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Twitter Reveals 11 New Facts on its Traffic and Usage

Twitter has kept its traffic and usage statistics close to its chest for quite a while now much to many peoples frustration.Twitter Facts and Figures and Statistics 2010

The fact that it didn’t release many twitter facts, figures and statistics led quite a few commentators to debate that Twitter was in fact starting to stumble and its demise was near.

The figures released at at the “Chirp” conference have in fact  revealed an astonishing level of continuing growth that will have many pundits putting away the obituary preparatory notes in the bottom draw.

I use a twitter tool (bit.ly) that enables me to measure what percentage of tweeters are clicking on twitter links from my blog from each country and what I have found happening is that subscribers from countries outside of the USA were  starting to really get on board the Twitter train and and this has only happened in the last few months. In February (only 2 months ago) the USA was generating well over 50% of the the clicks, today in mid April the number from the United States has dropped to only 38%. This indicates that the rest of the world is starting to Tweet. So the official figures revealed in the last couple of days have indeed confirmed that this is indeed the case.

Twitter Facts and Figures

The other fact I find elevated beyond expectation is the total number of users at 105 million, 12 months ago that number was 8 million.. that is a growth rate of over 1300% . The other number that stands out is the 180 million unique visitors a month. So here are some numbers for those of you that have a facts and figures fetish.

  1. Twitter has 105,779,710 registered users
  2. 300,000 new users sign up per day
  3. Approximately 60% of them are coming from outside the U.S
  4. Twitter receives 180 million unique visitors per month
  5. 75% of Twitter traffic comes from third-party applications
  6. 60% of all tweets come from third-party apps
  7. Since the new Blackberry application was launched, it has accounted for 7 to 8% of new sign
  8. There are 600 million search queries on Twitter per day
  9. There are over 100,000 Twitter applications
  10. Twitter gets 3 billion requests a day through its API
  11. 37% of active Twitter users use their phone to tweet

The other statistic to watch is the use of Twitter on mobile which comes in at a headline rate of 37%, which is a trend that all marketers should keep in mind as they develop strategies for reaching out to to clients on the Web, don’t dismiss the mobile market .. it is getting serious.

So do these facts and figures surprise you?

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  • With Twitter announcing that it will launch its own link shortener, will you continue to use bit.ly? Great article on tech crunch about all this: http://tcrn.ch/byJeOb

  • The statistics don’t surprise me. I still think people are trying to determine, though, how to stand out as a legitimate marketer (or content sharer) compared to a spammer. The more users there are, the noisier it gets, so to speak. Takes a lot of effort to rise above the noise. But I definitely think that Twitter offers opportunities to connect people who share legitimate interests…people who otherwise would never know of each others’ interests and/or businesses.

    Thanks for the great blog…always interesting info and relevant insights!

  • Great stats. I think they reinforce what I beleive is the great value of Twitter – it’s just hands down the best ready source of information you didn’t know you needed to know. I call it the University of Twitter and my only regret is that I don’ have three or for hours a day to devote to learning from it! Thanks for the post – @mikefixs on Twitter

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the post. What struck me most was the stat: 37% of active Twitter users use their phone to tweet.

    As a B2B marketer, this plus the 7% or more Tweets from Blackberry users makes me wonder if Twitter is a valid source of testing for B2B marketers to get their feet wet in mobile. The 140 characters will help companies be succinct. That smart phone users are actively engaging on Twitter could help us get around the permissions issue of opt in for mobile – provided you can get them to follow your Tweets, which admittedly is another source of opt in. Hmm. Lots of possibilities to consider.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Mark Hoare

    These statistics are worthless. No source, No information on how this date was compiled nor handled.