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Are You Making These 10 Mistakes On Your Blog?

Since I started blogging nearly 2 years ago the features that a lot of bloggers included in their blogs have changed dramatically as the social web becomes a vital component of the way we use the web and integrated into the online world.

So it’s time to take a fresh look at what functionality you should be including if you want your content to spread and to enhance and amplify your personal brand.Are You Making These 10 Mistakes on Your Blog?

Let’s take a quick glance at what’s happened in that time to place some perspective on why your blog may need fine tuning or major surgery.

Facebook in 2009 was only a quarter of what it is today at 150 million users, (it now has 600 million) and Facebook pages for companies had only been available for a 12 months with not many corporates using it to connect and spread their brand on the social web.

Twitter at the start of 2009 only had 8 million users and it is now approaching 200 million and has become a mainstream social networking platform with real clout.

The rise of the social network is just one major reason for you to take a good hard look at your blog and see if you are holding back its growth by making these common mistakes.

So Are You Making These 10 Mistakes On Your Blog?

1. Missing the Facebook Share Button

Facebook has become the the default social network to join and in a  lot of countries more then 50% of the population uses it to talk to friends and family and contacts. If you are serious about spreading your influence and  content placing this button on your blog is a “must”  so that you make it just two clicks for people to share your content with their hundreds and in some cases thousands of Facebook “friends”.

2. The Retweet Button is not present

This is an absolute must. If you want people to spread to your content to their Twitter followers then make it easy for them. You don’t want them to have to cut and paste, shorten the URL and then go to Twitter and then tweet it. This must have function just requires 2 clicks by your reader and then  your content is being placed in front of all their 1,000’s of  followers

3. Credibility Banners are Strangely Absent

This should include awards you have won, books you have written and also as you grow your readership and subscribers you should display the number of followers on twitter and anything else that displays and enhances your credibility which is dependent on your industry and market niche.

4. No “Facebook Social Plugin”

This allows people to like your Facebook “page” and so become a fan. Why should you do this?

Essentially when Facebook users become a “fan” of your branded page, they will be notified of your status updates anytime you update the status on your brand page, via the primary news feed on the homepage. So as you publish content or update on your Facebook page this will push your update out to your fans, growing readership and engagement.

More reading: How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions Of Fans

5.  Cannot Read Your Blog On A Mobile

Mobile access to the internet with the rise of the smart phone and the iPad is one of the fastest emerging trends on the Web and making sure that you have a blog that is easily readable on mobile platforms is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve and make it easy for your readers to view your content anywhere,  anytime and on the go. If you have WordPress blog then this is easily done by using a  plugin that lets viewers read your posts on their iPhone or smart phone.

6. Subscribe By RSS or Email is not present

Pushing you content out automatically once you have published a new post to readers who opt in via email subscription or RSS  is essential to increase your readership. This “must” be included.

7. No Follow You Buttons On Your Social Media Channels

These should include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and you could also add YouTube if you like, though this is optional unless you are a big video blogger.

8. Free Offer To Subscribe Is Nowhere to be Found

To drive subscription it is important that you offer something for free. This can be done  by offering a free ebook or download such as Video Twitter Tutorial such as Social Media Examiner does on its blog which has been a major driver for its growth.

For more on that read:  10 Secrets Of A Successful Social Media Blog

9. You Don’t Display Your Popular Articles

You need to tempt people to read other articles that other people have found to be very popular and interesting so highlighting these articles promotes your top articles.

10. Your Comment System Only Allows Log in via Email

A lot of people are now connecting using Twitter or Facebook Connect and providing an option that is not just an email to register for a comment reduces friction to comment. One comment system used by a lot of bloggers is Disqus

What feature can you implement today?

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  • What the killer ten tips to get more from our blog. I have done several of them but the rest is kind new for me. I will test them and see the result.

  • Thanks- really helps im improve my blog

  • About point 10, I actually don’t like “commenting systems” much, I used to have Disqus but I switched to a CommentLuv+DoFollow mix, and I am very satisfied, as it doesn’t require anyone to register anywhere and it’s in my opinion much comfier to use on mobile systems, especially the iPad, where I find Disqus to be quite buggy still.
    I wasn’t sure of my switch back then, but judging from the feedback and the encouraging results of converting my blog to a DoFollow one, I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.

  • These really make sense. I believe I am guilty of some of these mistakes like number 3 and 9. I will be poring over my site again to see how I can make sure that I don’t fall guilty to these mistakes again. Thanks, Jeff.

    – Wes –

  • Good points!
    Very helpful! 🙂

  • Great article. you would be amazed though at how many blogs I come across that do not have a facebook Page. If I like a blog, then I look for a facebook page as I need a prompt to come back and read future posts. Also think Digg Digg plug in for wordpress is a great sharing tool that looks tidy.

  • Glad I took the time to read. Thanks

  • thanks for the tips…I am working on it now

  • thanks for the tips – working on it now…what do you think of more personalized photos for clicking to follow on twitter and facebook…?

    • I think that a personalized photo could work as long as it makes it clear that clicking on it would follow that person on Twitter but you have to keep in mind that people are now use to clicking on a Twitter icon to follow and a good website design shouldn’t make people think!! :).

  • This is good stuff. I’m currently working on these things now. I’m really excited to add the FB Social Plugin.

  • Anonymous

    This is good stuff. Currently I am taking these things now. I’m really excited to add a social FB plugin.

  • Thinking of using Disqus for my blog, but it’s only for wordpress.org, not .com 🙁 

  • Thanks for the assist, Jeff! #GODmorning from us here in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn!

  • thank GOD , i am not doing 8 mistakes at my blog but 2 mistakes happening likes #5 & #8 because waz not aware bout them…. now will try to get rid of these mistakes 🙂 love to read this post and thanks for sharing such good things 🙂

  • thank GOD , i am not doing 8 mistakes at my blog but 2 mistakes happening likes #5 & #8 because waz not aware bout them…. now will try to get rid of these mistakes 🙂 love to read this post and thanks for sharing such good things 🙂

  • Jeff, great post. I am bookmarking this so I can go back and review. I was pleased to see my site had many of your tricks here, but I’m also seeing room for improvement. Thank you for the great ideas. I can see from your Popular Articles list, your site merits a closer look! Thank you for your inspiration and guidance!

    Matt Schoenherr
    Marketing Ideas 101

  •  Do you have a recommendation for a plug-in that will make a good mobile site? I’ve tried a few but none are quite what I’m looking for.

  • Viviann

    It is amazing how much the popularity of social media has grown in two years.

  • great article. thx

  • Start a page now and post interesting content to the page as images, links videos etc. Also I would strongly recommend starting a blog on your topic of choice and passion

  • Thanks for this. I still can’t figure out the facebook like box for wordpress. Any ideas as to where to find it? Cheers.

  • Thanks for sharing Jeff, I’ve got work to do on 3 of these. 1 I can do immediately the others will take some time.

  • Great post. Thanks for the share Jeff. Your posts are always a helpful and fantastic read.

  • ahh this is helpful as well as insightful. 😀

  • Hi Jeff,

    Another awesome and extremely useful post mate. I am delighted I have discovered your blog and will be a regular reader of yours.

    I have been for some time but by no means an expert so I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the way I can serve my readers.

    The 10 points you provided will be of great interest to many bloggers like me who have lots of experience in the “marketing aspects” of our niche but so often fail to implement the simple blogging steps to give our visitors the best experiences possible – and to help us grow our audience.

    One point in particular I have not done yet is to display my most popular articles – will have to work out how to do that bit.

    Thanks again Jeff for sharing your expertise – awesome

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come marketer