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Facebook Facts you Need to Know in 2014

Facebook Facts you Need to Know in 2014

Love or hate Facebook….it is embedded.

It was just over a decade on February 4, 2004 that “thefacebook.com” was launched with no grand plans for world domination.  It was only meant to be a website for college students to meet online. The platform didn’t carry ads, was not built for mobile and had no monetisation model.

In 2014 it is “the” default social network for everyone from teenagers to octogenarians. It is also not just a social network for connecting to friends and family but a marketers “go to” tool to target brand personas and reach a company’s target audience.

You are the product

Facebook’s marketing power is in its ability to reach a very focused audience. This capability was something Google noticed and one of the main reasons they launched Google+. Google AdWords is a much blunter instrument.

When creating a Facebook account you have to provide a lot of personal details and this is why “you” are the product that Facebook sells. It’s self service advertising feature allows anyone to become a marketer. It has been a force in democratizing marketing.

10 Facebook fast facts

So what are some top facts about Facebook to keep in mind?

  1. 20 billion minutes per day is the collective amount of time spent on Facebook by users world wide in June 2013. That is 8.3 hours per month per user.
  2. 1.19 billion Facebook active monthly users was reached at the end of the third quarter of last year
  3. 67% of all American internet users use Facebook. In the UK it is 82%
  4. 83% of all 18-29 year olds use Facebook in the USA
  5. 73% of all Internet users in the $75,000 plus salary range use Facebook
  6. 4.75 billion items are shared each day on Facebook
  7. 40 pages are liked per user
  8. 66% of of total social media sharing is from the Facebook iPhone app
  9. Top U.S. check-in was Disneyland at Anaheim in California
  10. The number one life event reported by Facebook users is “adding a relationship”

Find out some more Facebook facts in the infographic below from TopMarketingSchools.net.

Facebook facts you need to know in 2014

Infographic source: Topmarketingschools.net

What about you?

Any facts surprise you? What is the main reason you use Facebook as a marketer or a user?

Look forward to your insights in the comments below.



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  • Another Great Epic Post Jeff.
    I use Facebook more for increased customer engagement using a Facebook group.
    Its a great platform for to provide additional training , discuss strategies and also for promotions which i have seen a significant increase in conversions because of the group.
    Of course it can be used to grow audiences as well and there are so many great tools out there to help do that these days, but increased engagement withy your current audeince is maximizing what you already have which i feel is very important and with the data to back it up as well as increased customer satisfaction

  • Dmiddy

    Great post Jeff, we all love a good infographic!

  • guzie

    I have a facebook account. Made several pages but haven’t had much luck getting users or visitors to do anything. I get many conflicting reports, posts, emails on how to properly use it.
    I also have a Google+ account and it seems to work much better for online business engagement. Maybe it’s the age factor…I am just guessing.

    Facebook seems to work better for the younger generation and Google+ is a slightly older type crowd?

  • Very interesting in the salary break down for Facebook vs. Twitter and Pinterest users. My teenage niece says her friends use Twitter and barely use Facebook anymore. If your marketing vampire movies, looks like your going to spend your advertising $’s more on Twitter than Facebook. You are better off with more attention given to one medium over another, based on your product and time constraints.

  • Great post Jeff, the way you displayed the facts is super cool. I still prefer Twitter but Facebook has been good to my business, their ad system can work fabulous with the right targeting.

  • Of course, without users Facebook would be “nothing” to marketers. Its
    the values that users get that readily lures marketers to invest in the
    platform. There is no doubt that we have an Amazing statistics.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – kingged.com where this post was found.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  • jonny curran

    Great Post Jeff, Good to see all the facts with cool info graphics and figures. Really Facebook had kiss lots of success over the last decades and all these facts make it so true.

    Thanks for highlighting the awesome facts. I also hear news on Nydailynews and it showing Twitter more popular than Facebook among U.S. teens: survey

    But still Facebook is on high.

    Thanks for these amazing facts Jeff 🙂

  • Those were some nice statistics. It’s amazing to see how much Facebook has grown and how many people are on it. Statistics just like these remind us of how important it is to be on Facebook. Thanks Jeff!

  • sheri barton

    So How Much