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5 Ways to Turn Twitter into Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool

What do you use as your daily Social Media dashboard every day?5 Ways to Turn Twitter into Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool

Most likely not Twitter.com I am guessing.

Yet, in recent months, there were a great number of browser extensions released, specifically for Twitter.com. They help you create a much greater experience right inside Twitter.com.

What I like best about this is that you are in charge regarding how many bells and whistles you are adding. You can basically fully customize your own Social Media dashboard.

So here are my top 5 finds you can use to make Twitter.com a truly powerful Social Media tool for you:

Tool #1. Klout for Chrome

Function: Find top users more easily

There has been a lot of discussion around Klout in the last few months. One aspect, where it helps me greatly to make my daily Social Media life more efficient, is deciding how to best interact.

When I only have a few minutes at hand every morning, being able to glance through my Twitter stream with everyone’s Klout score next to their Tweets is a great filter. It helps me make better decisions and at the same time deepen my most important connections:

Twitter Tool Klout for Chrome

Tool #2. Buffer

Functions: Optimal timing, multiple accounts posting and old school retweets

Another extension I am using every day is Buffer’s Chrome extension. It puts a brand new Buffer button right into Twitter.com next to your Tweet button. If you click it, you can conveniently add any new Tweet to your Buffer to be posted later on at a better time:

Twitter tool Buffer

The extension also allows you to Buffer your retweets, either posting them now in old school retweet style or later on, when more of your followers will be online.
Buffer for Chrome
There is plenty of more places you can now Buffer from on Twitter.com. Personally, I love going through my Twitter lists of top Social Media experts, Buffering everything that’s handy, without flooding my followers.

Tool #3. Pocket

Function: Save your best article finds to be read later

How often does it happen to you, that you come across a terrific article, but can’t read it right now because you are just too busy? From now on, instead of letting it go into Twitter’s limbo, just save it to be read later on with Pocket’s browser extension:

Pocket Twitter tool

This way, you can save any article you are finding on Twitter to a reading list available any time later on for you. Personally, I found this to be a terrific way to just spend a few minutes browsing, and “pocketing” everything worth exploring later on:
Twitter tool Pocket

Tool #4. Tweet Filter

Function: Unclutter your Twitter stream from the noise

One problem I have on Twitter is that it often takes lots of Tweets to glance through, until I spot one that is worth reading. And a lot of the time, it’s not even the people, it’s just that I am looking for certain things throughout the day.
With Tweet Filter, you can easily customize this for your own Twitter stream, getting rid of those Tweets that don’t add any value for you at that moment. Filter out words like “4sq, twitpic or award”. Whatever happens to add little value to you:

Tweet Filter

Tool #5. Embedly

Function: Get full media previews right inside Twitter.com
The last goodie I have for you to really make Twitter.com as powerful as it gets is a neat extension called Embedly. It allows you to expand any Tweet to show you the full article or video view right inside Twitter.com:


I find this to be a huge time saver. You don’t have to click through and see if the headline is really what you expected, but you can just read the first few paragraphs right where you discover that content:

Embedly Twitter Tool

5 Quick Workflow Tips To Optimize Your Day On Twitter

Adding those 5 lightweight solutions to your Chrome browser have saved me hours of time every day. In case this helps you at all with your personal workflow, here is how I approach every morning on Twitter with just 20 minutes per day:

  1. Glance through Tweets spotting the best ones using the Klout extension.
  2. Previewing the articles I like best with Embedly right on Twitter.com
  3. Saving those I want to go into more detail with Pocket to read later on
  4. Adding the best Tweets straight to my Buffer as old school retweets.
  5. Filter out any words that annoy me with Tweet Filter (this is something I don’t do daily though)

How about You?

I am really curious, have you discovered Twitter.com as your personal Social Media dashboard already?

Let me know if you know of any other ways to enhance your Twitter.com experience

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  • Sally

    I find clipboard a great way to browse tweets and Facebook feeds in the style of a newspaper

    • Thanks Sally for that tip, other readers may want to check that out 🙂

  • As someone just getting started with Twitter, I find this very helpful.  Thanks. 

    • Thanks for dropping into my blogTiffany and glad you found it useful

  • Thanks Mitt for your comments. I also use Hootsuite which I find a great tool 🙂

  • Great post, Jeff. This is one I definitely want to ‘pocket.’ 

  • Hi Jeff – nice post. I use a lot of Chrome extensions, the bufferapp being one of my most used. I see you suggest embedly, but as far as I can tell those functions are part of regular Twitter.com now. I had to go look through my extensions to make sure I wasn’t using it, but I can view any type of media in the regular stream. I’m not so keen on Klout (spoken like someone who doesn’t think her klout score is high enough), but I will check into Pocket, as I think that might go nicely with Instapaper.

  • Benmenson

    Great advices ! Thanks a lot for this great article. What is your favorite mobile twitter app ?

    • Thanks. My favourite Twitter app is Hootsuite.

  • Great tips Jeff! I love to be using twitter and you have given great tips to use twitter within shorter time with efficiently, I was looking tips something like this as I use to get waste a lot of time but now I will work as you are using twitter. 

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! 

    • Thanks for your comments Ayaz. Glad it is helpful.

  • Good stuff Jeff. Instead of Pocket, I set up an If This, Then That recipe on ifttt.com so that any time I click to favorite a tweet, it automatically emails it to me in a special “read later” folder. 

    • I really like the offline function of Pocket, it let’s me scroll thru all my post and pages that I’ve Pocketed offline when I’m on the train or flying. A must have feature for offline reading. Thanks.

  • Buffer seems like it could be a really powerful tool for business. Our company has been working on making our Twitter account more effective and the option to buffer tweets and have them written in advance could be really helpful. Do you know if that tool allows you to put a lot of tweets in the queue for tweeting during peak times?

    • I use a tool to schedule my Tweets for my blog posts that works well for me and they can also be recurring, which is great for articles that should be broadcast multiple times. It is called Socialoomph Professional edition iand t costs about $25 per month but saves me a lot of time.

  • Guest

    Hi Jeff, 

    Great post as always. Gremln.com is a nice addition to your Twitter efforts too.  I use it to track my actual return.  

    • Thanks for your comment and I will go and check it out 🙂

  • Thanks Chaanda for your comment and glad you found it useful.

  • I just use Hootsuite to create lists to do that

  • Thanks Vanessa glad to hear the tips were helpful.

  • Thanks Dr Rae for your kind comment 🙂

  • Thanks Neil for that contribution and I will have to check that out!

  • I detect that you like Buffer Shaun 🙂

  • Thanks for the input Tammy 🙂

  • Thanks Ben for dropping into my blog. Glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

  • Thanks Jonathan for that positive feedback and it sounds like Buffer is in your favourite tools category!

  • Thanks Jonathan for that positive feedback and it sounds like Buffer is in your favourite tools category!

  • Glad you found the list helpful Donna 🙂

  • The pocket feature is great.  Often, there’s so much going on on Twitter that end up missing out on some great content.  If more people utilized this, there’s a better chance that the content that you share will be read as well.  

  • Dekcentre

    Thank you for the great tips!
    I installed all you mentioned here and tried, though I do not get how Klout works – should there be any button for this? Sounds like a good tool, I’m curious to try it. Could you please explain more with examples?

  • Great post, Jeff. This is one I definitely want to ‘pocket.’ 

  • Great to see your smiling face here Tammy and I look forward to your next guest post 🙂

  • song jia

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.http://www.cheapbeatsearphones.com/

  • Thanks !! I didn’t know the tools!!

  • Great post Jeff. I haven’t used Embedly yet but am looking forward to trying it out. Also, I really liked the workflow tips.

    Speaking of, what are your thoughts on WorkFlowy? https://workflowy.com/

  • Fabulous advice. Especially for one starting out like myself. Buffer looks amazing. 

  • Great post Jeff. I started using them all, and I can already feel the difference. Keep up the good work.

  • loko art

    Great Post, thanks for the info

  • Good workflow. But – check out this:
    http://www.pearltrees.com/ I really like it.

  • Thanks Jeff, great post and as usual very helpful. cheers

  • vinishgarg

    Great list of some really useful tools. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Personally I find that I use Falcon Pro on my mobile mostly, wish it was as extensible as chrome. Just at the desktop that much. Pocket looks like a great extension and I really like the idea of reducing the number of open tabs pending reading…

  • Bhavuk Khandelwal

    Awesome Article and really cool tools Jeff, i have added all the 5 tools to my chrome, and now i understand the mystery that why everytime i open my twitter, your tweet is on the top. thanks jeff keep sharing stuff like this.