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How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn – INFOGRAPHIC

A presentation on the topic of how to cook a chocolate tart is  going to “bomb”at a cheese maker’s  convention.

How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn – INFOGRAPHIC

It will be the wrong audience for an interesting topic, but the cheesemakers didn’t pay $1,200 for a conference ticket to hear information about “Tarts”!

A paying participant at a car dealer expo will want to hear about horsepower and handbrakes and will either leave the hall or fall asleep if the speakers start talking about knitting and slipper making.

The art of successful communicating and engagement  involves selecting the right audience and providing them with information and content that resonates with their needs and wants.

Not all Social Networks are Equal.

When it comes down to sheer popularity Facebook is the social network that wins.

Facebook is also about “Identity” whether that is a personal profile or a “business brand” persona.

Twitter is about “Events” which could be the next plane crashing into the Hudson river or letting your audience know that your latest blog post is published…that is an event!

Google plus is “Core”  and is woven into the science of search as Google embeds it into every one of its web properties from Picasa to YouTube.

It cannot and should not be ignored by marketers as  social signals are now being measured and monitored by Google machines and is being woven into the DNA of search. Optimizing your online assets (blog and website)  for search engines is vital.

Different social networks will be need to be included in your social media marketing strategy depending on your goals, audience and tactics.

Don’t Ignore LinkedIn

If you want to communicate to a B2B audience and business professionals then LinkedIn with its 150 million members is a good place to play.

If you want to engage with the business leaders and executives then it is the first channel to turn to.

So What are the Engagement Levels  of LinkedIn?

Facebook and Tumblr have very high engagement levels but LinkedIn’s focus on the business community provides it with some serious online networking power.

  • 47.6% of users use LinkedIn 0-2 hours per week
  • 26% use it from 3 to 4 hours a week
  • 12.2 % use it for 5-6 hours per week (that is nearly 1,400 minutes per month)

What are the Top 3 Favorite Features of LinkedIn?

There are hundreds of thousands of “Groups” on the platform from retail to social media and marketing and much more you will find interests and topics on any business subject imaginable.

  1. Groups – 79.6%
  2. People searching – 70.6%
  3. People  you may know – 66.8%

How does LinkedIn Help?

LinkedIn is a great online network community that that can help you with a range of tasks

  • 76.9% of users say LinkedIn helped them research people and companies
  • 68.8% said that it helped reconnect with past business associates
  • 49.7% said it was good for building new network relationships with individuals who may influence potential customers

So what else is LinkedIn useful for?

LinkedIn User Portrait

Linkedin Infographic
Via: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success

So What About You?

How do you use LinkedIn. Have you found it useful for networking. Do you participate in groups?

How have you found it for researching?

Could you use it more effectively?

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  • Jenny Kay Pollock

    I think LinkedIn is very useful! I use it to network and I used it to get my current job! I think college students, in general, need to take LinkedIn more serioulsy. Most students that I know wait until they graduate to set up a LinkedIn profile when they should be using it throuhout college.  

    • Thanks for the comment and yes you should be building the network early!

    • Jessica

      I agree with you completely Jenny, I wish I had used LinkedIn more seriously in college. It would have been much easier to explain the work I did in school.

  • 80% of our website visitors comes in from LinkedIn, it is an excellent social media platform to generate leads and build some strong relationship with potential clients. Love it! Thanks for the infographic, Jeff!

  • Great infographics as always Jeff. This re-affirms to me the need to align our LinkedIn profiles with the image we wish to promote to the world. Thanks for the post!!

    • Thanks Andrew for your comment. Yes making sure your message and image is clear is vital.

  • This is great information! As an active LinkedIn user it is always great to gain a little more insight into how other users view the site. 

  • Anonymous

    Excellent overview of the various platforms for social media for business use.  As the owner of a small boutique recruiting and career coaching firm it is important that I utilize as many tools as I can find for my marketing strategy.  Being a small business does not mean a small marketing plan – it means a more varied and diversified one.  I can attest to the benefits of LinkedIn.  It has resulted in much success for my company.  In fact, over 15% of the total revenue from last year came from LinkedIn alone! 22% of our site traffic comes LinkedIn! I agree with your assessment that it is all about finding the right audience.  By joining and managing the right groups through LinkedIn I am able to connect with other peers and clients looking for industry related advice, discussions and connections. 
    The impact of LinkedIn on my business and other professionals is extensive enough that we have designed workshops teaching our clients how to leverage LinkedIn (http://www.turningpointsearch.net/services/career-workshops/leveraging-linkedin-level/) for their job search and professional development.  It has met with great success and the number of attendees who have reported significant improvements in their visibility and professional success encourages us to continue with these types of professional workshops.
    Thank you for mapping out some quick ways to utilize what’s out there in social media.
    Ken C. Schmitt

  • Gary

    I love and thank you for your contribution to my slow emergence into the LI portion of SM. Hope I’m not too late to get in on the best slices of this banquet.  I’m agressive, even intrusive by nature, Jeff.  Age age and incidents has tempered me.  I’ve got almost 700 connections.  So what do I do if I am the “Saddlemate for Promotions” for the launch of my son’s whole-family therapy ranch.  How do promote to pastors, therapists, counselers this rather remarkable resource without being (or feeling) “pushy,” maybe even “illegal” in Linked In laws (which confuse me–promote, expand but ony among those you already know, and “well” at that. Huh?) ?  Got any “rules” for what I can do/say to max exposure to Deep Rivers Family Ranch?

  • Alessandro Zonin

    GAS! = Greater As Usual !

  • Woomera

    Great stuff Jeff.

    I’m constantly amazed that so many cannot get past ‘LinkedIn is a Website’ and miss the most important thing of all – that it’s about people, and what a wonderful window into Countries, Industries, Companies & people it is!

    My strategy is a sentence is:

    Research, Research, Research & knowing what you want (80%), Intelligent, proactive win/win approach (20%)


  • Joana Ferreira

    I absolutely love LinkedIn! I got my current job through LinkedIn (as a digital marketing executive) and I use it every day during my job for marketing purposes. I run a company page and a group on LinkedIn and, although still in the beginning stage as it was only set up a couple of months ago, I can really see the potential and invest time and effort into everything I post on there! LinkedIn is definitely growing as more and more people are realizing the benefits of it. It’s not a social media platform like Facebook, its much more business orientated so if you’re a B2B, then LinkedIn is a much more valuable platform in the long run!


  • 44% of our web traffic comes from Linkedin, but Linkedin is more than that. If you need to find the senior decison maker of any target company, then Linkedin is THE go to place to research. Not everyone is on – but I’d be surpsed if there isn’t anyone from your target company you couldn’t find.
    Join and contribute to groups


    Another superb item from the pen of Mr Bullas. Splendid.

  • Wow!! i am very impressed with your lovely post..

  • Trey Rulon

    Interesting! I have been looking for this info for the last few hours.visit:Social media marketing

  • Excellent post Jeff! As you stated, each Social Media platform plays a specific role in the digital ecosystem. It is imperative to understand and learn how to leverage each platform for maximum reach and impact.

  • Thanks for letting me know.