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7 Key Steps to Creating an Awesome Infographic

The younger generation would rather watch a 2 minute video than read a page of text.7 key steps to creating an awesome infographic

How do I know that?…because I asked them.

Last week I was standing in front of thirty young adults aged from 18 to 25 at the International College of Management and I posed the question.

Would you rather read a blog article or watch a 2 minute video?

Twenty five of the thirty put up their hand and said  “video!

This maybe not the scientific method preferred by mathematicians with PhD’s and avid students of statistics, but it’s fast and efficient and measures the beat of the street.

That crowd is not getting any younger and in fact they are becoming your mainstream audience as they move into management and create startups. You need to create content that communicates to that crowd.

This is a challenge for marketers and bloggers.

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Sensory overload

Readers and younger viewers demand more titillation and excitement. Videos that entertain and content that contains more visual eye candy in high definition. Have you noticed that a 42 inch big screen TV is now no longer big enough. A 3.5 inch smart phone is sometimes seen as too small. We are heading into a mobile gadget world and now 5 inches is fashionable and demanded.

Sensory overload is a journey of diminishing returns, but you have to play the game. It is now essential to think color, visual and multi-media.

Monochrome and mono media is not enough anymore.

The game is multi-channel and multi-media.

What other media content should be on the menu?

Images, photos and infographics are some of the other key elements to content curation and creation that grabs attention and asks the question.

Is this interesting enough to share on my Facebook page or Twitter account?

Infographics are a media that attracts attention and flows across a social web. They started to gain more prominence about 2 years ago and have maintained an interest that sees them used in marketing campaigns and used to create blog attention.

What are the seven key steps to create an awesome infographic?

It starts with selecting a topic or an event that that you think people will want to learn or know more about.

Learn about the others below.

It means engaging first and selling second

Infographic source: Graphs.net

What about you?

Have you ever created an Infographic? How did that work for you?

Did it create more traffic, build more links and attract some more attention?

Look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below.




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