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15 Facebook Marketing Tips and Tactics

Facebook marketing is permeating websites, blogs and other social networking properties. You only have to go to Slideshare, YouTube  and notice that the ability to share with your Facebook friends is built in, either next to the content or in the settings.

These Facebook marketing tips and tactics will help you build your Facebook Fan page by acquiring more likes, engaging with your audience and provide ideas to keep them coming back for more.

1. Use Custom Tabs to Capture Leads

You can build a landing page that offers a free ebook  for signing up and you can even change the offer by doing split testing (try one landing page and then try another)

2. Use a Reveal page to Acquire More Facebook ‘Likes’

This will provide access to exclusive content such as an exclusive video, on-line tutorial or even a song that offers an incentive for your potential new fan to ‘like’ your Facebook page

Facebook Reveal Page Paul Pierce

3. Make it Easy for Visitors to Your Website and Blog  to ‘Like’ Your Facebook Page

Use the Facebook social plugin so you don’t have to go to my Facebook page to ‘like’ it. It can be done right on the blog or website after they have read your post

Facebook Social Plugin at JeffBullas.com

4. Advertise on Facebook

This is not hard to do and is relatively inexpensive and can be capped on a daily basis (eg cap it at $10 a day) and done on a low budget for testing – read more on “How to Advertise on Facebook for $10 a Day in 10 Simple Steps

5. Run Polls

Facebook questions provides you a built in function on Facebook that can provide another means to interact and engage  your readers. The side benefit is that this will improve your Facebook ‘Edge ranking‘.

6. Run Surveys

Facebook is a great place for B2C brands to test whether a product is worth producing by asking people to vote on whether they like this product or that product and  your open  live real time forum will provide you with free market reserach.

Facebook Supre Product Surveys real time forum

7. Embed a ‘Like’ Button in your Videos

Upload a Video to Facebook (not from YouTube) that allows people to ‘like’ your facebook page even within a video pop-up.

8. Post Trivia Questions

These may not be directly related to your product or service but relevant to your target Audience in this example  Buffalo Wild Wings who target sports fans, ask a question about which Football team is going to win this weekend. (notice it received over 7,000 comments)

Facebook Trivia Questions Buffalo Wild Wings

9. Link To Twitter in your Facebook Menu

Allow people the option to view your tweets on Twitter without forcing your fans to leave the Facebook ecosystem.

10.Respond to Comments

This may not seem like a marketing tactic but it achieves 2 things 1. It improves your Facebook edge ranking and 2. Takes a viewer from ‘just a fan’ into a ‘raving fan’ as you respond to them personally. This will not scale if you have 1 million fans but for B2B businesses with a few hundred or a few thousand fans then it is worth the effort.

11. Run a Competition on Facebook

Every one loves a contest and they work especially well on Facebook. Guy Kawasaki offered 5 cameras and an Apple iPad for his launch of his book Enchantment. He had a Facebook contest designed and developed utilizing a Facebook app  by Strutta.


  • 1,150 entries
  • 35,000 visits
  • 70,000 entry views

Facebook contests Guy Kawasaki Enchantment

12. Update your Facebook Page with Your Latest Blog Post

Companies that market to other companies need to place their content onto Facebook because a lot of their audience is on Facebook, so you need to fish where the fish are.

13. Link to Facebook Page in Email Newsletters

Integrated marketing provides the promise of your brand being ubiquitous and making sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to make it easy and as low friction as possible for people to ‘like’ your Facebook page at all you customer touch points. One of those is whenever you send out a newsletter or email.

Facebook Newsletter email like link Infinity Technologies

14. Embed Your Online Store on Facebook

It is one thing to ‘engage’ with your customer the ultimate goal is for them to ‘buy’ your product or service, so put your online shop on Facebook .

“If I had a guess, social commerce is the next area to really blow up.” Mark Zuckerberg, 2010.

Facebook Social Commerce Rihanna facebook page

15. Hold Real World Events

TOMS Shoes run public events and then use Facebook to facilitate a deeper connection with fans by encouraging them to tag photos of themselves from the event. This will assist in ensuring that your updates appear in the news feeds of  more of your fans by optimising your ‘Facebook EdgeRanking’.

Facebook Toms shoes events

What Facebook marketing strategies and tactics have you found successful? Look forward to hearing your stories.

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