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Twitter Finally Gets An Official ReTweet Button

Twitter after nearly a year is rolling out its own retweet button that lets people easily share content on Twitter.

There have been various companies that have offered this service for quite some time now including TweetMeme and Topsy.Twitter Finally has an Official Retweet Button

The popularity of this type of function is backed up by figures showing that there are currently 750 million retweet button impressions per day and it has certainly increased the speed and quantity of content sharing on the Web and social media.

I certainly noticed the difference in traffic to my blog when I implemented a retweet button (read the results at my post titled “How To Increase Your Blog Traffic by 55% With One Button“)

It appears  from Twitters blog that TweetMeme has done a deal with Twitter with their button now pointed at the “Official” Twitter service, so Twitter will certainly not be starting from zero.

To help get some fast and heavy traction Twitter has also been working behind the scenes with some major players who have been using other retweet buttons to implement the official Twitter version from launch, they include Huffington Post, CNN.com, Time.com and YouTube.

Is there anything different with the Twitter retweet button? Well it appears at this stage that the only additional feature is  that after retweeting Twitter will display a list of suggested accounts to follow which could increase your Twitter follower numbers should you decide to take some action.

It appears that the CEO of TweetMeme Nick Halstead will be offering additional Twitter services starting with a new service called EdataSift that will give developers the ability to leverage cloud computing to build very precise streams of data from the millions and millions of tweets sent every day. This will include

  • Tune tweets through a graphical interface or our bespoke programming language
  • Streams consumable through our API and real-time HTTP
  • Comment upon and rank streams created by the community
  • Extend one or more existing streams to create super streams

So are you moving over to Twitter’s official retweet button?

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  • Well, both exciting and daunting! Love that Twitter now has their own re-tweet button, and it looks seamless. But, it’s daunting to know I’ll need to change all six blogs over! 🙁 Thanks for the great post though Jeff!

  • Thanks Jeff like Melody it will be daunting to change all my buttons.. But what I will do is implement then from now on..

    Hopefully this styatement is true…”It appears from Twitters blog that TweetMeme has done a deal with Twitter with their button now pointed at the “Official” Twitter service” That would certainly be the smart thing to do for all concerned.. RICH :0)

  • My RT button is broken. I have to get someone to fix it. I don’t know what the problem is but the error message is php related… I wished I was more tech savvy…. thanks for pointing this out, Jeff!

  • very interesting article , the RT button is very important for us bloggers !

  • Thanks for the great info, Jeff!

    One question I hope you might have the answer to, though. I added the button fine, but the tweet count shown on each post while on the homepage is DIFFERENT than if you go to the post page directly. For example, my most recent post shows 6 tweets when you look at it on the homepage. BUT, if you go to the page that just has the post, it shows 17 tweets.

    Any idea why that is? Or how to sync up everything so it’s consistent?


  • Thanks for the post Jeff. Really great info. I only found out about your blog yesterday via @guykawasaki We are a micro business and quite new to social media for business purposes so all hints, tips and advice are most appreciated! Your short video on your site really resonated with us to – thank you!

  • Hi, Jeff – I enjoyed this post and was inspired to write an “installation guide” for WordPress users who might need a bit more detailed help to install the official Twitter Button. It can be found at http://outcomemarketing.com/wordpress-tips/add-tweet-button-wordpress. I hope it will help the commenters who are struggling with installing the button. There’s also a WordPress Plugin that installs the button, although it doesn’t give much flexibility about button appearance and flexibility. I mentioned where to find that that in my post as well.