty good article but reading some of the comments, i’ve notice that, most people think that through watching TV they are giving a rest to their brain, and that is something i doubt, i think someone could rest the brain through watching music channels or something where they can been with their eyes closed or just don’t making the brain work, even listening music. Because if they are watching something else, what make they pay attention to, even if it is funny, or for entertainment, they are making work their brain, so they are not resting at all or even relaxing.

    If you want for real take a ‘Break’, you should go out, walk(alone or with company), sleep, meditate.

    If you want to have Fun or get Distracted, you should watch TV, Watch a Movie, go to Cinema, play a Game, even MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game), or do something with family.

    If you want to Grow Up and get more knowledge about lot of things and Share it with people and sometimes start to plan something big for your enterprise, You should use Internet, Blog, Twitter, Read Books, E-books, Articles, Etc.

    Anyway, each people choose what to do in their free (break) time, but for a real rest, they shouldn’t choose the TV.


  • Amen! Sitting in front of the TV illicit the same feelings here. About once a week I’ll see what’s on, and inevitably I think “I’ve read and written blog posts far more interesting than this” then turn it off and get back to my laptop 🙂

    To my fellow bloggers… you are seriously more engaging, intelligent, and creative than anything on TV. I encourage you to keep expressing your energy online rather than letting TV zap it out of you.

    Much Love,

  • If I’m tempted to sit watching TV, I just tell myself that my ass isn’t making any money plunked on the couch…back to the laptop I go. Great reminder Jeff, thanks!

  • Glad I started blogging still trying to understand the SEO side of things and probably need to talk more about my website http://www.theaccessorybarn.com which was why I started blogging. But most of the time I talk about my boys.
    Thanks for the article

  • Work Less, Watch Less TV and Do things that make you happy more – Me personally – Work Less and Ride more on my MTBike and Spending more time with my Boy.
    Blogging is part of my office hours 🙂

  • Blogging can be just as fun, and why not boost your SEO and write something with permanent value versus watching a CSI with a plot you’ll forget within a day?

  • You are so right! As a legally blind business owner I know how easy it is to fall back on old habits and fire that old television up. However, I realized that to date I haven’t received one check from watching television. Not one! Guess that means watching isn’t a paid job. At least, when I blog I can do everything that is said above, plus the fact, I can prove to other handicapped people that it is still possible to create a good income without having to wait for a disability check each month. I can’t tell you how many people I know who are trapped in that box because they are afraid to do anything because they are scared of losing what they got. That sad part about all that is usually what they got is not enough. I am so happy that I decided to change and start a business online with my blogs because my future is now in my hands and, even with dim vision, gets brighter every day.

  • I totally agree with you, Jeff. I’m still amazed that agents in my area haven’t embraced the concept. Oh well, soon my sales will be soaring higher than ever, and they will wonder why.

  • Rich Alvarez

    Totally right!.

  • Deb

    Very helpful post. So true. We’ve unplugged from cable as of two weeks ago. We drive our LCD off a MacBookPro, using Hulu and maybe soon, AppleTv. Quality time increased quite a bit. Blogging prep and launch fits right into a more purposeful use of “relax” time, as I find researching blog material fun and relaxing.

    Thanks for the post. 🙂 –D

    • Raboom1

      Deb, how exactly did you dump cable?  I’ve been trying to figure it out for a long time.  Computer runs on cable, as do the TV’s.  Would LOVE to get rid of it all and lighten my bills.  I hate being so dependent on the cable companies, which I can’t stand.  Thanks for any info you could offer!

    • Raboom1

      Deb, how exactly did you dump cable?  I’ve been trying to figure it out for a long time.  Computer runs on cable, as do the TV’s.  Would LOVE to get rid of it all and lighten my bills.  I hate being so dependent on the cable companies, which I can’t stand.  Thanks for any info you could offer!

  • TV is just so frackin one-sided! There’s no Gestalt-able outcome.

  • Great post Jeff. If not for the 29 reasons you’ve successfully recognised, blogging helps you find your own voice. Bloggers gradually become more confident in their own writing and in their own knowledge of the chosen area of interest. Keep blogging people.

  • I cannot imagine more justifications. Also good to take some time for nothing. Happiness is a question of feeling and enjoy the time, not just burning it.

  • Cannot imagine more reasons.
    Sometimes it is not so bad to waste some time as a meditation therapy.

  • Thanks for this, Jeff. Recently joined the community in the past month…has definitely been a springboard for exposure and tremendous growth curve! Blogging’s an incredible outlet for those of us that crave catharsis in various endeavors/pursuits

    • Thanks for your comment Byron and all the best in joining the blogging community. Remember that the discipline and persistence are part of the journey but if passion is your foundation that will make it a journey of self discovery and fulfillment. 🙂

      • Amen 🙂 Recently attended my first TweetUp and had a blast. As a good friend/teacher put it “Remember to remember…and revel in the process of becoming.”
        Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement Jeff

  • Thanks for this, Jeff. Recently joined the community in the past month…has definitely been a springboard for exposure and tremendous growth curve! Blogging’s an incredible outlet for those of us that crave catharsis in various endeavors/pursuits

  • Great post Jeff. It’s way too easy to get pulled in by the Boob Tube. Imagine the productivity and knowledge that could be gained from replacing just 1 hour of TV each day. Keep blogging……….all of you.

  • Tobey

    Love this list … I am a dedicated non-TV watcher. Not a judgment but find it so debilitating. Blogging, cooking, reading, banging my head on my desk … all activities I find to be so much more productive. Perhaps TV can be a bit of escape – you needn’t think or engage hence give the brain a break. So, it may have some short and temporary benefit.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  • Hey Jeff!. Excellent piece of article. This should act as a to do list for all the existing and upcoming bloggers in India. I am definitely have this thing as a print out and going stick it on my notice board :). Very good points covered in the entire post.

  • Jenpolk1

    Interesting, but could have been summed up in 10-15 reasons instead of 29. Honestly the number is a bit daunting and misleading since there’s some duplicates.

  • HSM

    Great post! Posted my first blog tonight instead of watching TV! Thanks!

  • An alternate view…

    Blogging is a solitary activity, whereas (in our household at least) television-watching is a shared one.  I can happily do without TV on a day-to-day basis, but my husband loves to hold hands with me in front of the screen.  Fortunately we limit it to an hour an evening.

    Social begins at home.

  • Good post Jefff. However, I think lack of response is one of the biggest reasons why people shy away from blogging.  It takes considerable time to build a base of loyal followers and the biggest challenge is to sustain the blog in the initial stages, especially in these times of information overload. Also, many bloggers tend to write with an eye on SEO and the articles become a collection of links and tastelessly and shamelessly repeated keywords. Perhaps smaller posts with lots of subheads and bullet points will help, but that severely limits the writer. I think written communication is slowly but surely on its way out. 

  • Hi Jeff-

    This is one of my favorite blog posts, I agree with you all the way. I am a new blogger and it has given me a voice I never knew I had- and people are actually listening to what I have to say. It’s extremely liberating and as you mention #29. Fun! I am a huge proponent of blogging. Ok, I like to watch Modern Family and The Office from time to time. But like some of the comments below, it’s very necessary to unplug and let the TV do the work from time to time. 

  • Laetitia Paris

    Thank you for this great post ! I agree 100% !


  • Sudhanshu

    Great, I liked the idea of Grow your personal brand.

  • Kristin

    All very good reasons but obviously you have not found the deep emotional pleasure that comes by sinking down into a marathon of bad reality tv. 😉 Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than an episode of 16 and Pregnant.

    • Thanks Kristin, love that comment! Very insightful and very funny 🙂 I had a great laugh.

  • Rab

    Consider the second screen. It’s not about TV watching anymore. This is short-sighted. Consider the way TV watching is evolving with Netflix, Social TV apps, and Social Media. Many could ask if they should be blogging instead of interacting with people in real-time on the second screen while experiencing entertainment together.  

  • What a Great Article for help sharing a Blog. One major reason why you should blog is, “To Provide Value For Your Customers”

  • Well said Jeff!

  • JuliaHidy

    I may have to blog about your blog post. Does that count as #30?

    • Why not, that sounds like an awesome idea! 🙂

  • Pat Thomas

    My blog’s target audience watches TV–I watch TV, especially the programs that my audience watches for entertainment. I’m a newbie blogger

  • Pulin

    I agree with your point Jeff:Blogging without being passionate about your topic can be bad for your health.A great Visionary Steve Jobs said the same thing,one should passionate for what they do and then they can create a dent in the universe!watching tele for more than it required its a total waste of time!

  • Karl Fischer

    I haven’t watched television in over three years and my life has improved greatly without it. The medium of TV is so one dimensional in terms of how it attracts and holds one’s attention that I find it to be disturbing. Can anyone please tell me how seeing a car accident, where some unlucky member of humanity perished, on the evening news enriches my life in any way? The blogs that I follow, however, definitely do enrich my life greatly.

  • Hired Gun Writing

    Watching TV can also be great inspiration for blog posts (or ghost written articles in my case). With a marketer’s mind and a writer’s soul, a CSI episode can be turned into “Investigate Your Options – 7 Social Media Resources You Might Have Missed” or an X-Factor episode can become “Uncovering Talent – Finding Guest Posters Within Your Blog’s Comments”. By keeping the marketing radar constantly in scan mode, even relaxing and watching television can be classified as research.

  • Nicely done Jeff. Tops on my list is “writing clarifies thought”. I may think I know something, but when I try to write it down I realize how little I know.

    That said, I’m a sucker for Pawn Stars. Big lessons in negotiating on every show.

  • Hi jeff, can I add some of the reasons on our blogportal blogmato.com ?

  • I was watching tv and feeling guilty that I wasn’t working on my blog when this post appeared on Twitter. I agree with everyone who has commented that watching television is a waste of time. When I blog I want to share my experiences and align them with my passion ~ http://www.bizzie.com. Thanks for yet another great blog Jeff.

  • I don’t watch TV and enjoy blogging for most of the reasons you mention. Great list!

  • Blogging can be therapeutic. Admittedly, I enjoy blogging with the television on in the background (usually sports). After reading this article, I should really re-consider my habit.

  • Awesome, That sounds like multi-tasking 🙂

  • Jeff, this list is terrific, and the ones I most relate to at this moment are numbers 1 and 5. I have always loved to research and to write, so blogging is a natural fit for me. Plus I agree that when you blog, you have that archive of information you can always repurpose later. I see this piece was originally published some time ago, and I am grateful that you tweeted it tonight.

  • I truly believe in law of attraction. And blogging is the perfect way to keep your mind focused in what you love, your dreams…your passion. Blogging helps you grow in both mind and financial aspects.