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  • http://tribalboogie.blogspot.com/ Paul Sutton

    Blogging helps keep me sane. I process an incredible amount of information every day through RSS feeds and via Twitter in my fields of interest. It’s either blog about some of it or lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling and trying to file stuff away. Without blogging and microblogging I would, without doubt, go insane…

    • http://kathrynpless-pearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com/ Kathryn Pless

      Paul, I know exactly how you feel. In fact that was the subject of my latest blog, lol.

  • http://highlyfavored.affiliateshelpdesk.com Kiesha @ Highly Favored

    I write a new post for my blog everyday because it’s my passion – but also because it’s my mission and my ministry – I have a Christian Blog and while I realize everyone in the world is not a Christian, it’s still my goal to share warm stories about my faith and my life’s lessons.
    I respect all cultures and religions, so you don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from what I write.
    Like you’ve said, the benefits far outweigh my exhaustion and red and puffy eyes (yeah, I have those, too). When I hear someone has been inspired to do something I’ve suggested or has done something to help someone else as a result of reading my blog (which I’ve had the opportunity to experience) I’m overjoyed and re-energized to continue in my efforts to create unique and quality content for my blog.

  • http://www.harrissocialmedia.com Roger Harris

    Good post, Jeff. Spot on as always. I write my blog for the reasons you mention — all of the above. I would just add that it’s a way to experiment without much risk. When I advise clients on social media, I want to get it right. So if I am uncertain whether a new approach will work I can try it on my own blog first.

  • http://www.johnakerson.com/blog John Akerson

    Jeff – your key words are “juice and passion.”
    Juice and Passion are essential for people who have creative energy that burns. Passion drives people to create, to become, to act, to speak out, and to make a difference. “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” is a quote from a person with juice and passion. “Hey look at this cat scratching at a television set” is content-farm stuff – and very forgettable.
    The juice and the passion make the difference. Be happy that you have your recommended daily allowence and more.
    I sure am. :-)

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  • http://launchpad604.blogspot.com Pierre Leroux

    Jeff, your are totally right. I have never ever regretted staying late at night writing content. For me, the reward is the ability to experiment, sort out info, make sense of it, AND the idea that I may discover something I didn’t know or suspect before sitting down.
    Interesting post… as always.

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  • http://kathrynpless-pearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com/ Kathryn Pless

    I do most of my writing late at night. Right now it’s almost midnight and I’ve already updated my blog. To me the research part of it is as much or more fun the actual writing. Great post really enjoyed it!

  • http://twitter.com/mattdominy Matthew Dominy

    Great article, I feel like you were inside my thoughts :) I write my blogs at night because during the day I am typically busy with work and since a lot of my posts (I don’t have a ton so far) are for fun, it is a relaxing way to spend the evening. I also really enjoy sharing information with others for their enjoyment/success. I also blog for credibility, to connect with new people and to one day become a thought leader. I recently started as a social media consultant (I know, who didn’t) and I realize it is a necessary step to grow my client list.

  • Ruslan Ishchuk

    good thoughts!

  • Andrew Widgery

    Jeff you are a great example of what you preach.
    Your content I find insightful, informative and educational too but what you write is succinct.

    I think that is an art to get the point you want to make across to your readership in easy to absorb steps rather than a long winded dissertation.

    Writing blogs too gets you to think more in depth of the subject matter you have an interest in as you know if what you write doesn’t stack up or make sense, you will either be ignored or on a more positive note create debate which in turn helps to inform you of other points of view which should if your attitude is right, further educate or broaden your perspective.

    If you are writing about matters associated with your commercial skills, then by association of what you write if interesting and informative gets the readers to identify what your expertise is from which potential business might ensue.

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  • http://twitter.com/RayBrown99 Ray Brown

    Like you I’m trying to build my profile and my knowledge. Creating content forces you to think about what might create value for your readers or viewers. To me this is becoming a key business skill in a world where “noise” is everywhere.

  • http://www.therussianstore.com TheRussianStore

    Always enjoy your articles and learn from them. Thank you.

  • http://cheongsoonhaur.com/blog/ Cheong Soon Haur

    Yup! This is essential especially Google search base on original and rich content of the website/blogs.

    Warmest Regards,

  • http://www.kellyvirginiaoconnell.com/ Kelly O’Connell

    I started my blog recently and have come to enjoy it! I’m learning a lot, and I feel like I’m harnessing skills outside of the workplace. It’s becoming about what’s NOT on your resume more and more these days – what do you do outside the workplace to boost yourself above everyone else?

    I notice that I’m staying more abreast of trends and studies because I want to be able to write about it. Thanks for this post!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Kelly that is great to hear. Blogging accelerates your personal development in a lot of areas outside of your day job. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • http://www.GreatRussianGifts.com GreatRussianGifts

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