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64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics – Infographic

I walked into an electronics store the other day and happened to pass the television department.

64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics Infographic

The 70 inch televisions with high definition flat screens were displaying videos so compelling that for a minute or two I just stood there watching images so sharp and mesmerizing that I just stopped and watched.

The vibrant colors and  high contrast were almost hypnotic.

It was only ten years ago and a flat screen TV half that size was $20,000.

Now everyone has at least a  42 inch plasma or LCD screen and that is in the smallest room in the house!

The Visual Sharing Addiction

Reality television, lifestyle and cooking shows have taken food to new levels of visual and visceral appeal and taking photos of food and sharing them on Facebook or Instagram seems to becoming a standard activity these days.

Generation X and Y would rather watch a video or an infographic in small snack size bites of information than read a paragraph of text.

Several  key factors seem to be driving this visual sharing revolution.

  • Broadband access whether it is fixed or wireless (images and videos no longer take hours to upload)
  • Social network platforms – that make it easy to upload images and videos in seconds
  • Smart phones with cameras (high definition is now the norm)
  • Apps that make it easy to shoot and share (Instagram)

This increasingly visual generation is creating opportunities for creative people to engage with friends, colleagues and customers using images and videos.

Pinterest has over the last 6 months, become the social network with buzz, which provides a visual platform that offers the ecosystem to experiment, play and trial images as a means of engagement and even selling.

It is even being used to drive people to landing pages to capture information and buy.

How do you use Pinterest to Market your Business?

Here are 64 marketing tips and tactics that you can apply to your Pinterest account to get you started and refine your strategies.

64 Marketing Tips for Pinterest

Source: Maria Peagler: Social Media Online Classes

So How About You?

How are you using Pinterest? Have you even heard of it before? Are you finding it driving traffic?

Is it working for you? What has surprised you about Pinterest?

I look forward to hearing your stories..

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  • Nice Jeff thanks 

  • Nice Jeff thanks 

  • This is TERRIFIC Jeff! What happens if you can’t find the source for your photo? Thanks! Ande

    • I think the short answer to that is “Panic” 🙂

  • Mindfuldrawing

    May I ask what ’43 Hosting board scavenger hunts’ entails? 
    Also, I would like to make a board on which other people can post but for that I need their names. Often the name they list as their names isn’t their url name. How to invite people for a shared board?

  • Great information. I will pin this to have a reminder for my top priorities. Thank you.

  • Nikki Teller

    Thanks for this Jeff! I’ve only just started playing around with Pinterest, so this is a great article I can share with my clients. People have got to get on board with Pinterest, but for a lot of people it’s just the fear of the unknown (ie how the hell do I use it?). 

    Awesome stuff! 

    • Thanks Nikki for your comment. The fear of the unknown is often a stumbling block to action!

  • Thanks Mary and glad you enjoyed it!

  • Glad you enjoyed them.

  • Thanks for dropping in and glad you found it useful 🙂

  • Dortemm

    Jeff as always very usefull information 🙂

  • The list of tips is excellent !!! However I don’t think that chart could be considered a good infographic. It would have been the same to simply add some colours to a bullet-point list, or simply present it in a Power Point.

    Infographics should help to understand some complex data in a visual way. This list of pink bubbles is only….a list of pink bubbles. I really don’t see the need to create those bubbles to transmit the message..

    In any case, and as I said before, the content is very good. I was already practising some of them, whilst others have given me new ideas to leverage the power of Pinterest as a tool to attract more readers to my blog. So thank you!

  • Chamoislopez

    Whew! What a list! I recently signed up for Pinterest and had no idea how to approach it for marketing. I originally considered it for fun/play time, but your generous breakdown has armed me with tips I can start using for my business right now.

    Thanks Jeff.

  • Yes, I saw that in dispatches over the last 24 hours. Not a good look just prior to the IPO!

  • Thank you for sharing this info-graphic with us, Pinterest marketing is awesome. 

  • Thank you for sharing this info-graphic with us, Pinterest marketing is awesome. 

  • Kimberly Erskine

    Great article! I absolutely love pinterest. I have been trying to learn how to use it for my own marketing strategies and your tips really help. I’m definitely going to try these tips soon!

  • Anonymous

    Having little experience beyond personal playing around on it, my view was that Pinterest was shaping up to be a fun toy, but had little value for marketers. Of course, I love to be proven wrong when someone can bring the numbers to back up their experience with a new “toy.”

  • Thanks Andrew for dropping in and making a contribution. This article about 5 Insights on Facebook vs Pinterest in Driving Sales may help.

  • There are not so many detailed reviews on how to use Pinterest available out there. I have already made a few changes to my profile. Thank you. 

  • Yep

    I like the content. But as an infographic this is really, really bad.

  • I liked your way as you described each and every part of Pinterest.


  • Lisa

    Great article! I’m a bit new to Pinterest and have been looking for resources to help me navigate my way thru Pinterest and have a successful following etc. I’ve only come across a couple of places which have been great: the Pinleague group and this site which is my new favorite. Thanks!

  • Viqi French

    Good tips here, some fresh ideas and approaches. I only joined Pinterest fairly recently. Once I’m better connected, would love to try your group board or contest idea.

  • Jennifer Bilbro

    Saving this for sure. Do you know how Pinterest chooses popular boards that they send out as suggestions in emails to users? One of our boards was featured multiple times – very grateful – and just curious!

  • Interesting article, I’m just now starting to truly realize the power of Pinterest and just had a meeting with someone over lunch about how to use it to further my business. You had some things here that I hadn’t thought of before, the research portion as well as the contests. Thanks for the share, definitely going to expand my horizons.

  • Linh Doan

    Awesome,Jeff!! I’ve been waiting for this articles so long.

  • Good evening guys, I was wondering if you can help me to automate pinterest like this guy does in a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVdMeg2N8cM he is
    automatically repinning, liking and commenting all day long. Can anyone advise me how?

  • Great and useful info! Pinning it right now. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Jimmy Terronez

    Good article! We also wrote about Pinterest marketing strategies: http://terrostar.com/blog/pinterest-marketing-strategies

  • Dipti Goyal

    Amazing post

  • DavidKovacsDQ

    Cool infographics, they are still relevant in 2015! Btw I just created a post that you might want to check out “22 practical Pinterest marketing tips” and i used a couple of tips from this Infographics. You can read it here: http://www.turninbound.com/pinterest-marketing-strategy/