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64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics – Infographic

I walked into an electronics store the other day and happened to pass the television department.

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64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics Infographic

The 70 inch televisions with high definition flat screens were displaying videos so compelling that for a minute or two I just stood there watching images so sharp and mesmerizing that I just stopped and watched.

The vibrant colors and  high contrast were almost hypnotic.

It was only ten years ago and a flat screen TV half that size was $20,000.

Now everyone has at least a  42 inch plasma or LCD screen and that is in the smallest room in the house!

The Visual Sharing Addiction

Reality television, lifestyle and cooking shows have taken food to new levels of visual and visceral appeal and taking photos of food and sharing them on Facebook or Instagram seems to becoming a standard activity these days.

Generation X and Y would rather watch a video or an infographic in small snack size bites of information than read a paragraph of text.

Several  key factors seem to be driving this visual sharing revolution.

  • Broadband access whether it is fixed or wireless (images and videos no longer take hours to upload)
  • Social network platforms – that make it easy to upload images and videos in seconds
  • Smart phones with cameras (high definition is now the norm)
  • Apps that make it easy to shoot and share (Instagram)

This increasingly visual generation is creating opportunities for creative people to engage with friends, colleagues and customers using images and videos.

Pinterest has over the last 6 months, become the social network with buzz, which provides a visual platform that offers the ecosystem to experiment, play and trial images as a means of engagement and even selling.

It is even being used to drive people to landing pages to capture information and buy.

How do you use Pinterest to Market your Business?

Here are 64 marketing tips and tactics that you can apply to your Pinterest account to get you started and refine your strategies.

64 Marketing Tips for Pinterest

Source: Maria Peagler: Social Media Online Classes

So How About You?

How are you using Pinterest? Have you even heard of it before? Are you finding it driving traffic?

Is it working for you? What has surprised you about Pinterest?

I look forward to hearing your stories..

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