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Awesome Facts and Figures on the Rise of the Social Mobile Web – INFOGRAPHIC

I had the privilege of speaking at the BE-Wizard  Web Conference in Italy last week. It was a tribute to Enrico and his team at Titanka, to witness and participate in an international class conference, that in only 4 years have taken an initially small event, with only 30 people attending in 2009 to having an audience of over 600 people in 2012.

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After attending the conference over the 2 days at the sea side holiday resort city of Rimini, I decided to grab the opportunity to take a vacation break and explore the sights, history and gastronomic delights of Italy.

Awesome facts and figures on the rise of the social mobile web - infographic

The trip has also been an educational and invigorating exercise in blogging while travelling and keeping up the discipline of maintaining and monitoring my social networks while on the move by train and motel.

Most of the trains in Italy have power, so the challenge of ensuring having enough electrical juice to keep the batteries of the iPhone, the laptop  and the iPad powered up has been largely successful. (I would recommend though taking a power board to charge multiple devices at one time)

The 3 Essential Mobile Devices for the Travelling Blogger

On landing in Rome, some time was taken to ensure I had a local SIM which provides cost effective broadband mobile access that allows mobile blogging, communication and the ability to maintain the social networks.

1. The Laptop

The laptop is of course the main mobile blogging station and has the tools for putting the blog posts together. This includes my “can’t do without” software tool for screen shots and image management “Snagit”, that is vital for including those images that are essential on an increasingly visual web.

2. The iPhone

The iPhone has been good for posting Instagram photos to Twitter and Facebook, checking my Facebook timeline and viewing Hootsuite for Tweets and direct messages. It is also my Internet tethering device that provides my Keeping in touch via email is a breeze as the Italian mobile broadband is quite fast and very accessible even in out of the way alleyways and the five awesome and picturesque headlands  that are in the “Italian Riviera” called the Cinque Terre. Some tunnels even provided internet access!

3. The iPad

This the is the consummate tourist guide and tool you can’t do with out once you have used it. It provides you with the Google GPS map function that ensures you can find your way in places like Florence. It is also great to find restaurants and cafes with the “TripAdivisor” app. It also is the perfect research device for finding about the local area and highlights. The local information center is now not required. Travelling while working is becoming easier and more convenient and the mobile connected devices are freeing us from being bound to a desk or even your own country.

The Latest Mobile Web Facts  and Figures

The latest facts about social media show that the growth of the social networks over the last few years has been matched by the mobile internet with smart phones sales approaching nearly 500 million units in 2011. The synergy that these 2 fast tracking trends provide is changing how we work and play.

So what are some statistics worth noting?

  • The smartphone sales were up over 63% in 2011 from 2010 (488.5 million)
  • 5.9 billion people now use mobile phones globally
  • Over 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 years and downloaded more than 10.9 Billion times
  • 77% use mobile phones for search
  • Social networking accounted for 50% of all page views on mobile phones in 2011
  • Facebook mobile users quadrupled in 2 years from 50 million to 200 million
  • There are 200 million mobile video playbacks from YouTube every day
  • There are 1.2 billion internet connected smartphones

The upside for mobile commerce and smart phone growth is enormous as all mobile phones will eventually become internet connected. On current numbers that means that 4.7 billion smart phones are yet to  be sold and connected! Is your business ready for the mobile web?

Facts and Figures on the Incredible Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHIC

Facts and Figures on the Incredible Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHICFacts and Figures on the Incredible Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHICFacts and Figures on the Incredible Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHICFacts and Figures on the Incredible Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHIC

Facts and Figures on the Incredible Rise of the Social Mobile Web - INFOGRAPHIC

Infographic source: Culturelabel.com

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