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  • Carol Tang

    Hi Jeff,

    Extremely insightful post! One area I think social media adds value and productivity that is not covered is simply the ability to connect with followers and engage on a personal level. A lot of times marketing communications are so general that users can’t relate, and I think social media could be used to build that relationship. We post photos of what goes on in the office, or memes that are just plain funny.

    We’re mainly using social media as a channel for lead generation, marketing communications, and customer care. Especially with lead generation, the Marketo software allows users to use tweets to score or accelerate leads, which helps sales reps prioritize their time.

    - Carol Tang at Marketo

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  • CHopeMurray

    Good post that categorizes the different business value propositions very crisply. Underlying each of them is the inherent capture, analysis and use of social data, which is a major challenge for many organizations, but an imperative to overcome if sustainable success is to be ensured. Understanding the dynamics of social media allied to a strong a flexible governance framework and the ability to make necessary changes, including change to corporate culture, will be the key differentiators between long-term business success and failure.

    I would add one further category, that is being largely overlooked, but is also inferred by several of the entries in your post; namely extending the knowledge base. By this I mean condensing the signal to noise ratio, and augmenting factual or mathematical data with knowledge extracted through collaboration, human or machine analysis from Social information. Extending the knowledge base can be bi-directional and open or kept within the firewall, though the former is more likely to grow the base exponentially in both volume and speed.

    • http://twitter.com/AnnieintheSun Ann H. Shea

      CHopeMurray , are you involved with e-learning by any chance? As Carol Tang notes, social media is celebrated and carried on the shoulders of marketing professionals like the score-winning athlete it is. And thank goodness not only for lead generation, but for 180-degree feedback from consumers, as Guy Manningham , points out, allowing companies to both improve services and products.

      In the training field, many organizations are really getting on board now with the collaborative features of social media and they way it can be used to share knowledge informally and with a lot more users, much quicker. If you’re interested to see more on the topic, you can check out some presentations I helped put together http://www.slideshare.net/QuickLessons/bhg-quick-lessons-social-media-for-learning & http://www.slideshare.net/QuickLessons/social-media-for-learning-a-balanced-approach. Would love to hear from others on the topic of social media and learning.

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