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  • http://www.visibletechnologies.com Mike Spataro


    Thanks for the kind mention of TruCast. It’s almost a given nowadays that companies should be paying attention to relevant consumer comments about their brand and competitors. I’m still a bit surprised by how many companies are still trying to decide if this should be a standard mode of operation as we head into 2010.

    Mike Spataro
    SVP, Visible Technologies

  • http://www.radian6.com/ Lauren Vargas

    Thank you for including us in your list of monitoring tools! As you state in your post above, listening is important, but it is the engagement that makes all the difference.

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

  • http://www.synthesio.com/corporate/gb_index.php Synthesio

    Hi Jeff,
    Great point that brand conversations are happening whether you choose to listen or not. I think it is often one of the greatest misconceptions about social media and companies’ wanting to participate (or not).
    Luckily for businesses, the options for monitoring are becoming endless, whether they choose to use free online tools or more involved, pay services (disclosure: I work for one of those pay services- Synthesio).
    Thank you for your reflections. I look forward to keeping up with you (on Twitter) and your blog.


  • http://www.arisey.com Arisey

    Hi Jeff,
    Great post. Social media monitoring software is the first step for raw aggregation, however true listening involves extensive human efforts in terms of filtering, abstracting business insights and engagement after raw aggregation. Clients were initially overwhelmed by the sheer volume of social media buzz and human resources required to make a successful listening and engagement, Arisey is asked to step in to help turn social media buzz into business intelligence.

    The bottom line is that software and governance structure have to work together to make social media monitoring useful for biz objectives.


  • http://chriskovac.wordpress.com Chris Kovac

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the blog post. These are great resources to “listen” to what people are saying about your brand/products in the social media channel. We use a company called Social Radar for our social media monitoring. Just thought I would share as they have been a great partner.

    Thanks again,


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  • http://www.speakersite.com/profile/CatherineWhite The Divine Miss White

    Thanks for the insights as I too questioned the verasity of HubSpots products.

  • http://remyarteaga.com Remy


    Great article on a very important challenge for businesses:) It struck a chord with me since we have been dealing with these issues for sometime.

    Here are some additional sources we have used:
    - NewsSift.com > Free for now
    - Samepoint.com > Free
    - Google Insights > Free
    - BlogPulse > Free

    As for paid services, one should also check out:
    - Visible Technologies > A younger firm than Radian6, but definitely worth looking at.
    - Scout Labs > A self-service product with discount pricing.

    A newer paid player on the block is sysomos.com, which offers some interesting services.

    Regardless of which service you use, you are quickly going to be faced with some serious issues in terms of tracking hundreds of charts. Take a typical small firm with 4 products, 3 competitors and 10 sources of information. This firm will be tracking 70 charts per day!

    Services from firms like Radian6 are important in helping a business engage the audience while listening to the market. These firms offer very important services, but even so they still face the challenge of dealing with mountains of information and trying to figure out what information is significant enough for the business to engage the audience.

    I think you might be interested in knowing about a start-up I’m working with that has developed a proprietary piece of software that instantly merges multiple data streams into one Score – a score that automatically detects significant changes in the underlying streams. The significance is that a businesses can focus one 1 score, instead of 10 or more charts. This score automatically detects the changes that businesses need to focus on, thus making it easier to use the services above to engage the market.

    We are currently working with select partners, including one of the largest digital agencies, to incorporate our software as part of their Social Media service. So this should all become public later this year.


  • http://tweettwins.wordpress.com tweettwins

    The tools collection is great – especially the new paid services. These tools certainly make a difference.

    I do like Hubspot’s Mike Volpe’s explanation of the power and role of Social Media with SEO, brand, traffic driving, and lead generation within the context of other strategies and tactics.

    Reputation is important as people will talk positively and negatively about a brand regardless of a company’s Social Media involvment or lack of involvement.

    So Mr CEO – your decision now – WHEN are you going to let your chomping-at-the-bit Marketing and Communications Department develop and implement your Social media campaigns?

    - Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins, Social Media Strategy, Consulting, Workshops & Seminars

  • CatTail Mom

    The company I work for has a standard internal policy against “broadcast emails” which criticize or question management in any way. Broadcast can and does include as few as a dozen people all of whom work for the same company! Monitoring social media? It’s beyond their comprehension.

  • http://walteradamson.com Walter Adamson

    It’s worth noting two good Australian tools, Peoplebrowsr and Dialogix, and I also use a new systems from Canada http://www.ecairn.com as it has good expert systems analysis of conversations to find influencers amongst blogs. We’re always looking for effective and yet easy-to-learn tools for our course participants, and we currently use Techrigy and Sysomos and Scout Labs and also in Australia we have student access to Radian6. For sure, there is no one answer.

    Of course there are new tools every day and the Social Media Academy is running a Tools Week in November – 16th to 21st – packed with the most compelling new tools, and the sessions are available in Australia as well:

    Walter Adamson, @g2m
    Social Media Academy, Australia

  • Scott

    I’m using this service to monitor my website’s position – http://monitor.mazecore.com . They provide rank and uptime monitoring with alerts, but position monitoring on free account is enough for me. I recommend this service with free tariff for your website.

  • Mark

    Nice post! but you fogot about mazecore – http://monitor.mazecore.com

  • http://www.amitklein.com amit

    Nice list! I’d also like to add socialmention.com, free tool does a better job then Google Alerts, with more analysis and aggregation.

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  • http://www.listenlogic.com ListenLogic

    Figured we’d chime in on this even if it’s a little bit late. A lot of great info to get companies open to the idea of social media monitoring. A lot are using free tools which are great, but the paid tools offer so much more.

    You should check us out at ListenLogic – Social Business Intelligence before making any decisions :)

    Great post!

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  • http://coreybiggs,wordpress,com Corey j. Tronchin

    This was a gret post Jeff you gave me advice that was like reading the book trust agent from Chris brogan. Check out my blog http://coreybiggs.wordpress.com or email me anytime. thanks

  • http://www.gilbertl.com Gilbert L

    Kurrently at http://www.kurrently.com is a real time search engine for Facebook and Twitter.

    Just another tool to monitor the social web.

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  • http://www.emoov.co.uk Russell

    and not forgetting Tweetreach

  • http://www.emoveuk.com/ Info

    And linked in

  • http://twitter.com/pghjared Jared Roberts

    Great list Jeff. I recently was giving a demo of Alterian’s SM2 http://socialmedia.alterian.com/ and am now giving it a test run. Definitely worth a look.

  • Adrian Bold

    Excellent collection of Twitter monitoring tools. Thanks for sharing.

  • Christine Taylor

    Hi, this is very timely content for my research and very interesting. However I did find Lexicon is not supported on Facebook at present. Christine

  • http://thatshortguy.com Jeff Duff

    Great list! I’ve heard of a few of these social media monitoring tools and I’ll check out the ones I don’t, but there one that should be mentioned. Trackur (http://www.trackur.com/) is a good tool too. The free version (I haven’t tried the paid version) monitors keywords and allows you to organize the data it found (from relevant to not-so-relevant).

    I don’t work for Trackur, I just thought I would pitch in so everyone can see which tool works for them the best.

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  • http://twitter.com/Michae1Green Michael A Green

    Mate, Thanks for the post and we use Sysomos (MAP for research and Heartbeat for monitoring) as a Paid App. You can see some of our research using the technology on our blog. http://igo2group.com.au/category/blog/
    Keep the [post coming Jeff!

  • http://twitter.com/yeoa Andy Yeo

    Another one you can add to paid apps :) Meltwater Buzz!

    Great list of tools though – thanks!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hopkins1977 Daniel Hopkins

    A very good tool is Viralheat. http://www.viralheat.com 
    I can highly recommend it because it is not that expensive like other tools (Radian6, etc). You can get a very good overview about the most important/relevant pages: Twitter, Facebook, Realtime Web, Buzz, Video-platforms…

    Hope that this information is helpful for you… :-)
    Greetings from Germany,Daniel Hopkins

  • http://www.intelemark.com/ appointment setting

    This is really good list of tools for uses. This will help lots of people to know how to improve there online presence and there brands quality.

  • Eric Herberholz

    What about @PeopleBrowsr ?

  • Raymundo Renny

    ark.com. Consider it the social media search engine. Indexes over 1 billion social profiles.

  • http://www.seoresults.org/link-building-services Link building services

    It is really interesting post. I’m always looking for new methods to get my sites ranked higher. I’ve? been using automation software called SEO Optimization Demon. It’s worked great for getting me high PR back links to my websites plus I get a load more traffic because? my sites rank higher.

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  • Anonymous

    Check out Engagor (http://www.engagor.com). Not free but still a good tool to use.

  • Kristine Allcroft

    Does anyone know whatever happened to “social mention”? I used to like that free app too, but it went away over a year ago . ..

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  • http://twitter.com/villeveijola Ville Veijola

    Fairly priced tools can also be found from Whitevector. If interested, check http://www.whitevector.fi/en/solutions.php

  • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

    Hi Jeff- great articles. Some great examples. I’d throw Sysomos in there as their sentiment scoring is more accurate.

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