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The Explosive Power of the Retweet Revealed by Twitter

Twitter is often seen as one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters when it is compared to the multimedia beauty and the wealth of numbers that the 800 million plus engaged users that the Facebook social network offers.The Explosive Power of the Retweet Revealed by Twitter

Facebook is the girlfriend you would be happy to take home to dinner with your parents but Twitter is often seen as a bit too quirky, strange and cheap to introduce to the family and folks.

Too short and dumpy for most.

If you take the time to get to understand Twitter with its quaint 140 character limit and its charming simplicity, it can be a very powerful tool to distribute information and ideas in real time to enhance your marketing and promotion efforts.

Twitter Power

Twitter has some advantages that are sometimes not seen as a strength.

1. Simple

It doesn’t get much simpler that 140 characters and that is why texting (SMS) has not gone away but continued to grow.

2. Focused and Targeted

Twitter followers tend to be loyal and follow other Twitter users because they are interested in information or news about who they are following. This is not leveraged by many marketers and “the secret“of how to use this capability should not be ignored. Over the last 3 years I have utilised this Twitter capability to spread ideas and information to a targeted global audience. Don’t underestimate this capability!

3. Highly Shareable

The retweet feature of Twitter allow the user to quickly pass on information by retweeting the news and information contained within its headline and link to their network.

Why Politicians and Celebrities Love Twitter

Politicians and celebrities love Twitter and celebrities have found that one tweet can cause a storm of sharing. It can enhance (or destroy) their personal brand and get their ideas out instantly.

Twitter has just announced that it will now be revealing how many retweets  your tweet has received instead of just showing “50+

Twitter retweets revealed

Making the retweet count visibly quantified will help marketers find what does and doesn’t resonate with their target market and audience. This will help adjust the writing of tweets and the topics to find what people really want to read.

A Cool Tool to Count Retweets

TwitSprout have quickly responded to this announcement and have provided a tool that allows you to check out your most popular retweets.

It is called “MyTopTweet” and allows you measure your top “Tweets” for sharing

Jeffbullas.com most popular retweets

This will provide you with some real numbers on what tweets your users are finding worth sharing.

Nothing like a some numerical feedback to adjust your Tweet direction!

If it isn’t being shared then you need to look at some key elements such as the headline of the tweet, the number of followers and the level of engagement.

The 3 Top Retweets in the World

That Twitter announcement of this change has allowed Twitsprout to also find out what are the most powerful “Tweets” and here are the top three.

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Tweet

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Tweet

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Tweet

Now you may not have 10 million followers but growing your Twitter following will provide you with a focused and powerful network that will share your ideas, information and news.

How are you growing your Twitter followers?

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Image by by Fred Seibert

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  • CRZ

    For us plebes, mytoptweet.com looks more like “My Top Tweet (of my last (some number) or so tweets)” – FavStar lists several (older) tweets with more RTs than TwitSprout’s result for me, for example.

  • CRZ

    For us plebes, mytoptweet.com looks more like “My Top Tweet (of my last (some number) or so tweets)” – FavStar lists several (older) tweets with more RTs than TwitSprout’s result for me, for example.

  • Anonymy
  • More transparency will definitely help businesses, especially small businesses, continue to understand why social media can be a viable marketing tool. In speaking with clients, it still seems like there’s a lot of confusion as to if and how they should be using social sharing sites and what “success” looks like.

    On the flip side, surprised and disappointed at the top 3 RTs in the world. 

  • Interesting post with an interesting tool! Thanks for the information Jeff. Just used MyTopTweet and its really great to see which are the best Tweets which got retweeted.


  • Love it Jeff!

  • Great stuff Jeff. I’m going to give http://mytoptweet.com/ a try now. Thanks.

  • Retweets are my weapon.

    • So Lisa what is the objective of your retweet weapon? 🙂

  • Awesome post. I didn’t know about TwitSprout, will give it a shot. If you want to grown your Twitter audience, there is no secret magic shortcut. You have to participate, tweet only quality stuff, and share/re-tweet your followers.

    • Hi David and thanks for the comment. I have a found Tweepi a great way to grow your following but the foundation is having unique content that adds value to the community along with engagement!

  • Anonymous

    Really Insightful…Retweets and Hashtags – some powerful social media weapons 🙂

  • Hi Jeff! This is such a great post! I’ve literally just finished writing a newsletter for my subscribers covering this exact topic!  Thanks for all your great content you keep on here, it really is a great source of information! 

  • Kumarjit Sarkar

    Great post Jeff!! I suppose this post of yours will help millions users of twitters as why and how they should exploit this platform for their business or otherwise along with the small and simple tools.
    I have always been one of your new but loyal followers and seek guidance and new but trending ways of engagement.
    Looking forward to your next piece of information about how to create technically sound and effective video marketing campaign along with its technicalities.