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10 Interesting Social Media Statistics

Social media continues its inexorable march into the mainstream web world and figures released by Nielsen Wire in June provide very interesting reading.

10 Interesting Social Media Statistics

  1. Social Media Networks and Blogs consume nearly 25% of peoples time online (one in every four and half  minutes online)
  2. The world spends 110 billion minutes on social media networks and blog sites
  3. The number of people who are visiting social media sites has increased by 24% over the last year
  4. The average visitor spends 66% more time on these sites than they did a year ago (6 hours in April 2010 versus  3 hours 31 minutes last year)
  5. Brazil is the top nation  when it comes to internet consumers with 86% visiting a social media network (74% of USA internet users visit a social media network)
  6. Australian users average the most time on social networking sites a month at 7 hours and 19 minutes (USA internet users average 6 and a half hours)
  7. Facebook’s reach is the  widest in Italy capturing two-thirds of the active unique audience in April (Which is higher than the English speaking countries USA, Australia and the UK at 60%)
  8. Japan has the lowest reach of Facebook active users at 3%
  9. Ameba the microblogging platform which is the Japanese equivalent of Twitter is visited by 38% of Japanese people online
  10. Facebook is the worlds most visited social media brand with 54% of the worlds internet population visiting the brand
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  • I find it interesting the other non US countries are leaders in certain social media areas. Thanks for the info Jeff.

  • Interesting stats, thanks Jeff. Re #2, is that on a daily, weekly, … basis?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my question! I’m assuming it’s per month, but… Who knows? Bad stat.

  • great video about social media statistics on Youtube (of course)


  • This doesn’t surprise me one bit. At the rate things are going, this # should double by next year

  • Jeff.. I really appreciate the work put across gathering some interesting statistical data. All i miss here is some data in Indian Context. Would be a great help if such data towards Indian Social Media can be shared. Thanks again!!!

  • Great summary, lots to think about!


    Really wonderful.Thanks a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Are you able to share what some of the tools are for measuring social media use globally?

  • it might be for the month of june as the title description text says

  • How often does “The world spend 110 billion minutes on social media networks and blog sites” if it’s only one in every four and half  minutes online?

  • interesting facts..

  • Some stats about blogs, pinterest and stumble upon would be great.

  • Really interesting statistics on social media. All the given statistics as per particular country is impressive. can any one find or research such results. Please guide how to get results if i want to know particular country statistics.