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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Fun Anymore

Social media has always had a credibility gap as a business marketing tool, they were created for fun but are now being used to market billion dollar brands.

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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Fun Anymore

It wants to be taken seriously as a grown up marketing medium but that is difficult when the CEO knows that Facebook started as a social platform to connect with your classmates at college and is used by his daughter to share the weekend’s party photos.

Social Networking Was Always About Fun

YouTube was started when the founders experienced difficulty sharing videos that had been shot at a dinner party at an apartment in San Francisco. It’s these frivolous origins that continue to slow the take up by serious people running serious businesses.

Despite the fun foundations of some of the largest global social networks, business are discovering and are using social media’s power as credible and highly leveraged marketing tools.

Social Media Gets Serious

Some of the platforms such as LinkedIn and Slideshare were started by their founders as corporate tools from day one because they already knew the power of the social web to communicate, share and engage with online audiences. They “Got  It”.

So it’s not just about the fun and frivolity anymore as social media is growing up from playful adolesence but its about the efficiency to target large global or local audiences in real time with content and get ideas to spread through its viral power.

The credibility gap still exists in the mind of a lot CEO’s and executives but social media slowly and surely is cementing its place as a new media platform that gets the marketing job done.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Just About Fun


YouTube is no longer just a tool for sharing fun videos that were taken at a party but is an educational resource that is used by companies to train and educate.  YouTube videos are embedded in blogs, emails and shared on Twitter and Facebook. Video productions with large budgets are now planned and run by global advertising agencies and marketing campaigns such as the Old Spice YouTube series are used to take a tiring brand from obscurity to top of mind with a video that goes viral.

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Facebook has moved on from just being being a college and party social networking facilitator to a channel with 600 million users that is used to market to millions of consumers with targeted banner ads. Corporate Facebook pages are the marketing tool of choice that have millions of Fans that have video trailers and promotions shared to launch billion dollar movies and megastar musician’s latest albums

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Twitter is not just about superficial 140 character Tweets about what you had for breakfast but is now used to respond to customer service issues in real time and spread the brands message instantly and globally. Computer companies such as Dell offer special discounts for its computers and products on Twitter and drive millions of dollars in sales.

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They are now not just about your hobbies but have now been adopted by companies such as Zappos to engage with their customers and communicate information that educates and inspires.

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Flickr is not just a repository for happy snaps but now used by corporates to display their activities to their marketplace that reinforces their brand message, especially if they are a visually oriented brand.

So will social media maintain its fun origins or will big corporate marketing take the fun out of social media and turn them into business tools that are organised and sterilized?

I think that both will happily coexist and social networks will continue to keep us entertained, amused, informed and educated all at the same time because we as humans are both fun and serious.

What do you think?

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