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11 New Twitter Facts, Figures and Growth Statistics plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

Remember when you were a child that secrets were important and whispering into a friends ear the latest fascinating finding didn’t occur the wrath of the manners police.11 Twitter Facts, Figures and Growth Statistics plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Whispering in public as an adult is a practice that is frowned upon by grownups that young children can normally get away with.

Twitter, now that it has reached 5 years old, is not being as secretive as it has been in the past and is providing more facts, figures and statistics for public consumption.

At a recent press conference Dick Costolo the CEO of Twitter decided to reveal the latest numbers for Twitter.

11 New Twitter Statistics

  1. Twitter now has 100 million active users every month
  2. 50 Million Users every day
  3. 200 million registered users
  4. The number of Twitter users logging in every month is up by 82% since the beginning of the year
  5. 55 million users  log in to Twitter from their phone or tablet each month
  6. Twitter.com receives 400 million vistors a month
  7. Twitter.com visitor growth is up 60% this year
  8. 40% of Twitter users don’t tweet every month but watch others tweet
  9. Projected growth by the end of the year is an additional 26 million users
  10. Twitter hosts approximately one billion tweets every 5 days
  11. Twitter has set a new record for tweets per second of 8,900 (TPS)

Twitter 5th Birthday Infographic

This shows some of the past facts and figures including tweets per second milestones and events that triggered those avalanche of tweets over the last 5 years.

Twitter Facts Figures Statistics about growth

Infographic Source: Viral Media Solutions

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Sources: Mashable and Twitter

Image by eldh

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