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  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    The “real-time” nature of Twitter, its ability to quickly adapt and respond to everyday trends, is the real value behind it. Something people show appreciation for, and the driving force behind so many new subscriptions in the last months (I read just today, +30 millions users in the last 2 months, think about it, it’s insane).
    So what do I see in Twitter’s future? I am not quite sure, but I am very curious to see for myself.

  • http://www.themarketologygroup.com/ seoexperts28

    I read a lot of blog posts and articles about “how” to use Twitter to productively market, promote, converse, or network. I read a lot about Twitter etiquette and about how to get followers, or provide value to followers, or be interesting there.
    But I hear less about the “why”: Why use Twitter at all, when there are already so many other distractions to your workday, or your home life? Why bother talking to people you won’t ever meet, when you have real-world friends to keep up with? What kind of relationship can you hope to form on Twitter, anyway? Is there something wrong with you? Do you have ADD? Are you lonely, anti-social, weird? Or are you just needy? search engine marketing

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  • NjHess

    Thank you for showing me advanced Twitter search, but why don’t they provide that link somewhere on your Twitter page, or do they? Don’t see it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1022562556 Ahmed MH

    It is great to have such a powerful and multitasking tool as twitter .. you can use to stay updated with news, tech events and so many

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  • http://nickmessengeronline.com/ Nick Messenger

    Great article Jeff thank you!
    If you`re in 2 or more different niches can you have additional, separate Twitter accounts for each different niche or is it one account only?

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