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Facebook Facts you Need to Know in 2014

Facebook Facts you Need to Know in 2014

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Love or hate Facebook….it is embedded.

It was just over a decade on February 4, 2004 that “thefacebook.com” was launched with no grand plans for world domination.  It was only meant to be a website for college students to meet online. The platform didn’t carry ads, was not built for mobile and had no monetisation model.

In 2014 it is “the” default social network for everyone from teenagers to octogenarians. It is also not just a social network for connecting to friends and family but a marketers “go to” tool to target brand personas and reach a company’s target audience.

You are the product

Facebook’s marketing power is in its ability to reach a very focused audience. This capability was something Google noticed and one of the main reasons they launched Google+. Google AdWords is a much blunter instrument.

When creating a Facebook account you have to provide a lot of personal details and this is why “you” are the product that Facebook sells. It’s self service advertising feature allows anyone to become a marketer. It has been a force in democratizing marketing.

10 Facebook fast facts

So what are some top facts about Facebook to keep in mind?

  1. 20 billion minutes per day is the collective amount of time spent on Facebook by users world wide in June 2013. That is 8.3 hours per month per user.
  2. 1.19 billion Facebook active monthly users was reached at the end of the third quarter of last year
  3. 67% of all American internet users use Facebook. In the UK it is 82%
  4. 83% of all 18-29 year olds use Facebook in the USA
  5. 73% of all Internet users in the $75,000 plus salary range use Facebook
  6. 4.75 billion items are shared each day on Facebook
  7. 40 pages are liked per user
  8. 66% of of total social media sharing is from the Facebook iPhone app
  9. Top U.S. check-in was Disneyland at Anaheim in California
  10. The number one life event reported by Facebook users is “adding a relationship”

Find out some more Facebook facts in the infographic below from TopMarketingSchools.net.

Facebook facts you need to know in 2014

Infographic source: Topmarketingschools.net

What about you?

Any facts surprise you? What is the main reason you use Facebook as a marketer or a user?

Look forward to your insights in the comments below.



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