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10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

In the world of marketing there are two key activities you must pursue.10 ways to get more twitter followers

Create the best content possible and build the largest network and audience that your piggy bank allows.

In traditional media such as radio the content is the shock jock prattling or the soothing drive music. The audience are the listeners. On television it is the reality show that makes us cringe or cry and the audience are the viewers who press the remote to see success or crash and burn.

It is all about media content and the distribution network. The big bucks follow the big audiences.

Better and larger is the cry.

On the social web the principles are the same it is just that the type of media can be different.  Podcasts not shock jocks, blog posts not a newspaper article or YouTube instead of the X-Factor. On the network side it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The focus of the race for building social media networks in the past was the Facebook marketing frenzy to buy, bribe or build a large following on Facebook. The advent of the Facebook “Edge Rank” has started to make smart marketers look elsewhere to build a large and engaged audience to spread the risk. 

Why Twitter is attractive despite wearing short pants

There is a new focus emerging to building a network and it wears short pants. It’s name is Twitter.

Twitter’s attraction is that despite its short stature at only 140 characters high, it is an unfiltered stream of updates. No culling and no filtering of tweets.  


Are Twitter tweets to be culled?

So will Twitter’s stream have an Edge Rank applied like Facebook? It may, but the chances of that happening are low as Twitter’s core reason for existence is about real time news.

My guess and prediction is that Twitter will remain pure and wild as removing a breaking news tweet with an algorithm would take away its essence. Tweets that are published by the citizen journalist who has survived or witnessed a plane crash, a tragedy or a politician’s verbal faux pas are news gold.

These are too valuable to be removed by a faceless computer in a dark data center that is programmed to edit human expressions and updates according to a mathematical equation.

So the small bird is becoming a cool and a powerful means to distribute content and engage with customers and prospects. The challenge is making people follow you without resorting to buying or renting a crowd. 

How to get more Twitter followers

Here are some ideas that you may or may not have considered.

1. Content that educates, informs, entertains or inspires

Tweet great content that is a mix of yours and others and people will want to hang out with your because they like and love what your saying or sharing.

2. Twitter buttons with presence on your blog and website

Make it big and make it obvious and don’t bury it at the bottom of everything.

3. Place “follow me on Twitter” in your email signature

In your email signature include a link to your Twitter account. Make following you on Twitter easy and don’t make them hunt for you.

4. Design and print a business card with your Twitter handle

This will not get you followers fast but it won’t hurt. Print and analogue maybe dying but isn’t extinct.

5. Include your Twitter link in your newsletter email templates

Many organisations have templates for their newsletters. Make sure Twitter is there.

6. Actively follow other people on Twitter

Don’t be too cool and not follow other people in your industry on Twitter. Find them, target and follow. I use a tool called Tweepi to do this. It works. Once you have followed them and they see you have good content and a digital presence then they will often follow back. It is called the law of reciprocation.

7. Place your Twitter name in mass media

If you are advertising or producing content in magazines, television, radio and movies then place and embed your Twitter name for all to see. I know of an “Indie” movie producer who has done this and now has over a million Twitter followers.

8. Have your Twitter link on Facebook

Make it easy for people to leap over to your Twitter account when they are visiting you on Facebook. A good spot is in your “About” section.

9. Tweet content often

Twitter is a stream and not an inbox. Tweets flow past and often never to be seen again Keep tweets flowing so you are not forgotten. Be obvious and you will acquire more Twitter followers.

10. Link to Twitter from LinkedIn

Have a link in your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile. You are allowed three links on Linkedin. Make one of them Twitter .

How about you?

How do you acquire more Twitter followers? Have you tried some unique strategies that have worked well?

Look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below.


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  • venkyiyer58

    Would have been nice if you had talked about connecting to Twitter from Google+. I am a Google+ believer.

    • Google+ is super clean! Having your twitter link in your Google+ about page helps to get more eyes on your tweets as well.

      • Thanks…Good suggestion to add to the list

        • Thanks! Slideshare is also another good place to list your Twitter and Facebook profiles too! 😉

  • Good tips Jeff I need all the help I can get on Twitter. I’m not even sure that I want more followers it’s like I just want to say random ish. ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Great overview on this Jeff. I have been using Tweepi for years. Big fan! (of yours and Tweepi) 🙂

    • Yes Diane, Tweepi is a great tool for twitter users

  • Ildefonso García

    If you tweet in two languages chances are you’ll get more followers. @IldefobsoGarcia

  • Adam Cothes

    I use ManageFlitter, which is an excellent way to follow new people on Twitter, and in return, gain followers.

  • I found creating lists helped stem the firehose… many of my colleagues use TweetDeck.

  • Greg Spindler

    Great advice Jeff, i also find it important to follow all of my customers and to retweet some of their more interesting posts.

  • Great tips! Over at Scoreboard Social, we have added a new feature that not only helps you grow your followers, but it helps you grow it with active and engaged users [the best kind].

  • Brent White

    I’m doing most of these and have had my twitter account suspended a number of times for what they call “aggressive” behavior. Can anyone explain that to me in order to prevent it in the future?
    Brent White
    Gigs for Online Marketing

  • Cheval John

    Thank you, Mr. Bullas for this post. Really informative.

  • Ashley Faulkes

    Hey Jeff, nice summary of ideas for Twitter followers. I also did a fun slide share on this recently. Take a look – feel free to include it in your post :>


  • Tooko


  • Yeah these are very useful steps to get more followers. We can also buy twitter followers which is very useful for our website or product.

  • David Gray

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  • opedmkt

    Great tips Jeff. I aways say that the one of the keys to more RTs, engagement, and followers is a great blog headline. In Twitter, people will decide whether to click on your content or not solely based on its title – so make it “clickable” 🙂

  • Excellent Checklist. Getting right on it.

  • Jeff Belonger

    I wish you all would put dates in your articles… when they were written. Because things can change quickly in the social media world. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to articles is not having the date it was written. From some of the comments, it looks like 5 months ago.

  • Jeff Belonger

    Agreed Sarah, but it can take up so much of your time…

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  • 2907

    I think that most useful tip is number 6. Actively follow other people on Twitter. There so many ways to get more followers like using some exchange services like http://www.socialgainup.com or some other that are free because is the same if you get for free or pay for them, because if you pay for them you can not be sure that they are not gonna lose in time.

  • PhotographyByDepuhl

    Jeff, thanks for taking the time to put this list together. You asked about our strategies in gaining a following on Twitter, so here’s one of mine: I read all of @Garyvee ‘s books over Christmas last year including “The Thank You Economy”. After reading that book I decided to thank my followers more often, so I began #ThankYouThursday.

    Do you know what impact those two little words had on my followers? I was blown away – You can read the whole story at http://blog.depuhl.com/2-words-blew-up-my-twitter-feed/ – [spoiler alert]: being real, being nice, being genuine and caring about people makes a difference IRL as well as Social Media.

  • Devin Hennessy

    Do you have a tactic to find twitter chats that are associated with your specific industry?

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  • Great overview on this Jeff. I have been using Tweepi for years. Big fan! (of yours and Tweepi) 🙂 bombay
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