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Twitter’s Growth Continues To Skyrocket: Reveals Latest Numbers

There was a point in time that Twitter seemed to  be faltering and its chirping would become silent like many meteoric startups that crash and burn on the web after promising so much.

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Twitter is now embedded behind enemy lines and is part of our popular culture, social networking and technology landscape.Twitters Growth Continues To Skyrocket Reveals Latest Numbers

Twitter’s culture is unique and the online etiquette and features that it has spawned continues to delight me including its instant and real time results from communication to content.

Well the latest official numbers are out, released in a benign blog post on the official website and they are not revealing a slow and lingering death anytime soon but a community that continues to scream towards the stratosphere.

There were only two numbers revealed but they are significant.

  1. 165 Million registered users
  2. 90 million tweets a day

Two years ago the number of registered users was 3 million and there were only 1.25 million tweets per day. So what is the increase in percentage terms?

  • The growth rate over 2 years for registered users in growing from 3 million to 165 million is 5,500 percent
  • The growth rate of tweets in the 2 years is 7,200 percent.

The latest figures Twitter released before this recent blog post were at its Chirp conference in April about 6 months ago. Twitter revealed then that the number of registered users stood at 105 million, so in just 6 months Twitter has increased the number of registered users by 60 million.

Now that is growth!!

Image by Leeander

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