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5 Simple Steps to Marketing your Blog’s Content with Social Media

A blogger needs to develop the skills of a drug dealer, a teacher and a chef .5 Simple Steps to Marketing your Blog's Content with Social Media

The drug dealers make their product so good that after giving away their first free sample, their customers come back with the cash. They are savvy businessman, they know that if they give away something for free that they will develop loyal customers.

Give away samples of your content for free.

A blogger also needs to act like a teacher and show people how to do things. Bigger brands don’t want to reveal their secrets in their articles. So as a blogger, if you can teach you will create a fan following and people will start showing up. One of the fastest growing segments on the web are “how to” articles, videos and blogs.

So teach.

So why should a blogger be like a chef? Which chefs are famous? The ones who share everything they know. They write cookbooks that reveal exactly how they make that apple pie. They go on television and make a dish for all to see so everyone can copy it.

So be prepared to reveal your recipes.

This blog is my cookbook.

Publishing is just the Start

Blogging involves many things but first you have to create the content. It may be photos, videos or articles, but if you don’t tell the world you will continue to remain a secret. That is fine if that is what you want.

If you want to garner some attention and traffic then you have to market your blog. Don’t assume that readers and viewers will turn up by magic.

So what are some simple steps that many bloggers just forget or can’t be bothered to do?

Just about all of us have friends and followers on social networks. Some are only are on Facebook, but most have multiple social network accounts.

Dont be afraid to use those social media platforms to tell people that you have published your content on your blog.

#1. Facebook

As a blogger you will need to create a Facebook page for your blog. It doesn’t need to be complicated. If you haven’t got a Facebook page do it today.  If you haven’t then tell your friends that you have published on your article by posting it to your personal page. Copy the blog article link and drop it into your “What’s on your mind?” status update box. Don’t be shy.

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#2. Twitter

Twitter has been my most efficient platform for promoting my content. If you don’t have a Twitter account go and set one up now. It is not difficult, include a photo, a link to your blog and a short description of what your blog is about. Drop in your headline, your link and hit publish. There is one tool that I use to manage Twitter called Hootsuite which allows you to use the micro blogging platform very efficiently and is worth checking out once you have created a Twitter account.

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#3. Google+

Publish your article on Google+.  Google+ is Google’s social network that is now one year old. If you haven’t registered on Google+ yet, I would strongly recommend you do. This social media account is now an important part of the social web (with over 250 million registered users) and should be included in your blog post article promotion process. It is not just a copy of Facebook and has its own customs and tribes. Google is also using Google+ to collect social signals on what people like and don’t like online and including this in its search results. This will become more important as time goes by for having your articles found in search.

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#4. Pinterest

For visual bloggers this is vital. Pinterest burst onto the screen about a year ago after flying below the radar. Pin you videos and images on your blog to your Pinterest account after publishing. It will help you make your content get shared which will then also link back to your blog from wherever it has been pinned.

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#5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is very often ignored as a source to publish your content. It is especially powerful in the B2B market segments. If you have a look at the number of LinkedIn shares on this blog on various articles you will realize that it should be part of your marketing tactics. It is as simple as a Facebook update.

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Final Tips

Despite the popularity of social media and its shiny new toy attraction, I would strongly recommend that you do not forget two essential tactics. Firstly include an RSS subscription button on your blog so people can receive automatic notifications that your article has been published in their reader subscription platforms such as “Google Reader”

Lastly and most importantly making it easy for people to subscribe to your blog with an email subscription is still the most important blogger promotion platform today. Email may seem passe to some but building an email subscriber list and “list building” is a core asset that you should include from day one.

What about You ?

What tactics do you find useful to market and promote your blog. Is there anything you have forgotten. We can all do better.

Look forward to hearing your successes and stories.

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  • Gavin

    Jeff do you put ALL articles on ALL social media platforms? Or do you vary content from your blog on each one? I’m new to blogging and yet to determine a best practice on this.

    • Thanks Gavin for the question. Firstly I do put the same content on all the platforms I shareon because different users use different platforms. Secondly I don’t put it on all social media (there are way to many for that) but I do put it on the major social networks where I will get the most traction, audience.and attention. My share buttons I have on my blog are a good high level indicator to see which social networks are sharing more.
      Very importantly you should also be building your tribes on the social networks (eg Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc)
      I hope that helps.

  • Peggy

    Hi Jeff,
    Great points in this posting. I am very new to Social Media/Blogging from a professional standpoint, and really appreciate your blog contents.
    I was wondering, would being a “Teacher” and a “Chef” in your blogs ever just reveal your strategies and secrets to your competitors? On one hand, many readers would flock to your blog if the content is great, but is there ever a point that you are revealing too much? If everyone knew the “how to’s” then you wouldn’t have an edge over your competitors, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • You reveal the tips to how you do it but their is only one you. You cannot be copied and that is what people are buying. Let your knowledge be free but have an ebook or other premium content to sell as well.

  • LindAW

    Good morning Jeff!

    I’m interested in what you say about email subscription. I squabbled long and hard with my blog designer to get a sign up box on my site – I won! But is there a way of knowing whether anyone uses it, other than if someone makes a comment or otherwise stands forward and makes themselves known?

    I understand that google analytics show how many people have visited the site, but how does one know the number of email – and I suppose RSS subscribers – one has?

    Many thanks,

    • Linda your email platform (eg Mailchimp or Aweber) and your RSS system (eg Feedburner )that you use will provide those numbers as core to their functionality.

  • Whitehousedcrts

    I use blogger for my blog but I struggle with the content. I am not a writer, more a doer. I share a lot of images across my social media networks. Also i’ve made a transition from more B2C to B2B. What is an easy way to share content on my blog? This is my blog http://wd-interieurstyling.blogspot.nl/

    • Twitter is a great and easy way to share your content.

      • Whitehousedcrts

        Should i delete my blog? is that what you are saying….
        I already use twitter extensively….but i hear all these experts say that i sould have a blog…that’s why i started it. But I don’t know how it can add to all the social media platforms I already use.

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  • Carol Aldridge

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for another great article. As a fairly new blogger, I’ve learned first hand how beneficial it can be to promote your blog posts on social media networks. In fact one of my recently promoted posts resulted in a 550% increase in traffic on my website! Aside from social media, I also try to share my posts on targeted article marketing websites and specific networking sites.

  • nife

    great post sir, i comment on forums with related. social networks like facebook,twitter also will aid blog/site promotion. i agree that blogging is not just about posting contents but i male the work easy with the work is a bit easy with share plugging on this blog. this is my blogs.

  • Roy

    Hi Jeff, which plugin do you suggest for subscription to a wordpress blog?

  • Darin L. Hammond

    Man, how do you do it all, Jeff? I have trouble getting things organized to do all the sharing.

  • I’m pretty new to blogging (4 months) and have slowly learned to do all of the things you suggest. Great to hear I’m on the right track. I just recently set up the WordPress app in LinkedIn to have my RSS feed automatically post in my LinkedIn profile. I’ll also put links to my weekly Q&A interviews in my LinkedIn status updates.

    Like you, I post my blog post links to all of the major social networking sites, but I use different preface wording before posting to each network.

    I also use Triberr which is a great platform for sharing others’ posts and having them share yours. A few people in my “Tribe” have 15,000 + subscribers so my blog posts get tweeted out to many more people than I could reach just on my own.

  • MikeJonesg

    Thanks for another great article. As a fairly new blogger. I’ve
    learned first hand how beneficial it can be to promote your blog posts
    on social media networks. In fact one of my recently promoted posts
    resulted in a 550% increase in traffic on my website! Aside from social
    media. I also try to share my posts on targeted article marketing
    websites and specific networking sites.

  • What are the best sites for blogging?

    • Hi Kelly Problogger is a very good site to read.

  • professional copywriting

    Social media is potentially the best source of new traffic to a blog. Posting links to your latest blog posts and remembering to make a unique comment on the new content will entice your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to follow the link. This is the surest way to develop a reliable, long term following for a blog. Google+ is becoming more important now too as the content on users’ pages contributes significantly to page rank in the SERPs. Social media is too important for a serious blogger to ignore.

  • I get the most views when I post relevant posts to LinkedIn groups as opposed to just a general front page blast. http://workingsmartercafe.kronos.com/

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  • Asyadiaries

    Thanks for sharing your “recipe”. Shortly after I have immediately bought the ebook. I am sure it will help me improve my blog performance. Caecilie

    • Thanks for buying my book and look forward to hearing about your blogging success! 🙂

  • ankita jagtap

    Nice post..thank you for this useful information..I am looking forward to use these tips.


    Great Tips but you would want to master at lease one social site at a time so
    you want get lost in marketing your business but again Great tips.

  • divyansh

    Hi jeff i am pretty new to blogging so i wanted to ask you do these methods only work with B2B to with B2C also?