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How 7 Top Influencers Share Great Content on Twitter

How 7 Top Influencers Share Great Content on Twitter

The digital battle is on!

Content competition is fierce. One billion websites, two billion plus social media users and 3 billion plus mobile owners. So you need to break through the clutter not only on desktop but on smart phones. But build it and they will come is not an option.

Content marketing is two words.

So you not only have to create great content. But you have to build distribution networks for that content and then hustle it to the world on social, email and search engines. It needs persistent focused effort. That’s marketing.

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How do you do that?

You can pay for it and pull out the credit card and start advertising on Facebook and Google. This is the fast way to put content in front of potential readers, viewers and customers. This is possible if you have the money but not the time.

But if you want to earn it rather than pay for it then you have a lot to do. This includes doing all of the following.

  • Build distribution on Social media by growing your followers
  • Make it easy for them to share your content
  • Guest blogging for the top influencers in your industry
  • Increase the size of your email list
  • Grow your search engine ranking so your content gets found on the first page of Google

This is the work of years. But to make it even harder Facebook has changed the game in social. It has made the “earned attention” harder. It’s organic reach is approaching zero.

But there is one social network that doesn’t choke your posts and make them invisible through filtering to your followers.


Twitter power

Twitter is used by many top influencers to display their content and ideas. How do they use Twitter?

They have taken the time and put in the effort to build their social distribution.

Then they make sure that they are tweeting often.

What type of content works for influencers?

To find content I use the Popsters tool.

This is a great social app that allows you to find their top content on Twitter. It is a cool tool that allows me to find the top content not only on Twitter but Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Using this tool I have discovered what type of content gets shared the most and has the highest engagement.

Here are 7 of the top influencers on social media according to Forbes and some of their top tweets.

1. Kim Garst

Kim is a Twitter powerhouse and has over 400,000 Twitter followers. Kim is a prolific tweeter and uses images often and well. If you want to see Twitter “best practice” follow Kim. She is a great example to model your Twitter tactics on!

Kim blogs at KimGarst.com.

Kim Garst - share great content on Twitter

2. Mark Schaefer

Mark wrote the book on Twitter. The Tao of Twitter. He is a prolific author and international speaker. You can find him at his blog Businessesgrow.com

Mark Schaefer - share great content on Twitter

3. Joe Pulizzi

Joe is one of the brains behind Content Marketing Institute and knows how content works. This is one of his top ten tweets.

It is interesting to see that this one is not a visual tweet but Joe doesn’t post as many images as some of the other influencers.

Joe Pulizzi - share great content on Twitter

4. Jay Baer

Jay’s online portal and authority site is at Convince and Convert. Jay and his team are “Digital marketing advisers”

He is also a speaker and author on social media and other things digital.

Jay Baer - share great content on Twitter

5. Pam Moore

Pam is a constant tweeter and a top influencer. She  runs a digital agency with the fun name “Marketing Nut“.

Here is one of her top tweets. She loves using visuals!

Pam Moore - share great content on Twitter

6. Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a top selling author and international speaker and blogs at Hayzlett.com.  Of  course one of his top tweets is an image of his book “Think Big. Act Bigger” which I am in the middle of reading.

Jeff Hayzlett - share great content on Twitter

7. Michael Brenner

Michael is a top influencer, blogger and digital marketer that covers social and content and top digital topics on his blog B2B Marketing Insider. This image he uses below which highlights some of the top influencers on Twitter reveals a great tactic to drive attention and traffic with Twitter.

Do a shout out!

Michael Brenner - share great content on Twitter

A little curious?

I decided to see what my top tweets were and here is one of them I found on Popsters.

Here is one of my top tweets. It is a mini infographic. I have found this type of visual to be one of the best tactics to achieve a lot of retweets.

Jeff Bullas - share great content on Twitter

What is your top Twitter content?

So if you want to see what your top tweets and content on Twitter, Facebook and some of the other social media networks are in your niche try out Popsters.


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