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  • Josh

    http://chirrps.com just launched today and uses data from Twitter to create a social community much like facebook. Example: http://chirrps.com/jeffbullas

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  • http://www.virginbloggernotes.com Jean Sarauer

    No ship jumping for me.

    Facebook has it’s problems, to be sure. That said, I couldn’t be happier with the way I’ve been able to share and connect. And, I have a little bit of compassion for facebook actually, because I think they’re learning as they go here.

    One challenge any start-up social media site has now is that a lot of people are already feeling overwhelmed with options. If I ever were to walk away from facebook (unimaginable!) I don’t think I’d start up someplace else. I’d just stick with Twitter and that would have to be enough.

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  • http://barefootmeg.multiply.com barefootmeg

    i’m not interested in anything open source that i have to set up.

    multiply.com is really easy to use, it’s easy to customize and personalize, and it has great privacy controls. i’ve been using multiply since 2004 and i see no reason to leave. i can even crosspost to FB if i want so my friends there can see my posts without me having to do much there myself.

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  • Jeaster

    Don’t see it happening with any of the above

    • http://twitter.com/garethoneill Gareth O’ Neill

      I would agree, OneSocialWeb sounds anyhing but social. They should just give up now

  • Psnnagu

    These seem to be open source build your own social networking sites kind of sites. Who has the time? dateleaf.com is a easy to use private social networking site. easy to use and build my own private networks without a lot of effort.

  • http://twitter.com/juanortiztweets Juan Ortiz

    Until one of these projects catches fire, I do not see any of them threatening (much less overtaking) Facebook. As Jeff said, there is too much of an emotional connection from users to the tool; plus, it would mean for people to restart the entire process in order to get to the point their networks are in today. And, that would take about what… three or four years? Maybe more?

    I believe it would take a complete lack of focus (just like what happened to Myspace) more than something else becoming popular for Facebook to go down.

  • http://twitter.com/DarienGabriel Darien Gabriel 

    I’d love to see reviews of these sites. Great post!

  • serge bronstein

    we also compete with facebook and people love us!